Reckless Six months in his enemies hands has left Marcus Criswell a shell of the man he used to be or so he thought until his destined mate rescued him from a cruel death Six months have passed since Marcus Cr

  • Title: Reckless
  • Author: Bailey Bradford
  • ISBN: 9780857155207
  • Page: 445
  • Format: ebook
  • Six months in his enemies hands has left Marcus Criswell a shell of the man he used to be or so he thought until his destined mate rescued him from a cruel death.Six months have passed since Marcus Criswell, Alpha Anax of the North American shifters, disappeared Held captive, tortured and driven to the brink of madness, he still refuses to give up Even when his captors aSix months in his enemies hands has left Marcus Criswell a shell of the man he used to be or so he thought until his destined mate rescued him from a cruel death.Six months have passed since Marcus Criswell, Alpha Anax of the North American shifters, disappeared Held captive, tortured and driven to the brink of madness, he still refuses to give up Even when his captors abandon him, leaving him chained without food or water, Marcus will not accept his fate.Until his fate changes with the appearance of his mate, Nathan Grant Now if only the two of them can survive long enough to enjoy it.Nathan Grant doesn t know the first thing about shifters other than he is one and should avoid all others He s followed that advice all of his life Raised by humans, Nathan is than a little uncomfortable with the idea of being around any other shifters One spontaneous day spent running as his wolf in Lincoln National Forest forces Nathan to reconsider what little he thought he knew, and to risk his life for one very unforgettable man.Surviving isn t easy, and Marcus is all too aware he s only a shell of the man he used to be He wasn t broken completely, but he s definitely fractured, and even finding his mate might not be enough to help him heal.Reader Advisory This book is best read in sequence as part of a series

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    1 thought on “Reckless”

    1. 3 StarsPoor Marcus.I have pity on him from the first page.He was kidnapped by the bad guys and had been tortured relentlessly until rescued by Nathan,that man was afraid of everything about shapeshifters at the beginning.They were getting to know each other and the big part was Marcus thought he had been broken and didn't deserve anything like Nathan.Ooooh ! His heart was so tender,and I knew it because I wanted to hug him whenever he wept.This book is beyond my expectation.I've never known a st [...]

    2. 'Reckless', the third book in this increasingly fascinating series, is the most amazing of them all for me. I loved the storyline, the depth of feelings Marcus displays (both in captivity and during his painful recovery), and the heat and need between him and his newfound mate, Nathan.Marcus is used to being in control, being further up the wolf shifter hierarchy even than his younger twin brother Aidan. The situation he is in requires him coming to terms with the fact, not only of his torture, [...]

    3. Strong third installment to the series and for the most part a very emotional read. There's no way you could avoid feeling for Marcus - the torture, physical and emotional pain he suffered. I really liked his character, liked his strength and his passion for the mate he'd just found and the brother he missed so much. For some reason I also liked the fact that he preferred to let Nathan take charge in the bedroom - it made him an even more interesting, unique character.I enjoyed Nathan, as well, [...]

    4. Again I was disapointed. This series had so much potential, but was let down by the constant over use of sex. If they wern't having sex they were talking about it and if they wern't talking about it they were thinking about it. No mater what condition they were in, and in some cases thier condition was dire.I swear if she had one die the other would of still wanted to have sex with the body, or at least felt turned on and horny. I'm sorry but it was totally unecessery to have that much sex in a [...]

    5. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4.0Marcus Criswell is the Alpha Anax of the North American Shifters. He was abducted six-months ago by detractors; he's been tortured, starved, and left for dead. Nathan Grant is a shifter who was raised amongst humans. He has no knowledge of shifters or pack life. One day, while running as his wolf in Lincoln National Forest, Nathan discovers Marcus, his mate (not that Nathan knows or understands what that is). All he knows is that he must help Marcus. Nathan rescues Mar [...]

    6. Best of the first three.From the plot holes left, I'm hoping there will be at least one more in the series.This author is getting better with every book, although they all suffer from 'way-too-much-sex-itis'. No one seems to be able to drive anywhere without giving/getting head/laid/screwed, and these guys drive a lot. Hours and hours of driving in this series to date.

    7. 4 StarsI’m so glad I decided to persevere with this series! It’s getting progressively better with each subsequent story. This has to do with a number of aspects, the first being that the writing has substantially improved, both in terms of quality and plot, with the storylines becoming more intricate and the characters becoming more complex. The second reason probably has to do with my utter love of book series in general. The longer I’m immersed within a fictional world, with an expandin [...]

    8. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4The story revolves around Marcus and his mate Nathan who rescues him from his abductors.Being held prisoner and tortured for six months Marcus is a broken shell of his former self, scared both physically and mentally. After the wolves who abducted him left him to die, he's rescued by his mate Nathan. In the process Nathan has to kill one of Marcus's captors and has a hard time coping, since he was raise by Rick, who's human. Because of the traumatic event from his childh [...]

    9. This was a pretty good book. This is book 3 in the Southwestern Shifter Series six months after book 2. Marcus Criswell, Alpha Anax of the North American shifters, disappeared. Held captive, tortured and driven to the brink of madness until the one man who he has been looking for his whole saves him his mate. Nathan Grant who is a wolf shifter grew up without a pack he was raised by a human after his mother was killed by his father Nathan thought that shifters were dangerous he was told this by [...]

