Shield of Three Lions

Shield of Three Lions The return of a classic by bestselling author Pamela Kaufman Richly rewarding superbly written The richness of the characters the historical details and the story as a whole make this novel a memo

  • Title: Shield of Three Lions
  • Author: Pamela Kaufman
  • ISBN: 9780517551288
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The return of a classic, by bestselling author Pamela Kaufman Richly rewarding, superbly written The richness of the characters, the historical details, and the story as a whole make this novel a memorable reading experience Chicago Sun TimesEleven year old Alix is the daughter of the baron of Wanthwaite, whose lands along the Scottish border are among the best iThe return of a classic, by bestselling author Pamela Kaufman Richly rewarding, superbly written The richness of the characters, the historical details, and the story as a whole make this novel a memorable reading experience Chicago Sun TimesEleven year old Alix is the daughter of the baron of Wanthwaite, whose lands along the Scottish border are among the best in England But when her family is killed and her lands seized, Alix is forced to flee from the only home she s ever known Her one hope of restoring her inheritance is to plead her case to King Richard the Lion Heart, who is far away in France, preparing to go on his Crusade Alix resolves to follow him She cuts her hair, dresses as a boy, and takes the road south to London Disguised as a beautiful young boy, Alix is than befriended by the handsome and mysterious King Richard, even becoming his favorite page Their relationship sets tongues wagging and places Alix in considerable danger as the battle for Jerusalem unfolds.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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    1 thought on “Shield of Three Lions”

    1. When I read Pamela Kaufman's The Shield of Three Lions as a teenager, I absolutely adored the book and stayed up all night reading until I had finished. It was an exciting, fast paced, massively entertaining historical romp and also presented and featured everything I at that time desired in historical fiction, Medieval England, the Crusades, a spunky heroine who disguises herself as a boy, and the added bonus of a brave Scotsman on whom I developed a massive literary crush (so much so that I wa [...]

    2. While I found the story interesting enough to keep reading, I found the prose awkward. The mixing of archaic words and phrases like "soothly," "'twas," and "be as be may" seemed to me intruders in an otherwise modern voice of the narrator, Alix. On the other hand, I did find the creative spelling that rendered Enoch's Scottish accent to be quite interesting and I suppose realistic. I understand that Mrs. Kaufman's use of the those few jarringly outmoded phrases was probably meant to add historic [...]

    3. In 1983 apparently it was perfectly fine to introduce the heroine's eventual love interest by having him scam the heroine six ways from Sunday, including forcing her to swear a blood oath, while thinking she's an eight-year-old boy. I flipped to the end to confirm that they do actually ostensibly fall in love, and yes, they do--though even in that final scene it is completely implausible. There's graphic rape, murder, battle, prostitution, etc. That doesn't bother me, though I did feel Kaufman w [...]

    4. Absolutely ridiculous waste of money. I can only assume that the author was pulling a prank of some kind and only continued with this series because of the money rolling in. The plot, which consists of an 11 year old heiress riding off to Crusade and catching the eye of the King, was flimsy enough, but the book itself is poorly written and clunky. The author tries far too hard to be earthy and authentic, and instead comes off as someone who has spent far too much time at a cheap Renn faire.

    5. This book was first published in 1958, and silly me, I had very low expectations, thinking it would be written with the same stereotypes and constraints as "I Love Lucy" and "Father knows best." I was pleasantly surprised! After the first 3 chapters I was completely hooked! It takes place in 1189, in England, and reminds me a lot Sharon K. Penman's books. The main character is an 11 year old girl, who through a series of tragic events ends up going with Richard the Lionhearted on his crusade to [...]

    6. Set at the time of King Richard the Lionheart's reign and the Crusades, this book follows Alix, a young orphaned girl trying to win back her family's castle and estate. Forced to disguise herself as a boy for safety, she becomes Richard's page and travels with him to the Holy Land. She has to wrestle with puberty and the budding feelings of love, while trying to keep her disguise intact.Bawdy, crass, and coarse in its language, this book brings to mind the Canterbury Tales. And, reading it as an [...]

    7. Many parts of this story are far fetched but I really enjoyed it and this is one of my favorite non-true HF HFR stories. It is well written for what it is. However if you are a HF purist do not even go here! You will toss this book long before you finish it! It is kind of a farce in that sense. But I remember it wrapped up nicely and although I was sad that it ended I didn't walk away feeling not satisfied.(Now I am writing this review MANY years later from when I have read it so keep that in mi [...]

    8. Fun read. Sometimes a bit unbelievable, but I'll give the writer the benefit of the doubt. Alix is a wonderful character. I was worried about relating to an 11 year old at first, but if she'd been written any older, her innocence would have been unbelievable.I adored Enoch, however for much of the book I thought he was quite old. (I don't think his age is ever stated.) Then we learn that he's 10 years junior to Richard (who I thought quite young). Also, too many times, I couldn't puzzle through [...]

    9. OMG if you can find this book you must read it! It's kind of cheesy but totally addictingJessie will disagree but many, myself included, were totally sucked in. I bought this for 50 cents at the Smith Library in Lakeview and it was the best purchase ever! I literally stayed up all night to finish it-- I lent it to Walt when he had mono and he was sucked in too! My copy became a Katrina victim, so will have to purchase a new one soon

    10. LOVE this book! And the two follow-ups. Tells the story of Alix of Wanthwaite, an 11 year old girl, who disguises herself as a boy to ride on the Crusade with King Richard. Very fun page-turner. There are some questionable themes, so be prepared, but overall a good read.

