Der Schimmelreiter

Der Schimmelreiter Der Schimmelreiter ist viel mehr als ein klassisches St ck deutscher Literatur auf knappsten Raum nutzt er eine Gespenstergeschichte um vom Kampf des Menschen gegen die Natur und gegen den Menschen z

  • Title: Der Schimmelreiter
  • Author: Theodor Storm
  • ISBN: 9783150060155
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Paperback
  • Der Schimmelreiter ist viel mehr als ein klassisches St ck deutscher Literatur auf knappsten Raum nutzt er eine Gespenstergeschichte, um vom Kampf des Menschen gegen die Natur und gegen den Menschen zu erz hlen Hauke Haiens Versuch, dem Meer neue Grenzen zu ziehen, f hrt in einen Abgrund, dessen Ausdeutung den Leser verschlingt wie die Sturmflut das neugewonnene Land.

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    1. I´ve read the book “Der Schimmelreiter” written by Theodor Storm, and plays in North Friesland. Storm illustrates the typical life at the North Sea Coast, which was in the past a permanent fight against the unpredictability of our nature. It´s a fact that the life at the coast gives barely any opportunities for needless things and this is represented in his use of language, because It´s written in a simple and facile way. For people with big interests in historical literature, this book s [...]

    2. The Rider on the White Horse was Theodor Storm's last completed work before his death. At the centre is a man trying to do his job in a new way, that will bring him fame, renown and satisfaction, and the price that he will have to pay for what ever he may achieve. We might remember that white horses are often sacred (around the North sea region, and this is a regional story) and there's a cost to mortals in getting too involved with the divine. We are held at arm's length away from this story by [...]

    3. Ein echter Klassiker, dem ich noch viele Leser wünsche. Überraschend flüssig zu lesen ist diese wortgewaltige, zugängliche Novelle, der ihr Alter sehr wohl anzumerken ist, jedoch tut dies dem Lesevergnügen keinerlei Abbruch. Hauke Haien, dessen Aufstieg und Scheitern Storm schildert, findet sofort einen Platz im Herzen des Lesers, trotz oder vielleicht auch gerade wegen der auch dunklen Seiten des Protagonisten.

    4. Ich mag die Geschichte um den Deichgrafen Hauke Hein sehr gerne. Alte deutsche Ausdrucksweise, aber gute Formulierungen seitens Herr Storm. Insgesamt eine ruhige Geschichte die zum Ende Ihren dramatischen Höhepunkt erreicht. Für mich ein wichtiger Bestandteil deutscher Mythologie :)

    5. I can imagine reading these stories in a high school setting and having the teacher strangle all of the life out of them. They seem like those kind of stories. Luckily I'm not a high school student and I read them on my own and didn't have any of the life taken from them. Many of these stories reminded me of Thomas Hardy in that bleak and doomed way that Hardy's novels have.

    6. Das war jetzt natürlich nicht dsa erste Mal, dass ich den "Schimmelreiter" gelesen habe. Es war Schullektüre Beim erneuten Lesen ist mir das tolle an der Novelle bewusst geworden. Storm schafft durch die Bilder, die er schafft, und durch die Sprache eine einzigartige stimmung zwischen unheimlliche, gruselig und rauh. Die Nordsee und die Küste werden wunderbar von ihm eingefangen. Gerade auch der Aspekt der Grusel- bzw. Geistergeschichte ist hier wirklich spannend und sehr gut gemacht! Und man [...]

    7. Spectral figures tend to dress in white or, in this instance, ride a white horse. Attention-grabbing, but not usually spooky. And not spooky here.It turns out that in towns along the North Sea in the 19th Century, the most important job was that of the Dikemaster. More important than being the Superintendent of Monastic Lands, if you can believe that. And a tough gig. No day at the Schleswig beach, if you catch my drift.Here be tales of unrequited love, the strictures of class, and the murmuring [...]

