Boots for the Gentleman

Boots for the Gentleman Hired by a mysterious faerie gentleman to steal seemingly worthless artifacts Querrilous Knotte is seen as a traitor by the humans of Halcyon But as long as he s getting paid Querry doesn t mind Whe

  • Title: Boots for the Gentleman
  • Author: Augusta Li Eon de Beaumont
  • ISBN: 9781613720936
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hired by a mysterious faerie gentleman to steal seemingly worthless artifacts, Querrilous Knotte is seen as a traitor by the humans of Halcyon But as long as he s getting paid, Querry doesn t mind When his client makes a cryptic comment about a certain house, Querry contacts his old flame Reg a former street rat who now works in the Royal Archives to learn if the propertHired by a mysterious faerie gentleman to steal seemingly worthless artifacts, Querrilous Knotte is seen as a traitor by the humans of Halcyon But as long as he s getting paid, Querry doesn t mind When his client makes a cryptic comment about a certain house, Querry contacts his old flame Reg a former street rat who now works in the Royal Archives to learn if the property contains anything of value.Though Reg has no answers for him, Querry learns there is indeed something precious in the house, something Reg is convinced will bring nothing but trouble The armed guards that attack the thief prove Reg s prediction true, and he can t leave Querry to face it all alone Not when Reg s feelings for the man may not be as extinct as he d thought.The trouble is, Querry s heart doesn t just belong to Reg any, and surprisingly, Reg s heart no longer belongs only to Querry In the end, it may not even matter, because if Querry, Reg, and their hearts desire can t stop Lord Thimbleroy from draining Halcyon s magic, they won t live long enough to regret their unresolved romance.

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      164 Augusta Li Eon de Beaumont
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    1 thought on “Boots for the Gentleman”

    1. TL;DR: as full of promise as disappointment.I feel betrayed by whoever edited this book. Even the author bios have subject-verb issues.But then, when your authors appear to have been making shit up as they went along, there can't possibly be that much an editor can do.Because blithely winging it is not exactly the ideal approach to an attempt at melding AU Europe, a steampunk London that openly intermingles with Faerie, and the kind of sorcery that involves arcane mumbling and wiggling your fing [...]

    2. 3.5 starsI want to state for the record before I go on with my review that anything I write is my opinion (naturally). Others might feel differently than I do especially if they compare what they read to what I've shelved this book under. They'll most likely completely disagree with half those shelves but I feel they pretty much explain the book from my eyes.With that said, this book, honestly, blew me away. There were, of course, things I didn't like about it but the world-building and the deta [...]

    3. This is a wild ride! 4.5, I think, but rounded up for being so creative and original. I really haven't read anything like this before. It's more of an action-adventure story than a romance, just with gay main characters. This won't be for everyone, because it is really different.First, the characters aren't typical heroes. Querry, the character whose POV the story is told, is a thief, a bit of a slut, and at times so reckless he's almost silly. That's who he is though, and he just won't bow to a [...]

    4. I approached this book very cautiously because I've seen several lukewarm reviews (before Deja Dei's which convinced me to read it). Also, I like both steampunk and fantasy, but finding steampunk that satisfies me is rare and there are so many fantasy books out there that they started to blur together.After reading the book, I can say that it was better than I expected. The world building was detailed, especially clockworks and how they functioned. I also liked the overlapping of the "real" and [...]

    5. What a mess this book is, starting with the title - what's with the boots? We never find out! O.o But that's not the only glitch here, too many things don't make any kind of sense to me. My personal pet peeve is Querry's inability to hold onto any kind of weapon. The poor guy always loses it within the first two minutes of a fight.Very chaotic writing, plot twists and turns to keep you as confused as possible.

    6. They say you cant judge a book by its cover. With this particular book it was the cover that drew me to it. If you are into steam punk, adventure, Fae and magic then this book is for you. Really enjoyed this book. This book is well written and plotted although its in another world I cant help but to relate to the characters. The biggest suprize for me was the relationship dynamic and the growth that goes on amongst the characters.

    7. I'm on a steampunk erotica reading streak and this is one of the best I've encountered so far! The world is elaborate, the characters incredibly real and the story is packed with action and adventure. This book is unique, with great characters and excellent writing. This is a threesome partner story, but the characters fit well together, each complimenting the others' strengths and weaknesses, and a thrilling erotic element. A great read! I heard there's a sequel one the way, can't wait.

    8. Charming and engaging steampunk fantasy. Good world-building and interesting characters. Really creative applications of magic and steampunk-y bits. But the characters are rather too lovey-mushy for my liking, and polyamorous relationships are really not my cuppa. Beautiful cover art!

    9. Enchanting and detailed world-building, mixed with mystery, love & lust, fae & magic, and the beauty of highly intricate clockwork mechanisms. This is a wonderful creation, and I cross my fingers that the sequel could possibly be just as breath-taking.

    10. This alternate universe tale is an interesting mix of steampunk (with the focus on a society that runs on various clockwork mechanisms) and urban/paranormal fantasy (with the addition of the fae---portions of the story are set in the fairy realm). I think it all holds together fairly well, though I really would have liked to see just a little more world-building. I would have liked to learn a little more of the background of Querry and Reg; there’s no mention, for instance, of how on earth Reg [...]