    10. This series just keeps getting better and better. I was immediately drawn into the story by the despair and pain coming from Marcus. My heart went out to him, hoping he could find the strength to hang on just a little bit longer. And then bless his heart, Nathan came to his rescue even though he was terrified. I was really impressed with Nathan's character. For such a little guy (but don't tell him that!) he had enormous strength and courage and a fierceness to protect Marcus even when he didn't [...]

    11. These are getting better as the progress. I read the first two because I wanted to read Marcus's story. I love a damaged/abused/kidnapped hero. I thought the amount of damage shown was pretty good - not overly graphic or anything but with enough description so you could really feel what was happening without being hardened or hit over the head with it. Nathan being the top did not work for me all too well (which is why the lost star) - Marcus as Alpha is just so overpowering all the time that it [...]

    12. Book three in the Southwestern Shifters series, Reckless, left me feeling disappointed. There is far too much dependency on sex. If it was just the act then it would have been alright, but every thought, every memory, and every comment made somehow made reference to sex. Ms. Bradford is a better writer than that. The first and last third of the book was exciting and action-packed, but the middle third was painfully boring. For every one sentence of action we were then forced to suffer through pa [...]

    13. This one is probably my favorite in the series so far. I loved seeing the previous couples, but even more so, I absolutely adored Marcus and Nathan. They were so great together. I loved the emotion and progression of their relationship, and I liked how Nathan was a shifter but didn't really know anything about themought that was different. I really enjoyed this one, and am looking forward to the next book the seriesybe Alex's story? Whoever it is, I can't wait!

    14. The story was great, and the sex scenes are getting better. Bradford was getting kind of repetitive, and still is a bit, but is getting better.

    15. Strangely enough, there’s a tiny chance I liked this volume slightly less this second time around. Which is not saying all that much since I straight-out loved it back then. I still think it’s great, but I also see some issues. Mostly minor ones that do not take away from the story’s impact.I do love that no punches are pulled as far as Marcus’ condition is considered. No “beautiful victim”, nope. Those six months of torture have changed his body and it shows. Although it’s sad to [...]

    16. This is a continuation from end of book 2 and we got too know Marcus in that book it made his plight in this one all the more emotional so we are immediately on the edge of our seats praying for him to not get hurt any more. We then meet Nathan, who we love straight away because he plans to save Marcus. I really like the fact the he knows nothing of shifter politics or what shifters are really like, he is faced with what he thinks shifters are all like with the people holding someone captive and [...]

    17. Can I say this was too repetitive? I had high hopes for this, since I like Marcus and I think I am going to always love Nathan :) Him and Gabe together. EEK!!! Maybe my 2 favorite friends??I think they should have done A LOT more talking and A LOT less sexing. TOO MUCH! Nathan knows NOTHING about the shifter world, yet they never talk about it? Yeah, cause that makes sense.Oh and if I were Marcus, I would have called Aidan A LOT sooner than he did. (view spoiler)[I get there was no phone since N [...]

    18. The quantity of the sex while still excessive was toned down a bit in this installment which I can only describe as a good thing. Alas, the number of editing errors increased proportionally. I liked Nathan, but he had so many of Gabe's quirks that I had to wonder if he wasn't a redux version of the man. I also enjoyed seeing the top/bottom roles assigned in an unpredictable manner, I just wish they'd stuck with them instead of forcing the switch. And I don't care if you just found your mate, if [...]

    19. I like this series in general, it's always interesting to read)Also I liked a lot of emotions of all kinds showing in this story. While I'm not a fan of alphas bottoming in bed on a regular basis (it's contradictory for the nature of alpha IMO) and it was an unexpected suprise, I still liked this couple.And Gabe and Nathan meeting and them together in one place? Two major spitfires and masters of snarkiness? Oh goody, everyone else better take cover XD kiddingCan't wait for the next book(s) and [...]

    20. The thing about this was that at the beginning I really felt Marcus' pain but the minute he met Nathan, he totally forgot about contacting his brother who was very painfully worried about him. I found that it was strange that the one thing you've been thinking months about, he didn't act on it when it was crucial at all. That and I really like this. There could have been more plot but I really liked how Bradford branched out and had us exploring various places throughout the book.

    21. The start was really good and pulling. How Marcus and Nathan met was full of action even emotional, which was great. I liked the start a lot.But as soon everything started to develop around their sex in the small house it started to be boring. I couldn't connect with all the characters that's why I just didn't enjoy the book fully. In general it was enjoyable read.

    22. Tortured hero that's my other kink. And it was perfect. Nathan was fierce and protective despite his smaller frame. Absolutely right just for Marcus. And Gabe is finally in shifters family. Hoping next book will be Alex and Sean.

    23. 4.5 stars. Very good continuation of the series. (view spoiler)[I really don't understand why one of the very first things after escaping wasn't to get to a phone! Marcus kept thinking and talking of his brother, why didn't they get to a phone sooner? (hide spoiler)]Can't wait to read the next.

    24. The best one of the series. Definitively. I love Marcus and Nathan and their relation and their personality and how they are not conventional (I mean the sex) and well, you see the portraitCan I try and predict the next one of the series? Alex and Sean Dobson?

    25. This was my favorite book of this series. It had all the right elements, a good plot, vivid and fun characters, and surprises in relationships. I really thought it was entertaining and fun.

    26. With each book the series seems to get better. Not as many sex scenes and more plot which I like. Now is hoping the next one is just as good as this one.

    27. So this series doesn't bring anything new to the shifter trope, or maybe I've just read too many shifter romances - I don't know. I liked it better than the previous book, but I still want more depth to the plot and characters to really enjoy the book. It ended up on the meh side of things, to be forgotten as soon as it's put down.

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