Howl And Harmony

Howl And Harmony Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance M M shape shifters public exhibition spanking sex toys The Gathering is called The spell is cast There is no escaping the Midni

  • Title: Howl And Harmony
  • Author: Gabrielle Evans
  • ISBN: 9781610347853
  • Page: 454
  • Format: ebook
  • Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M M, shape shifters, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys The Gathering is called The spell is cast There is no escaping the Midnight Matings.Milo s spent the majority of his life parading one man after another through his bedroom He doesn t do relationships, and he definitely doesn t do commitment Siren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M M, shape shifters, public exhibition, spanking, sex toys The Gathering is called The spell is cast There is no escaping the Midnight Matings.Milo s spent the majority of his life parading one man after another through his bedroom He doesn t do relationships, and he definitely doesn t do commitment While trying to escape the chaos of the gathering, the sweetest sound in the world catches his interest and threatens his playboy lifestyle.When Milo Gavari loses control and claims him in the middle of the ballroom, Lark thinks he s finally found his missing half The hellhound has a body to die for, but Lark quickly realizes the total package is far from perfect.Milo s reputation for being cold and evasive isn t going to deter him, though There s a sweet center to that rough exterior, and Lark intends to bring it to the surface With his meddlesome aunts and Milo s overbearing father in the mix, finding his happy ending isn t going to be easy But, the best things in life never are.

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    1 thought on “Howl And Harmony”

    1. This was book 11 in the "Midnight Matings" series. For some reason this book didn't grab me like the other's in this series did. Milo Gavari did not want a mate and after the Elder's speech about the champagne being spiked he is really pissed. Lark Rhodes has been watching Milo bring man after man to and from his house Lark lives across the street from him. Milo finds himself drawn to Lark is a Siren the first male in years. Milo is a hellhound and a lot of people don't mess with him. As Lark an [...]

    2. This one was very entertaining. As serious as it starts, by the time the mystery emerges and the two mates figure out things will be a little more complicated than they expected, the story changes pace. There is lots of fun and humor as they battle the unknown. And the ending? Just too cute. The situation may be serious but the way Lark and Milo deal with it, as well as the guys who help them, were just too funny.If you like unusual shifters and paranormals, a bit of mystery and want humor in yo [...]

    3. This one's fun. It's a lighthearted and entertaining read that had me chuckling. I liked Milo and Lark and their pairing of a hellhound and a siren was cute. They got along great and the conflict in their relationship came from the outside. Namely Lark's crazy aunts27 of them and Milo's jerk father, Cerberus, the mythical hellhound of Hades. Adding these unique characters added a great deal of interest to an otherwise sweet and fluffy read, since they brought in deceit, betrayal and some suspens [...]

    4. 2012 Review:I am not used anymore to sweetness like this.Milo and Lark have a completely adorable relationship and Milo’s devotion utterly endeared him to me. I also enjoyed how he accepts things and does not sweat the small stuff or jumps to conclusions. He always gives Lark more than a chance to explain. Hell, he does not even insist on explanations. <3 This kind of behaviour shouldn’t really be unusual in a protagonist, but sadly it is, and to have it displayed by Milo, the antisocial [...]

    5. This was such a "sweet, fluffy" read. If you are looking for a deep one this isn't it. This is pretty typical of the series, smaller mate and some conflict that is usually easily solved and "ta-da!" all is well. I really enjoyed it though for a time when I need that sort of read. Lark is a sweetie and Milo is just adorable.

    6. I liked this book. It was cute and "fluffy" lol. It made me laugh or smile in certain parts of the book. Some parts of the book made me say "really?" o_0 lol. but it was a fun read. It isn't overly serious so don't go into reading this book as if its going to be some deep angsty read. its not. get over yourself. get the book and get to smiling already.