    8. Ich als alter Stimmungsfreund kann sagen, die Stimmung war einzigartig. Man hat das Wasser direkt klatschnass auf der Haut gespürt. Aber Stimmung ist eben auch nicht alles. Ein namenloser Erzähler berichtet wie er auf einer Reise bei Wind und Wetter einem geisterhafen Pferd mit einem ebenso geisterhaften Reiter begnet. Vom Wetter an seiner Weiterreise gehindert, kehrt er ein und es wird ihm von einem weiteren Erzähler, einem alten Schulmeister, die Geschichte des Schimmelreiters erzählt. Sow [...]

    9. How can one judge a story that was written more than 100 years ago? Theodor Storm's Der Schimmelreiter was published in 1888, the year of the author's death. It was required reading in my high school days but I have no recollection of ever having read it. Today I can only take it as a historical portrayal of a moment in time. Most evocative is the description of the northern German Plaines (Nordfriesland) where floods threatened the livelihood and even the lives of the local peasants. A story wi [...]

    10. This novella length story is huge on atmosphere but not so much characterization. The novella has a distinctly "Gothic" tone. Loved the setting of the novel the bleakness and starkness of the Frisian coastline, an area steeped in folk lore and superstition.Well worth a look at for the story and setting alone even though there were some editing and formatting issues with this edition.

    11. Again, a ghost story inside a main story, exactly like in Die schwarze Spinne, but we're in far Northern Germany now, right next to the sea. Unlike Spinne the Christian allegory in Schimmelreiter is much less on your nose, but it's right there - Hauke's biggest sin was to insinuate that God may not be almighty when his wife was dying. There's a good portion of misanthropy here which wasn't in Spinne, everybody except Hauke and his wife is an egotistical fool.The biggest difference is the rich an [...]

    12. Als Hörbuch wirklich grandios, da sehr gut und stimmungsvoll von Uve Teschner gelesen, vor allem die letzte halbe Stunde ist zum Niederknien.Schon das zweite Mal gehört und ich bin immer noch begeistert.

    13. 3.5 SterneGott sei Dank musste ich diese Novelle nie in der Schule lesen, das war immer irgendwie ein Garant dafür, dass man es weniger mochte ;).Die Novelle, die eigentlich eher an einen Roman erinnert, ist sprachlich sehr schön und sollte wirklich nicht in Vergessenheit geraten.

    14. Considered one of the finest examples of German Realism, Storm's novella describes in vast detail the stark beauty of Frisia, the northernmost part of Germany, and the ever-threatening presence of nature. The community described is built upon inflexible traditions, and is resigned to a perpetual battle to hold back the sea and reclaim the land in order to survive. Superstition, witchcraft, and ghosts are among the additional forces that threaten the ambitions of Hauke Haien, a farmer's son who t [...]

    15. What a book to read on a Northsea-island in winter. What a book to illustrate how mankind's greed towards each other can do.What a book to show how what other people see in us, and we in them, sometimes couldn't be more different from another perspective.Horrible, grand, hard to put down, hard to finish unflinchingly.

    16. Interessantes, tiefgründiges und interpretatorisch ergiebiges Werk, in dem gekonnt Erzählstränge verschränkt und mit Mythischem gespielt wird. Lohnt sich!

    17. This is probably the most difficult book I have yet read in German. I’m going to be honest: my German is rusty enough that I had to make use of various online tools (and an online synopsis) to figure out what was going on at a couple of points. Once I had started to get into it, it was possible for me to follow, but this is definitely not a book for a beginner, or anyone whose German is only middling. Part of the problem (for me, at least) is the narrative structure. There’s a meta-story, ab [...]

    18. Der Schimmelreiter spielt in Friesland in einer Ortschaft an der Küste, in der man dem Meer mit Respekt und Furcht begegnet und der Deichgraf der wichtigste Mann am Ort ist. Da ich viele Sommer meiner Kindheit auf einer Nordseeinsel verbringen durfte, konnte ich mir die Landschaft, das Wetter und die örtlichen Zusammenhänge, die Storm beschreibt, bildhaft vorstellen. Der Deich, die Marschen, Priele, reetgedeckten Häuser, bis hin zu der umspukten Hallig, entstanden sehr lebendig vor meinem in [...]

