Unassigned Territory

Unassigned Territory None

  • Title: Unassigned Territory
  • Author: Kem Nunn
  • ISBN: 9780385295369
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Hardcover
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      342 Kem Nunn
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    1 thought on “Unassigned Territory”

    1. There has always been hints of the occult and evil in Kem Nunn’s books, but none take a full on plunge into the territory (unintentional pun) like this book. Not a horror novel really but a book that slowly reveals itself like a half remembered dream or nightmare with a slightly awkward start and remains fairly disjointed but becomes gripping as you try grasp any thread of logic to pull you through a labyrinth of UFO cults, crazed rednecks, mythology, bizarre murders, gone to seed hippies, som [...]

    2. As the weather warms up my mind drifts to the open road, and Kem Nunn's brilliant southwestern gothic novel Unassigned Territory hits the spot. I'm looking forward to reading Pomona Queen. Nunn is great for fans of fiction about psychedelic drugs, UFO's, strange happenings, stranger religions, hippies, bikers, "California," and pot-induced paranoia. Recommended for fans of Repo Man, Thomas Pynchon's Vineland and The Crying of Lot 49, with a healthy dose of Scanner Darkly thrown in for flavor.

    3. I remember reading "Chance" by Kem Nunn, and wondering how could a guy who wrote: Tapping The Source, Pomona Queen, Tijuana Straits, and possibly the best of all of his books, Dogs of Winter, how could that author write a book this bad? Now I know. At some point after Tapping The Source, the author wrote this book "Unassigned Territory". What a dogs breakfast of a book this is. For some reason Mr Nunn, felt that Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, didn't do justice to the death of the American Dream [...]

    4. As someone who discovered Kem Numn due to John from Cincinnati, and is a big fan Jfc, this was a great novel. I am a skeptic, a disbeliever in all things, but there is something about the absurdly unexplained in fiction that really appeals to me. I love the loose ends of this novel, the nagging suspicion that within the fictional reality of it, the main characters were truly on the precipice of a metaphysical clusterfuck and that perhaps if the book had continued past the last page all questions [...]

    5. Of all of Kem Nunn's books, and I think I have read them all, this is my least favorite. That may be partly because the story has nothing to do with surfing or the ocean and I am partial to those subjects in Nunn's hands. That aside, a mediocre Kem Nunn read is WAY better than many other options for how to spend your time."There was something else going on and he would be damned if he could say what it was, only that deep inside, in a core no one saw, tiny gears were failing to mesh, miniature w [...]

    6. I maybe unfairly judging this authors early book by his more recent work. I see all the seeds of the weirdness (compliment) that is Nunn's but the story seems somewhat discombobulated and difficult to follow. There is a moment at the end where things begin to pull together. A pivotal moment when the narrative comes to a kind of fruition. It still for me remains a suggestion and something that does not quite make the phase shift.The sensation I have is similar to that I had at the conclusion of " [...]

    7. I have to agree with the general consensus that this is not Kem Nunn's best bookfar from it, in fact. He's an excellent writer, but this one, well.right from the beginning it was a hard read due to the obnoxiously named characters (Obadiah and Delandra)mes that are so outdated and stereotypically white trash are hard on the eyes and stop the flow of a story. Secondly, the story started building and suddenly started twisting and became almost sillye ending just sucked.It left a lot of holes and j [...]

    8. This book is about religious cults, possibly Jehovah's Witnesses, Moonies, Scientology, LDS, or a combination of those. The ending was disturbing to me. I didn't like it as much as Tapping the Source or Dogs of Winter (two of the best books I've ever read). However, I left it at my in-laws house and my father-in-law picked it up and read it. He said it was outstanding. So I do recommend it if you've read the other books mentioned above and like Kem Nunn (and who wouldn't--he's amazing).

    9. Years ago a friend foisted two Kem Nunn books on me (this one and Pomona Queen), insisting that they were the Second Coming of Southern California noir. I couldn't get all the way through either of them. Now I realize this is the same guy who may have lured David Milch away from "Deadwood" and toward the unfortunate "John From Cincinnati." Ptooey.

    10. This was my least favorite. I want ocean stories I wish he would write more books he is an amazing author.

    11. if you love religious cults, dessert cults and UFO cults with a biker or two thrown in then this book is for you!

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