    7. I am really enjoying the Midnight Matings series and Howl and Harmony by Gabrielle Evans was a hoot. Called by the Council to mate, Milo Gavari, a hellhound, is pissed off that he might have to take a partner. He’s all set to cause a ruckus when he sees the beautiful Lark. Unable to stop himself, he claims Lark in the middle of the festivities. On the other hand, Lark is extremely happy about his mating, now only if his family would stop interfering and leave Milo and him alone, things would b [...]

    8. Such a fun series! There are currently 20 books in the series, each book is written by either Joyee Flynn, Gabrielle Evans or Stormy Glenn. They could keep writing more as long as they continue creating interesting characters who shift into all kinds of wonderful and different animals/mythical beings and coming up with unique stories full of romance, crazy drama, angst and let's not forget the very hot sex!You don't have to read them in order, very rarely are other characters mentioned, but each [...]

    9. This addition to the series is pretty par for the course; there's a forced mating aspect, lots of sex and very little angst. I do enjoy this type of read at times, and this wasn't a bad book, but it also wasn't my favorite out of the ones in the series I've read so far. I really liked Milo's character in that he has this whole tough guy exterior but is totally squishy on the inside and it was sweet the way he just wanted to take care of Lark. I enjoyed it but I'm not sure how much I'll read this [...]

    10. I don't know who I fell in love with more Milo or Lark. Lark was so cute and independent and Milo was so alpha and protective. I love the way that Gabrielle spun this story, the way that they weren't meant to be together even without the whole spell of the elders.I must admit I really fell for this story and the way it ended?"The Epilogue Whore" sighed.I know a lot of folks don't like this whole series but I do and this one is my favorite one so far.

    11. 3.5 StarsOh wow. Milo and Lark were great. I still wanted to know more about a Siren's abilities other than a good, calming voice. What else were they? I didn't get a good grasp on the whole Siren thing. Oh and the aunts. SHOOT ME NOW! Seriously. I really liked them though. Very understanding of each other, they didn't act like teenagers and throw hissy fits. They TALKED through their problems. Hades and MilesTOO DAMN CUTE :)

    12. I really liked the mated pair, lark and milo, but man this book felt super long! I liked the fact that lark and milo were such unique paranormals tooa siren and a hellhound. I've read 2 series abt hellhounds but I've never read anything abt sirens before. I just wish some of the stuff was removed from the story. tbh I could have lived without the whole Underworld plot. It wasn't really necessary in my opinion.

    13. Another fun read. Lark and Milo are so good together. The music soothes the savage beast. But sheesh what the heck kind of family do they both have. Milo's dad is so in his own head space and Lark's aunts all 27 of them are annoying as gad flies. Glad that Lark and Milo finally got things straightened out and were able to get on with their own lives. Recommended=============================1st read - Sep 18, 20112nd read - Jun 23, 20123rd read - Oct 24, 2016

    14. I so liked this installment! The pairings continue to be more and more unique, this time a hellhound and am,,,,I guess I'm not supposed to let that spoiler out!Lark is a bratty bottom - my favorite! Milo is an unsociable dog - literally! The two of them together are fantastic. Throw a little Underworld, Hades, Cerberus and more into the mix and the tale is pretty entertaining!

    15. 4.5 - because I HATED the club scene at the end, didn't fit the story at all, IMO. Loved the rest, Lark and Milo are a perfect match, the bonding and backstory of this siren and hellhound was totally intriguing. The whole story had far more substance and intrigue than I was expecting -- LOVED Hades, what a great twist, and Miles. A fun read.

    16. Kinda liking the fact these dont have that insta mating love of first sight. I do prefer the ones written by Ms Glenn and Evans above the others, seems they are more composed with a deeper back story :) Loved the fact that the hound of hades was a pussy shame gotta feel bad for the guy

    17. It's been 6 months since I read the first 10 books of this series.I'm in need of the fluff at the moment. So Yay.

    18. Howl and Harmony [Midnight Matings]This was great loved it the first time the second time around was just as great and can't wait to read the next one in this series

    19. This story was comical and both main characters well suited as a mated pair. It was enjoyable bland story.

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