Confessions Of A Working Girl

Confessions Of A Working Girl Miss S tells her shocking true story in Confessions of a Working Girl Miss S is smart sassy sexually frustrated and broke With the rent money due she spots an ad for a student job with a difference

  • Title: Confessions Of A Working Girl
  • Author: Miss S.
  • ISBN: 9780141032344
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • Miss S tells her shocking true story in Confessions of a Working Girl Miss S is smart, sassy, sexually frustrated and broke With the rent money due, she spots an ad for a student job with a difference in the massage parlour at the bottom of her road Suddenly she can earn money doing something she is good at and get all the sex she needs Offered a job on the spot by MMiss S tells her shocking true story in Confessions of a Working Girl Miss S is smart, sassy, sexually frustrated and broke With the rent money due, she spots an ad for a student job with a difference in the massage parlour at the bottom of her road Suddenly she can earn money doing something she is good at and get all the sex she needs Offered a job on the spot by Mrs B, an ex working girl herself, Miss S quickly gets to grips with the rest of the girls They include Bella the house Domme , Carrie the resident shrink, Tina the house snitch, and Suzie the amateur porn star That s not to mention the cast of clients Mr Suck it Bitch, Mr Gay, Mr Pacemaker, Mr Councillor and Mr Willy Whacker Confessions of a Working Girl is the true and intimate diary of Miss S s extraordinary first year in a brothel and reveals exactly what a Gemini half hour really involves Miss S started working as a paid companion when she was a student, working in a brothel Witty, intelligent and ambitious, Miss S knows how to achieve what she wants in a job that she loves and that she s very, very good at She now works independently in London.

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      244 Miss S.
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    1 thought on “Confessions Of A Working Girl”

    1. I would remain anonymous if I wrote this.If I decided to pursue a career in this field, Miss S is not the person I would want to emulate. She bored me to tears. God knows what she does to her clientele. The excruciating repetition of how to put a condom on a client made me yawn. The details of how she loves the taste of rubber were just gross. She never did anything worth writing about - unless she’s hiding it for a sequel! Spare us, please.

    2. A Good read, thoroughly enjoyed it an autoboigraphical account of a 20 year old uni student paying the rent, bills and various other day to day living and uni costs by way of a part time job as a 'working girl' in the local bordello. Sure her job is a little outside what is considered the norm, but there's nothing wrong with that is there? A means to an end, etc we've all got to earn a living and pay the bills.A diarised account of a young, attractive, savvy and reasonably switched on girl who [...]

    3. This book was slow, boring and you didn't feel any attachment to the character. It was a very flat book. I've read other books about workers in this industry and those were multi layered and you really liked those characters, that wasn't the case with this book at all. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, ever, lol

    4. Confessions of a Working Girl by Miss S was a very interesting read although at times a wee bit off putting. Like the Secret Diary of a Call Girl it’s a memoir from an English sex worker. I learned a lot from the book.Confessions of a Working Girl was a book that came up on my amazon recommendations when I picked up one of Belle Du Jour’s books using up an gift card from there. I will say this was an excellent read and I’m glad it was my add-on to that purchase.Miss S was a student in need [...]

    5. I found this book to be verging on the boring side. The writing style left a lot to be desired, and was overall a little too colloquial. While I was interested in the subject matter, I felt that there was too little detail for it to be a good representation of the true life of a working girl; too many of the interesting stories the author shared were cut short, or not expanded on enough. When one reads a book of this subject matter, you expect a bit more detail than what is divulged in this book [...]

    6. 3.5 stars. Interesting story of one woman's stint as a "working girl" in a British brothel. Some of the best parts are when she talks about her sex life outside of the brothel, as these were the most detailed and emotional parts. The wide variety of customers (and the things they wanted) run the gamut from normal to far beyond what you'd expect. She includes some tips at the end for other women considering the job; one thing I found interesting was how many women came and went, sometimes not eve [...]

    7. This is the blandest sex worker memoir I've read to date. I think it's because the author either didn't have much a personal life (which I'm interested in just as her professional life) during this period or she simply didn't write about it. With as low a rating as I've given this book, I wouldn't bother reading the next one except that I have it here already, waiting to be read. This book was a quick and easy read and I'm guessing the writing started as a blog, so maybe it was a more interestin [...]

    8. Naughty, funny, and 'action' packed! A change from the depressing real life stories, here's one story of a call girl who's loving every minute of it. I do feel she hasn't been totally honest with a few things, and that she didn't fully give the other side of the story, i.e. the down side. But I think the optimism and the cool, easy way she talks about her OTT experiences with her customers are what makes this book so entertaining.

