They Say Love is Blind

They Say Love is Blind You have such a pretty face If only you would lose some weight Tory has heard that all of her life In her solitary life she eats alone and daydreams about having a handsome boyfriend who could accept

  • Title: They Say Love is Blind
  • Author: Pepper Pace
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • You have such a pretty face, If only you would lose some weight Tory has heard that all of her life In her solitary life she eats alone and daydreams about having a handsome boyfriend who could accept all of her Daily she finds herself running to catch her bus and knowing that she is the laughing stock of the other commuters And then one day she literally finds herse You have such a pretty face, If only you would lose some weight Tory has heard that all of her life In her solitary life she eats alone and daydreams about having a handsome boyfriend who could accept all of her Daily she finds herself running to catch her bus and knowing that she is the laughing stock of the other commuters And then one day she literally finds herself falling into the lap of one of the commuters an exotically handsome white man Tory finds that she is unable to stop thinking about him and daydreaming about the life he must live But Mr Gorgeous must be either married or gay because she sees him dismissing the attention of gorgeous women left and right Never in a million years would she ever guess that hers was the only attention he was interested in In this multicultural romance, Pepper Pace weaves a story that takes her readers through the ups and downs of personal insecurities, cultural differences, and of course a lesson to be learned that love is totally and completely blind.

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    1 thought on “They Say Love is Blind”

    1. So.racial romance lovers should read this book. An overweight African American heroine (Tory) and blind Portuguese hero (Lee) find love in this story. The first third of this book it was looking like a solid 5 STAR read for me then the middle of the book happened. Then went to a 4 STAR read.Then the last third of this storyality seemed to be suspended which leads me to rating it 3 STARS.Now come a little closer and let me plead my case and you let me know if I'm being a little picky or not.But i [...]

    2. WOW!I truly, truly love this book. The flow of it, the colors, the cultures, the language. The intimacy between lovers & close family. Just the love, the passion & people here, it all flows organically. It was all done beautifully. There is a female here, Rosalind. We all know a female like this. Whether it's through our own personal experiences or through those who are close to us. I hate this woman with a passion, you hear me? She was definitely written well & served her purpose we [...]

    3. "The most difficult thing about being in love with a blind man is remembering that his being blind is the least of it all. Being in love with a man that had his own individual thoughts, feelings and reactions was just as much of a consideration."Can a blind man be sexy? Of course! Claro que sim! Loved this one. Wish it had been longer. Spent the last 30% crying all types of tears.I enjoy it when books are flavored with a language other than English. The translation feature of my kindle app got a [...]

    4. This story wasn't bad at all, it was rather sweet actually. It is the story of Tory and Lee. Tory is an overweight woman who hates her job but can't figure out what to do to improve herself, and who has always been told she has a pretty face, but she needs to lose weight. Lee is a 33 year old blind man who's family is at the same time loving as smothering. The two 'meet' on the bus when Tory finds her self being propelled into Lee's lap after the bus driver takes off while she's still standing. [...]

    5. I really liked this book for a few reasons. First off, Pace manages to highlight the fact that a man with physical "disability" is no less a man. She also implemented that talent she seems to have with making conflict play out true to life without sacrificing romance. I love that when the conflict hit, the characters remained true to who she developed them to be. Sure we have a bit of assery from the hero but it wasnt outrageous where-the-hell-did-that-come-from assery. And it was relatable to t [...]

    6. It did get better but the first half of the book read like an instruction manual. Not every emotion needs to be articulated.It definitely settled towards the end with a better rhythm and I eventually managed to like the hero and heroine.

    7. This was another great one by Pepper Pace. I simply loved the sexiness and vulnerability of Lee! ;-)

    8. 2.5 starsAs my first reading by Pepper Pace, I think it is a nice one. I really liked the story. And the main characters are adorable I was grinning like idiot reading their first encounters, because they are just too cute. As individuals, I really liked them too; Tory because she can stand up for herself, despite her insecurity with her body while Lee because he's so independent I was wondering if it is possible in his case. Supporting characters are good too. They are loud, but the best thing [...]

    9. This is my second Pepper Pace novel and Pace has a new fan. When I read the blurb for this book I wasn’t sure what to expect. The concept sounded interesting but an interesting concept does not make a good book. This is a good book.Overweight but pretty Tory is socially ostracized because of her weight. She’s been told the line every woman hates to hear “you have such a pretty face, if only you would lose some weight” - unfortunately yes people still say that. Making her isolation that m [...]

    10. I have to give a 4.5 stars. The title itself was well put. Love is definitely blind, no matter if you have any handicap but still find that special person in your life that takes your hear. Love Love the leading Characters, Tory and Lea. How they met in the bus, See ladies and myself, you can meet you man even in the Iron Pimp-Bus that is. How sweet the way Lee teach her his language, his love in music and his food. His Sisters, his brothers and his wives truly loved her unconditionally. Now Let [...]

    11. The most difficult thing about being in love with a blind man is remembering that his being blind is the least of it all. Being in love with a person with their own individual thoughts, feelings and reactions was just as important of a consideration.Wow. I never expected that the title would actually represent the hero in this book. I was equally shocked as Tory when finding out that Lee's visually impaired. Hell, I never saw it coming. This was totally sweet love story. The author was not focus [...]