    11. 3+ Like many Historical Fiction this is fun and somewhat educational. I like the character Alix and her lands are near Scotland a plus for me. Nina liked this too after I passed it on to her and then she found the next in the series and now I am reading it.

    12. This book, as other readers already pointed out, is a mixture of historical fiction and historical romance. I'm not sure if I will read the whole trilogy.

    13. A cute but very powerfully written story about a Medieval tomboy and the Scots warrior who saves her life during the crusades. Wonderful stuff!

    14. First book in a series. If you love English history [Richard the Lionheart time period:], this is a interesting fictional account of a young noble woman whose family is slaughtered in a poltical/power struggle. She is advised by her dying father to disguise herself as a boy and to travel to London to seek out the help of King Henry. Unfortunately, she soon finds out that King Henry has died, and his son Richard has become king. Her adventure unfolds as she attempts to find a way to restore her f [...]

    15. This book was a lot of fun. It's the story of Alix of Wanthwaite, whose parents are killed when an unscrupulous neighboring lord attempts to take over their lands. Alix survives, dresses as a boy, ends up teamed with a Scotman named Enoch, and goes in search of King Richard in order to regain her lands. She ends up studying in Paris, travelling with a minstrel troupe, and ultimately going with King Richard and Enoch on Crusade. There's a lot of adventure, and some romance (both with Richard and [...]

    16. There used to be this awesome book-shop slash coffee boutique in downtown Easton, PA that I loved to go to. It was off of the main streets and in a grand old building. Soooooo many books, you could get lost in the shelves. I really hope it is still there. I will have to look for it this ThanksgivingThis was an odd-ball find that simply looked interesting. It's the journey of a young noble-born girl in Medieval England escaping from pillagers of her father's castle with a twist. It was a great di [...]

    17. I read this a very long time ago and realize now it was the first historical novel I ever read. I enjoyed it very much (and believe I read it twice). Ultimately it inspired me to find other historical fiction authors, which has enriched my life greatly. I need to find a copy of this book (ideally hardback; don't know what happened to my copy) and read again. (I suspect my more knowledgeable self will be dismayed that it's not historically accurate).

    18. I finished because I cared about what became of Alix. However, I almost did not finish because there was So. Much. Peen. That did not further the story, well enough to read all of that waytoomuchpeen.A previous reviewer stated the same but I must have forgotten that when I ordered and read this book. I will not be reading the rest of this series.

    19. This was the first "real" book that I picked up. and then couldn't put down. I've read it several times and still enjoy it. Years later I found a sequal, not as profound of a momment, but I enjoyed it as well.

    20. Pamela Kaufman tells a vivid tale of King Richard that is most entertaining. My wife was laughing every three minutes while reading this one. I picked it up the moment she put this one down. I read the entire series soon after… read, The Shield of the Three Lion’s.

    21. This was such a great book. When I first picked it up I thought 'Historical romance set in Scotland about a girl who pretends to be a boy?? What?' but I am so glad I read it because it was awesome! Lovely writing, strange dialogue, loooots of description and a GREAT ending :)

    22. I first read this as a teenager and although the story is fairly cheesy, the treatment of it is excellent and, to my mind, authentic. A chick lit version of The Religion, maybe ;)

    23. One of my all-time favorite historical/romantic fiction novels. Read it a long time ago. Girl pretends to be a boy and goes crusading. What could be better.

    24. Wonderrfully entertainingI really enjoyed this book However it was challenging at times with the vocabulary being difficult to understand. I'm sure it was historically accurate however and I enjoyed that.

    25. I picked this one expecting a solid historical romance fiction book set during the Third crusade with young adult flavor.Sure enough, the protagonist is an eleven-year-old girl, and the plot is linear, a coming-of-age-quest story with gender-bender elements but it is, by my standards, wholly adult. First of all Alix, the protagonist, is basically the only character so young, then the book deals a lot with very delicate subjects, ones that may be out of the comfort zone for some, like rape, ghast [...]

    26. ==A pixie befuddles King Richard the Lionhearted==The setting covers northern England (the Scottish border), France, Italy, Sicily, Cyprus and the Holy Land (Dominions of Saladin) from 1189 to 1192. Although "Shield of Three Lions" follows a fictional story line it is true to the main events of the Third Crusade by King Richard I (the Lionhearted) of England and King Philip II of France. After her home, Worthwaite Castle has been sacked and her parents killed, the young pre-teen heroine, Alix, e [...]

    27. I was very pleasantly surprised by this book. Rich in historical detail (whether it's accurate or not, I have no idea, since I've read very little about the time of King Richard and the Crusades), the book is just plain fun to read. The main character, Alix, 11-year old heiress to an estate is suddenly left orphaned and in mortal danger, and per her father's dying instructions, runs off to London dressed as a boy to seek the king's favor. She of course manages to meet almost everyone of note in [...]

    28. Go along on the third Crusade with Richard the Lionhearted, his newest and youngest page, and the page's gruff but protective Scottish blood brother. Of course, things are not always as they seem, and neither are pages, brothers, or the kings they idolize. Eventually, Alex must leave the Crusade and return to his home in Northumberland, which he must wrest from a usurper and restore from his ravages and subsequent neglect. Along the way, he has joined a troupe of performing troubadours, met King [...]

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