    9. Didn't give the kind of information that you would want out of this book! She didn't talk much about how she was handling it all psychologically, or physically for that matter. But an all around good character profile of the kind of men who go into brothels, and the kind of woman it takes to work at one.

    10. I liked how this book read more like a Diary rather than a work of ficition. I actually picked it up to read between classes. Its a book you fall quickly into and can get lost, which to my over worrisome mind, is a great thing! Not very graphic in my opinion!

    11. A different view of the common perception of prostitution. Perhaps the view is a tad too rosy, but it's certainly no Pretty Woman. An interesting read that won't shoot the lights out but adds a bit to the body of social commentary.

    12. For a book supposed to be sexy, this was boring. Too many boring details and totally lacking in sexy-ness.

    13. Hiding underneath several chick lit novels I intended to finally remove aka read from my TBR stacks, I started reading this book by Miss S. which soon turned out to be a pseudonym for a, you may have already guessed, "working girl".Very honest and straight forward, explicit and in part very graphic, it's certainly NOT porn. If this book is one thing than certainly not easy to digest, but seeing as it is about working in a brothel, it shouldn't be a light read anyway. While I honestly don't know [...]

    14. Confessions of a working girl was an OK story at best. It is supposedly a true tale of a young girl in London who decides to work in a brothel to save money for her dream trip to Vienna while going to school. The cover of this book is more exciting then the story itself. First if all she never reveals how this job affects her everyday, what she is thinking while doing it etc. Miss S does make the point it is a job. Make the man happy job is done. She claims she enjoys sex but I never got that fe [...]

    15. It was an interesting look into the life of a working girl. She works in a whore house in London putting herself through college (a classic tale). Her comments about the men are entertaining. The advice she gives along the way and at the end about sex, safety and the job are both entertaining and educational. She's not selling you on the profession, so don't worry. But she does give you the inside scoop on how it works, and you get a chance to see the workplace like you've never seen it before. [...]

    16. WOW, this book was way raunchier then I thought it would be. It defiantly kept me reading all the way to the end. I defiantly think character of Miss S is a little. She focused more on the actual deeds then really delving into how this line of work effected her home life. I was rather disappointed with the end. I understand every book has to come to an end but it would been nice to have a little snipt of how things went and what she continues to do today??? I was left with a lot questions.Not a [...]

    17. Interesting. It was definitely an interesting perspective on girls working in houses, a different angle from the usual media's portrayal of seedy, dingy brothels filled with trafficked girls. An eye opener and witty read. Love the author's honesty by remaining true to herself and admitting that she indeed got addicted to working there up till she left. Will read the sequel. My favourite was the rulebook at the end of the novel! pretty informative. :))))

    18. I bought this book within a collection of books, so didn't really know I had it until I pulled it off the shelf to have a look. When I actually realised what it was, I raised my eyebrows a bit, but thought I would give it a go. After all, I had it! I really enjoyed it, which surprised me. I didn't find it dirty or smutty, just down to earth and giving the plain facts.

    19. This book was very interesting. I've always liked diary type style books. This one is about a college girl that has found a job that supports her interests and living expenses. It was very interesting to learn some of the things that go on behind the scenes. I've heard there is a second one. Will most likely read it as well :p

    20. interesting at first and then grew so dull that I found myself skimming through. the parts about what actually happens in a brothel were interesting and seemed accurate based on other accounts I have read, but there was too much nonsense about this woman's dull personal life. Lousy landlord, stalkery boyfriend drug dealer guy, guy who took her on trips but was basically another client. h.

    21. A gratuitous biography on how a uni student earned extra cash by prostituting herself so that she can buy a camera and a trip to Italy. Full of badly written smut, i've seen blogs or even fan fiction written better than this. Truly the publisher is trying to milk whatever they get due to the fame and notoriety gained by another call girl author, Belle De Jour, hands down,a much better writer.

    22. *3.25*There were a lot of interesting things in this book, but a lot of it was repetitive and got boring at points. I will say that I absolutely loved the author. I thought she was so sassy and really enjoyed her humor!

    23. Very explicit and pretty heated but worth the read. Showcases the absolute difference in attitudes towards sex between american and europeans and even europeans and europeans. The stories alone make this worth a read.

    24. Confessions Of A Working Girl is a saucy novel that allows an insight into a completely new world! It opened my eyes and erased the stigma surrounding bordellos and the workers that occupied them. It tackled the profession with brutal honesty and integrity without being over zealous.

    25. I love how the author tells it like it is. She is quite detailed. There are some things that she puts up with that I would have never even thought were possible. The nerve some guys have is interesting too.

    26. Quick read. Documents the time a young woman spent working in a brothel through college. Kind of misleading in my opinion

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