    12. They Love is Blind and it truly is. Tory and Lee feel deeply and passionately in love, it was true love because what everyone else thought did not matter. Its funny how we see ourselves versus how other people see us. Lee that Tory was the sexiest woman in the world with his love he made her fell just that. Tory saw Lee as the most Confident man who could have any woman he wanted, but he felt she could have some one better even though to here there was no man better for her than him. I am a big [...]

    13. Okay, so I am new at rating these kinds of books. I mostly deal with paranormal worlds. That being said. ****I did not like this as much as I thought I would. There was no real drama and I did not get to know the characters depth, struggles or the story point. Lee althought I know blindness was an interesting point but we learned nothing about it. I did like the concept it presented but I needed a little more to the story to keep me interested.

    14. I actually really enjoyed this book. I was a little hesitant because I was afraid of cheesiness - and there was some - but the story was still believable. Tory and Lee were such a cute couple. I loved it! Chances of re-read are high!

    15. This book was so awesome, I'm reading it again. Love, love, loved the characters. Pepper Pace's stories are awesome! Sexy, funny, and inspiring they are feel good novels and just great reads.

    16. I enjoyed this book just as I have most of Pepper's other books. She takes a character that may be seen as flawed and finds that one perfect person for them. Always sweet. Good read.

    17. 3.5*. Sweet and charming romance, however, some actions in the last third of the book stretched the credibility( this is a contemporary , not paranormal romance) and for me pushed the rating down.

    18. Love is most definitely blind And that's how love should be. What would we do if we met the perfect person for us spiritually. Our personalities just click. But there was a major problem that may stand in the way. Would we throw caution to the wind like Lee and Tory and grab for the brass ring and hold on for all it's worth and let love envelope us or would we succumb to the esthetics of society's expectations for the norm? I would like to think I'm openminded to grab the brass ring.I loved Tory [...]

    19. GREAT STORY.👍I loved this story about Lee and Tory. I loved how strong they both were, and Lee’s family were very strong and close nit family which was very nice. That Roz was something else. I love all of Pepper’s books that I have read so far. Great job Pepper. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who enjoy reading a great romantic story. I think you will enjoy reading this story. Thank you.

    20. Would have earned 5 stars but some things were unrealisticLike: How was he lifting Tory with casts on both arms? The end was just a little rushed. I wanted the Epilogue like her book 'Beast' had. I still very much enjoyed this book. There were a few typos and all those things Lee could do while having casts on both arms. The erotica was amazing!

    21. Love on the bus!I love Lee and Tory! It’s a sweet love story that makes you believe dreams do come true and everybody deserves to be loved. I must say I was a little disappointed in the ending; I was expecting more, especially about the baby!

    22. I really enjoyed this book. Victoria is like an anti heroine, she is overweight, insecure, low self confidence in other words a real woman and not a barbie doll. She is plodding through her average life, going to work, slobbing in her pj's and trying to shed her unwanted pounds. On a clumsy bus journey she spots Lee and it is lust at first sight.Lee was everything I like in a romantic lead. Hunky, funny, kind and very sexy. Victoria watches from afar, never believing that he'd ever be remotely a [...]

    23. I wanted to enjoy this story because, as usual, Pepper Pace paired two unique, but realistic, individuals together who were relatable. Unfortunately, this story jumped shark for me in a couple of areas and I did not enjoy it was much as I've enjoyed other P.P. stories. Tory and Lee fell in love WAY too quickly. Declaring their love for each other on their first official date, only the second time they hung out, bothered me and I found it hard to invest after that. I understand infatuation but no [...]

    24. I can't say enough that I love this author.This story was different that the normal romance stories. I was really started this book saying to myself "Pepper make me believe" and she did. Her characters are always challenged whether its due to a physical or emotional disability. Her characters are not the usual characters in a book which make you wonder if the stories will be believable.The development of the characters makes you believe and also makes you question your own believes. I loved Tori [...]

    25. Tory is an overweight, down on her luck woman with no love life to mention. On one of her many embarrassing episodes trying to catch the bus she falls into the lap of a gorgeous stranger. Lee is a blind man with a confidence that is too alluring to ignore and he has his sights dead set on Tori. When Tori gets pass her initial inhibitions about her weight she allows Lee to sweep her off her feet, quite literally sometimes. I lovvvvveeeeee Leeandro. He's so seductive that I wanted to chacha while [...]

    26. Once again knocked off my feet by how beautiful the story was written the message of 'Love is waiting for you no matter who you are.' Tory isn't looking for love but love has noticed her through the 'eyes' of Lee. Tory has been running to the bus stop only to arrive out of breath and usually laughed at but once she falls into Lee's lap things change.Through fate, Tory sees him again at a restaurant she goes to. Now she is noticing him and without her knowledge he has been noticing her. Through t [...]

    27. I really wanted to like this book but it just fell flat. Their romance progressed too quickly and all the main characters were so bipolar. One minute they're one way and then the next minute they are behaving in such a different manner. The book was also very repetitive because it seemed as if the main couple did the same things all the time. I felt like the car accident was so unnecessary, I mean honestly, what was the point? Everyone healed and nothing new came from it. Also, I'm not sure if t [...]

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