Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal

Kitchen Table Wisdom Stories That Heal Enthusiastically praised by everyone from Deepak Chopra to Daniel Goleman to Larry Dossey Rachel Remen has a unique perspective on healing rooted in her background as a prominent physician a profess

  • Title: Kitchen Table Wisdom: Stories That Heal
  • Author: Rachel Naomi Remen Dean Ornish
  • ISBN: 9781573226103
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • Enthusiastically praised by everyone from Deepak Chopra to Daniel Goleman to Larry Dossey, Rachel Remen has a unique perspective on healing rooted in her background as a prominent physician, a professor of medicine, a therapist, and a long term survivor of chronic illness In the form of a deeply moving and down to earth collection of true stories, this prominent physicianEnthusiastically praised by everyone from Deepak Chopra to Daniel Goleman to Larry Dossey, Rachel Remen has a unique perspective on healing rooted in her background as a prominent physician, a professor of medicine, a therapist, and a long term survivor of chronic illness In the form of a deeply moving and down to earth collection of true stories, this prominent physician shows us life in all its power and mystery and reminds us that the things we cannot measure may be the things that ultimately sustain and enrich our lives Kitchen Table Wisdom addresses spiritual issues suffering, meaning, love, faith, courage and miracles in the language and absolute authority of our own life experience.

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    1. When I originally wrote a review of this book I neglected to mention what it is that Dr. Remen does. She is a medical doctor who works as a counselor to cancer patients. This book is a series of stories about the counseling, a kind of lessons learned book. This is what I wrote: The stories are complex, beautiful, painful, affecting, intense. It bothered me for a while that this Jewish woman is teaching a philosophy of wholeness when she is not observant in her own religion. I recognized her achi [...]

    2. Rachel Naomi Remen, is an intelligent, compassionate woman, with a keen since of observation, and a memory to be envied, (at least by this fifty-nine year old). She has a list of life’s events, that perhaps, had caused a pause and reflection early on in her human journey. In her interaction with cancer patients she has counseled, she experienced many touching and poignant situations. She shares these stories with insightful commentary, and compassionate wisdom. The stories are reflective, in t [...]

    3. I loved this book. I have it out from the library and I keep renewing it so that I can re-read my favorite parts. It is a compilation of short stories and insights written by a medical doctor that works as a counsellor.Kitchen Table Wisdom shares a story called The Container which I first heard in the Primary Broadcast in January 2003 in a talk by Gayle M. Clegg. I would have read this book long ago if I had checked the source of the container story in her talk. The whole book is filled with sto [...]

    4. Cleaning out my book shelves, I ran into my copy of Kitchen Table Wisdom. I remember loving it and had to skim it again to recall exactly why. Rachel Naomi Remen is a beautiful human being who believes we find healing in our own life stories. Here is an example of what I love about this book: Remen tells a story of going to her grandfather to learn whether or not God would forget her."What he said was, "Nischuma-la" ["Little Beloved Soul] He said, "if you wake up at night, would you know if you [...]

    5. I LOVED My Grandfather's Blessings and was excited to read this book by the same author. I LOVED this book, too, and the way that Dr. Rachel Remen teaches us how to heal and help others heal! She shares so many neat stories and examples as a doctor and believer in God and in people and the power they have to heal. It's not all science, but the power of people and stories that connect us, heal us and make us whole again. This book reminds me of the importance of living with an open heart.Here are [...]

    6. Ovo je zbirka kratkih priča koje bih mogla okarakterizirati kao self-help literaturu. Autorica Rachel Remen je liječnica, dugo godina je radila na odjelu gdje su bili smješteni pacijenti koji imaju rak, a onda je počela biti savjetnica, svojevrsna psihologinja i pomagala je ljudima da se na psihičkoj razini pomire ili bore sa svojom bolesti.Priče se mogu podijeliti u dvije kategorije – dio njih opisuju autoričin život i rad te njenu bolest, a ostale su priče o njenim pacijentima i nji [...]

    7. I enjoyed this book but not as much as another I had read by a doctor on the power of prayer. I wanted more from this book. More detail as to what she really does in a session. I wanted a bit more depth so I could learn for my self what she does and how she approaches her practice. That is why I gave it 4 stars, others may find it perfect and love it as is. The shortness of each chapter makes it easy to read with out feeling overwhelmed at each topic. What I did find interesting was the concept [...]

    8. When I first read this, years ago, I wrote this short review: I'll keep this forever. I reread it from time to time, and it makes me feel like if I ever get sick or am grieving over health issues, this book will keep me strong. It does make me cry, but you just have to love Dr. Remen. What a beautiful spirit she has.Well, I just reread it, and I found even more in this book to treasure. Dr. Remen has suffered greatly from Chrohn's Disease, which both hurt and enlightened her. As she says in the [...]

    9. This book is my current favorite book, I would give it more than five stars. I learned about it from NPR's "Speaking of Faith" series when Krista Tippet interviewed the author, Rachel Naomi Remen. It is a series of many short essays as the subtitle says "Stories that Heal". the author a physician was diagnosed at 15 with Chrohn's disease and has been chronically ill most of her life. First a pediatrican, then a counselor to those with cancer, these are stories about herself and those she has wor [...]

