Le tatouage

Le tatouage None

  • Title: Le tatouage
  • Author: Jun'ichirō Tanizaki
  • ISBN: 9782916266671
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

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      256 Jun'ichirō Tanizaki
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      Posted by:Jun'ichirō Tanizaki
      Published :2020-01-10T19:27:11+00:00

    1 thought on “Le tatouage”

    1. LO BUENO SI BREVEMi primera aproximación a este escritor nipón ha sido este breve cuento (valga la redundancia del epíteto), pues se lee en un santiamén, y que crea cierta fascinación ante este relato tan bello.Siendo “Tatuaje” su obra primeriza y además con tan poco texto es precipitado llegar a conclusiones sobre este literato que se le suponen influencias occidentales de Wilde y Poe, no obstante es indudable que posee y maneja a la perfección un gran estilo poético, mezclando muy [...]

    2. If I had to Psychoanalyze Seikichi, like if he were a serial killer and I had to profile him, I'd say he was a highly perceptive individual who probably witnessed great violence upon his mother at the hand of his father and uses his art to exact revenge upon males. He takes great pleasure in punishing them, yet he finds this one young woman (after taking great pains to find the perfect one) who probably reminds him of his mother, and gives her a tattoo that is his greatest piece -- from which sh [...]

    3. Interesting imagery, beautiful use of language and vivid descriptions which make you feel like you're actually there. However very dark and disturbing themes and slightly nauseating.

    4. Iznenadila sam se danas kada sam otkrila ovu priču među primljenim porukama na facebook-u. Moram priznati da mi se dopala. Interesantna je i sažeta. Možda (sigurno) ne bi trebalo da je širim dalje ovako. Ko želi da je pročita uvek može da kupi knjigu. Međutim, bilo bi mi žao da je ostavim zakopanu u inbox-u. Dakle, "Majstor tetoviranja" Đunićira Tanizakija:Beše to doba kada su ljudi cenili plemenitu veštinu lake zabave, kada život nije bio toliko surova borba kao sada. Beše to do [...]

    5. En las escasas páginas de este relato uno percibe que el profundo conocimiento que Tanizaki demostró poseer en materia de arte y de estética, tanto de Japón como de Occidente, en El elogio de la sombra, no es sino el fruto de toda una vida dedicada a observar el sentido de la belleza en el género humano y a tratar de entender las reacciones que su percepción provoca en el genio creador, sea cual sea la forma de expresarlo. Y es que Tanizaki universaliza la estética; la ve por doquier y no [...]

    6. I really enjoyed reading this story because it was not something I would typically read it was a little bit edgier and I would say dark. I am glad I gave it shot because I actually learned a lot, since certain words that I didn't know and I would have to look it up. Seikichi was. a satirist he wanted to inflict pain in men which is why we tattooed them and if the men did not look like they were in pain he got dig the needle deeper into their skin so they could feel even more pain and this time s [...]

    7. The tattooer was a great story I personally really liked it, it was weird but also very interesting. It was a weird way to show women empowerment but at the same time understandable because of the time period this story was written. In the edo period women didn’t really have any say and the only way for them to have power especially for a geisha girl would be by playing man because the more recognition the better favoritism as a female entertainer. The only thing that bothered me was how ugly [...]

    8. I like how different, unique and weird this text is. It has so much going on and I like how it makes you wonder exactly why Seikichi did what he did. Was he a sadist? Was he a pedophile? Or was he just plain insane and delusional? These are the questions that run through your mind when you read this story. I love how this story makes you question it more and more as you read it, and one of the biggest questions is “why?”. Like why did he decide to choose a black widow and especially why did [...]

    9. Джуничиро Танидзаки е смятан за един от най-изтъкнатите писатели в модерната японска литература. Е, вече знам защо. След неуспешния опит да прочета „Дневникът на един луд старец”, реших да опитам със сборника разкази „Татуировката”. Получи се.Книгата съдържа 5 истории, ко [...]

    10. "The Tattooer"was a peculiar but also an intriguing story. The tattooer whose named Seikichi is shown to be a sadistic man. He apparently gets pleasure off of the men who are in pain when he gives them their tattoos. Although he is like this he doesn't seem to act the same way when drawing tattoos on a woman especially the one he loves. In fact the woman he loves also has the same dark pleasure. Seikichi is truly a complex man to which we now nothing about at all. The story doesn't give anyinsig [...]

    11. Насладата да четеш Танидзаки - след великолепната "Възхвала на сянката" - една естетика толкова различна от тази на Запада.

    12. 其れはまだ人々が「愚」と云う貴い徳を持って居て、世の中が今のように激しく軋み合わない時分であった。丁度四年目の夏のとあるゆうべ、深川の料理屋平清の前を通りかゝった時、彼はふと門口に待って居る駕籠の簾のかげから、真っ白な女の素足のこぼれて居るのに気がついた。鋭い彼の眼には、人間の足はその顔と同じように複雑な表情を持って映った。その女 [...]

    13. Esta cita: "El sol de la mañana centelleaba sobre el río, haciendo resplandecer el estudio. Los rayos reflejados en el agua dibujaban rizadas olas doradas sobre los biombos corredizos de papel y sobre el rostro de la muchacha, que se había dormido. Seikichi había cerrado las puertas y recogido sus instrumentos de tatuaje, pero por un momento permaneció allí, solo, extasiado, saboreando plenamente su belleza misteriosa".

    14. "Pour faire de toi une femme vraiment belle, c'est toute mon âme que je t'ai instillée avec mes encres. Désormais, dans tout le Japon, aucune femme ne te surpassera [] Tous les hommes, oui, tous, seront ta riche pâture."

    15. Wonderful short work of Tanizaki Junichiro.Passion, dream, fulfillment, sadness and all these feelings in beautiful Japanese language, beautiful Japanese colors and those invisible emotional threads which become a literary spiders net you get stuck in.

    16. Short, but fascinating. Absorbing and intriguing - even a little unnerving. Perfect example of how to write an amazing short story. Loved every word.

    17. a very simple story, incredibky well-told with amazing illustrations. in this book you can really smell lust on its elements of skin, ink and pain, tanizaki is, no doubt, a wonderful story teller.

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