    19. Until the last story, which is the title story and the last that Storm wrote, I wasn't enraptured by this book. Each story had its satisfying bits, but mostly they were too self-consciously stories, too concerned with doomed love, too nostalgic. That said, I liked this passage from "Aquis Submersus" a lot, the solid everyday detail of it: And yet, how friendly I found the rooms of that old house! In winter I liked the small chamber to the right of the vestibule, and in summer the large room on t [...]

    20. Somehow I never had to read this book in school which probably was a good thing as I wouldn't have appreciated it at that time and simply would have done away with it as an old-fashioned and irrelevant ghost story.Der Schimmelreiter tells us the story of Hauke Haien who was selected as dykemaster ("Deichgraf") in the 1750's in Northern Frisia. It tells of the attritional efforts of Haien to innovate respectively simply do what is necessary to improve things for the future at the cost of today's [...]

    21. Theodor Storm’s RIDER OF THE WHITE HORSE is a tightly woven novella about the conflict of man with nature and of man with man in the face of nature.Hauke Haien the dikegrave (or supervisor of dikes for a section of the coast of Frisia) proves himself capable of tremendous feats of planning and engineering. This is all the more so when he acquires the white horse of the title, whom many believe to be a phantom, resurrected from a pile of bones dimly seen on the horizon.One might suspect him of [...]

    22. It's interesting how a novella, written in 1880s, has so much to do with the present. The main storyline is as old as time - the constant fight between new ideas and old habits. And no matter what wins, the price is usually high.Hauke Haien strove to leave someone after himself, to built a new dyke and be remembered (and honoured). His hard work and devotion can be admired, his vanity might be overlooked - in the end he succeeded in what he saw was the meaning of his life. Even though, it's Hauk [...]

    23. Not every story here is great - but all are good. This is probably too dated for most modern readers but those that appreciate Turgenev, Hamsun or Stifter will find something to enjoy here. The title story is the highlight, a real page-turner that build to a fierce crescendo. At times this reminded me of Bely's Silver Dove, with its strange mysticism that lurks throughout. Doomed love and ill-fated children populate the otherwise naturalistic focus of Storm's capable writing. He's a painter with [...]

    24. Obwohl "der Schimmelreiter" als Novelle in der Kürze die Würze sieht, ist er nicht umsonst ein Klassiker der deutschen Literatur. Hier zeigt sich der Aufbau einer typischen Novelle mit zwei Rahmen- und einer Binnenhandlung als besonders kunstvoll und die Geschichte des Protagonisten Hauke Haien ist so fesselnd wie ein modernes Drama. Die Bemühungen des Menschen, sich die Natur untertan zu machen und letztlich aufgrund seiner eigenen Hybris gegenüber Gegebenheiten, die er nicht beeinflussen k [...]

    25. I came to this novel on the recommendation that Theodor Storm was a prime example of the German Romantic Movement. Not knowing what that entailed, my expectations were of a very Prussian Hawthorne, Melville, or Byron. A word of warning, Hawthorne is downright full of sunshine compared to Mr. Storm. The stories themselves are pretty, at times almost surreal, but the emotional constructions in them fall flat for me. If you're looking to go to bed haunted by regret and loss, this might be the book [...]

    26. This is a brilliant novella that is both a highly realistic story of the struggle of a small landowner to build a dike on the Friesland coast and an exquisite ghost story. Maintaining the balance between a sociological analysis of a rural community and a tale of the supernatural is an inherently difficult task. Storm pulls it off through efficiency and succinctness. This book would offer a wonderful afternoon's diversion at the cottage.

    27. Eine kraftvolle Geschichte über einen außergewöhnlichen Menschen, Hauke Haien. Die Gewalt, aber auch die Schönheit der Natur werden eindrucksvoll beschrieben. Hauke Haien versucht mit allen Mitteln gegen die Naturgewalt zu kämpfen. Eine rauhe Liebeserklärung Theodor Storms an seine Heimat Nordfriesland. Wunderschön geschrieben.

    28. The Dykemaster.Well, well. It was a nice little story. However, I do feel that it might have had more potential. Especially the ending came a little bit too abrupt for my liking. *shrugs* I suppose that's a question of taste, though.I can definitely say that it didn't bore me at any point, and that it gave some interesting insights into society at that place and time.

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