    11. 4 1/2 HeartsFirst published at MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpressI love these types of books because the imagination and descriptions that go into making this come to life is brilliant. Querrilous Knotte survives by doing odd jobs for other people…oh alright he’s a thief for hire but he does have a kind heart… well kinda. He finds trouble in a derelict house and needs Reg’s help. Reginald Whitney is an ex-street rat who was adopted by a wealthy couple; he is facing up to the [...]

    12. The authors might hate this word, but this was a charming read. The descriptions were beautiful and three dimensional. Even when the characters swerved out of believability (no one can survive naked in a snowdrift for three days sans explanation), something came along to delight the reader to distraction. Poor Querry avoided death so many times I started to think he was part cat, but there was always an explanation about his escape. Still, one too many times dragged at the action. Midway through [...]

    13. I was about half way and had already had numerous instances where I hoped the book would end soon, when I gave up reading any further.It suffered from what I call convenience: Things that happened that felt too easy, or where I didn't feel the struggle and emotions. Like it was glazed over, of no consequense, while I know this could not have been the intension.Then there were the numerous listings of things that were in the scenery, or explanations/stories at the wrong times. Both threw me from [...]

    14. Okay, this turned out to go in directions I hadn't expected, and I ended up being somewhat disappointed in it. However, some of that is my personal taste, so others may not mind the things I didn't really enjoy. The world building was interesting and drew me in immediately. It's regency/Victorian England with the addition of magic and more advanced (compared with reality) mechanical contraptions. There is also the addition of the fae within the city of London. My initial reaction to Querry's cha [...]

    15. There were so many missed opportunities with this story. Here is a steampunk London mixed in with faeries out in the open, and we hardly ever get an explanation of this world.The relationship is also a problem. It is hard to write polyamorous relationships and I understand that. Polyamorous relationships requires you to build a connection between three people, which requires twice as much thought to characterisation and dialogue. There was a lack of connection between Querry, Reg, and Frolic. Re [...]

    16. With fantasy and sci-fi you can create the most insane and fantastic worlds imaginable as long as you keep the details grounded in reality.The main protagonist, Querry, has an incredible abilty to shake off anything that ailes him. He suffers from a fever that nearly kills him. No problem. He gets captured and beaten heavily every day for a least a week. Immediately has sex. There is no way this character didn't have a few broken bones at least. Repeatedly gets knocked unconcious. No ill effects [...]

    17. I finished this book a couple of days ago with mixed feelings and decided to wait before writing a review.I liked this book and I wanted to like it more but there were so many WTF moments preventing me from loving it that I don't know how to explain my emotional limbo.Even worse, after so many days none of these characters truly resonates in my memory. Frolic's beauty lingers somewhere in the back of my mind, taunting me and I look at the cover and say "Damn." But beyond that, Querry comes as a [...]

    18. 4.5 Rounded up! Review to come when at a proper keyboard. Loved this book! Edit for review: These two books by Augusta Li and Eon de Beaumont, Boots for the Gentleman and A Grimoire for the Baron, are good, old-fashioned fun akin to the adventures serials of yore--sans the serial aspect. The combination of steampunk and magic was charming, and the stories took me to unexpected places, and on adventures I would never have imagined on my own. It was fun and happy-making to read books where the tho [...]

    19. For me a high 2+* read.I like a little bit of steampunk in a story, just like a little magic or I may enjoy a little paranormal etc. this was full immersion in the genre so a bit out of my easy reading zone.It was a fairly long read with full mechanicals and a very trippy fae town! Querry seemed to attract trouble and I never really felt I knew Reg. Frolic seemed a simple soul but possessed of great empathy too.The story wove about a lot and had its mad professor who came to a suitably bad end. [...]

    20. NOTE: My shelving this on my dnf shelf has nothing to do with the book I was enjoying it when real life intervened and I had to put it down. I always have a lot of trouble picking back up with something I put down in the middle, no matter the reason. Someday I will pick it back up and read it but I just needed it off my currently reading shelf (OCD much). I am not putting up a rating at this time. I will rate when I get back to it and finish it.

    21. Fascinating worldbuilding, and quirky characters. However, the book has a rambling, episodic plot that never really gets its act together. Also, I had a big problem with the "hero" constantly getting knocked unconscious and losing all his weapons and gear. Perpetually-exasperated Reg would've been a much better choice for viewpoint character and protagonist, since Querry and Frolic (interesting as they are), are not very relatable.

    22. While overall this is a rather good book, set in a well thought out world, bustling with steampunk, some fae magic, and characters that are compelling because they are not always perfect, I felt that the plot suffered from a few to many timely coincidences.

    23. Both Authors done good job, but I still didn't like it, to be honest. There are to many different characters appearing and main players stop being important. I lost interest in book very early in the story.

    24. Great story. It faultered a bit at the end, but I'll definitely be reading the next in the series. Querry, Frolic and Reg are so endearing and I love the cover - I have this thing for anima.

    25. This book should probably be 3.5 stars. It's a fun read with a good story underlying the M/M romance.

    26. I still don't get it.I felt quite off-kilter the entire time I was reading this. Still, I rather liked the universe, if nothing else

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