    10. I first discovered Rachel Remen through her 2001 book, My Grandfather's Blessings: Stories of Strength, Refuge, and Belonging. I loved it and wanted more and, so, I got this book and read it much the same way--daily, 2-3 readings at a sitting, to get my day started. I've become a fan.Her writings inspire me. First, I find I want to listen more deeply to those with whom I share the path in my world. I realize that I miss so much by being too much about my own agenda, being in too big a hurry, and [...]

    11. This is a book of surpassing kindness - stories of varying lengths, pulled from Remen's life as a doctor growing gradually more and more comfortable with the idea of the inexplicable; with, in Remen's own words, "mystery and awe."Taken as a whole, the book is a wonderful reminder to value every part of our daily experience, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. There is much in the book about the saving grace of science, but even more about the strength of individuals in the [...]

    12. This book grew on me as I read it, and I grew to love it more and more. As someone who has worked as a chaplain and a caseworker, I am familiar with the inexplicable that sometimes goes on at the end of life, or simply when people are in deep crisis. Dr. Remen provides example after example of those mysteries, and adds to them deep, deep meaning and profundity. All of us have had one experience or another that points to depth, and we often write them off or shake them off. Dr. Remen gives us per [...]

    13. I must have read a review recommending this book, but I was still a bit apprehensive about it when it arrived. Was it really going to be that good?Then I started reading it - and was blown away. Rachel Naomi is a doctor, suffering from the most appalling ill health, and yet is the most giving, loving person I've ever come across.The book consists of mostly 2-page stories which are so easy to relate to, and make this a pick and glance at book, although I read it straight through in a week-end - I [...]

    14. This was such a lovely book to read at this point in my life. Dr. Remen is a wonderful story teller, and she gives me hope that a career in a medical field (or any field, for that matter) can have a real soul. I heard her speak on NPR a few weeks ago and it inspired me to read one of her books. This is a quick read and I recommend it highly!

    15. Found this with some other old books stored in the garage. Don't think I've read it, so I'm going to give it a try.(11/3)Odd book for sure. To sum it up: "Everyone has suffered. It is the wisdom gained from our wounds and from our own experiences of suffering that makes us able to heal." A few great stories within, but not worth reading the entire book.

    16. One of the first author events I ever hosted at Kepler's was with Rachel Naomi Remen. How lucky I was to start so well.

    17. written by a physician who is now a counselor and is the granddaughter of a Rabbi. pleasant, warm and inspiring little stories. all very short and comforting.

    18. Far and away one of the most important books I will read in my lifetime. How did I not read this sooner? Thing is, had I read it in my twenties, I may not have understood or appreciated what Rachel Remen has to say in this book about, well, life. I'm thinking of getting this book for all the women on my Christmas list; it's certainly a book to have around for the rest of one's life as it will always be applicable. As always, here are some favorite excerpts:pg. 142: "The Fijians are aware of a ba [...]

    19. I absolutely love her writing. It is so peaceful, calming, and wise. I love just reading 2 or 3 of her short essays each day. So inspiring. I would really recommend this book to anyone who works in the medical field. It has so much to say about healing and connection and wholeness found in facing an illness.Here are a few parts that I underlined….Those who don't love themselves as they are rarely love life as it is either. Most people have come to prefer certain of life's experiences and deny [...]

    20. Remen has lived an impressive life. She studied medicine in the 1950s and joined the medical faculty at Stanford, not easy for any woman at that time, even a talented pediatrician such as herself. She later worked for decades as a psychologist treating patients with cancer and other life-threatening conditions. All the while, she coped with her own health crises stemming from Crohn's disease and her treatment. This book is a series of vignettes, including stories from her own life and those of h [...]

    21. I think I finished this book so I could write a review. There are some really beautiful stories in here and the author is best when she relates what others have seen and marveled about. I highlighted several passages that I will continue to refer to and that were very meaningful to me. However, the book has one of those red flags of memoirs--the author never makes a mistake. That gets to be grating. You get the feeling that she comes jangling in with flowing jewelry, sand tables and candles and [...]

    22. Some of these "kitchen table" snippets were really insightful and moving and memorable, and others, well, not so much. Almost all of these stories derived from her career and expertise as a pediatrician and cancer therapist, but after the 100th story told from the same perspective, I got a little bored. Did she have any experiences as a mother, wife, neighbor or pet owner? Or while on vacation or shopping for groceries? Throwing in a story or observation from that perspective might have held my [...]

    23. Loved this book! The stories are quick reads that inspire, teach and help you heal from whatever ails you. I'm a cancer patient so this book served to keep me upbeat and gave me a lot more than my illness to ponder. I highly recommend this book. Choose a story at random whenever you need a lift, as I did, or read beginning to end. You won't be sorry. In fact, thi9s is one book you'll want to refer back to over and over.

    24. Interesting things to think about, but I was not excited about moving on to the next story. Not a page turner. I was hoping for something a little more like "chicken soup" I guess. On the other hand, the subject matter is a little meatier than the chicken soup stories. I think part of the problem is that you just started getting into a story and then it was over. I look forward to following characters when I read a book.

    25. Unfortunately, this book was a very slow and painful read. I did not enjoy it and got very little out of it.And of the multitude of short stories, there was only one, possibly two, that reverberated with me. Just about all of them were sad stories, and most of those also had a sad ending to them.I can understand what the author was trying to do with this book, but it just didn't work for me, and that is despite me considering myself a very spiritual person. Rather than feeling hope, I instead wa [...]

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