Mare's Nest

Mare s Nest From award winning New York Times bestselling author Lesley Kagen a mostly true story It s hard not to feel at points in Mare s Nest that author Lesley Kagen isn t talking about you Add in the fact

  • Title: Mare's Nest
  • Author: Lesley Kagen
  • ISBN: 9781479149186
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • From award winning, New York Times bestselling author, Lesley Kagen, a mostly true story It s hard not to feel at points in Mare s Nest that author Lesley Kagen isn t talking about you Add in the fact that not a parent in the world hasn t had her heart in her throat as she watched her child compete, and you can t put it down Jo Anne Normile, bestselling author of SaFrom award winning, New York Times bestselling author, Lesley Kagen, a mostly true story It s hard not to feel at points in Mare s Nest that author Lesley Kagen isn t talking about you Add in the fact that not a parent in the world hasn t had her heart in her throat as she watched her child compete, and you can t put it down Jo Anne Normile, bestselling author of Saving Baby How One Woman s Love For a Racehorse Led to Her Redemption The last thing in the world I wanted was for my daughter to climb onto the back of a horse Riding is dangerous Not only physically, but fiscally Most of allemotionally I had the scars to prove it Annie Bellamy is a woman struggling to come to terms with her painful past In her daughter, Teddy, she sees the opportunity for redemption The chance to balance the scales by giving her girl the support and nurturance she feels she didn t receive from her own mother What Annie didn t plan on was her daughter falling head over heels in love with horses the same way she had as a youngster The buying, selling, and showing of horses had led to the bankruptcy and break up of her family, and perhaps, her mother s death Annie vows not to allow history to repeat itself Yet, her Teddy s persistence and talent are not easily denied Torn between her distressing childhood and her daughter s passion, concerned about how the astronomical cost of the sport will impact her son and husband, Annie embarks on a journey through the Midwestern horse world, where she and Teddy are swept up in a saddle soap opera that she couldn t have imagined Crooked trainers, ruthless barn owners, shady veterinarians, and viciously competitive show moms lie in wait for the unsuspecting twosome Too late, Annie realizes that her unrelenting pursuit to make her daughter s dreams come true will end up mirroring her own troubled past unless she finds the courage to stand up to her demons.Based on a true story, MARE S NEST is a wrenchingly funny, poignant, and ultimately uplifting tale about mothers and daughters, horses, and the redemptive power of love.Lesley Kagen is an actress, voice over talent, former restaurateur, sought after speaker, and award winning New York Times bestselling author of seven novels Her works has been translated into seven languages She s the mother of two and grandmother of two She lives in a hundred year old farmhouse in a small Wisconsin town.

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    1. My fourth Lesley Kagen read and it pains me to give one of my favorite authors a low rating. Especially because "Mare's Nest" is her most biographical to date. Kagen brings her readers into the inner circle of the horse circuit. A world which seems as competitive and cutthroat as the cheerleading or figure skating world. A place where at every corner, someone is ready to backstab and cheat. This is a mother and daughter tale that is told through the eyes of mother, Annie and her much adored daug [...]

    2. First I am going to start by saying that I love Lesley Kagen, as a person and as an author. There is an authenticity to her writing that few can rival. She writes stories that grab your heart and keeps you turning pages. She has a talent that cannot be ignored. "The last thing in the world I wanted was for my daughter to climb onto the back of a horse. Riding is dangerous. Not only physically, but fiscally. Most of allemotionally. I had the scars to prove it."Kagen opens herself up in her newest [...]

    3. Right up front I'll tell you that I know Lesley Kagen and admire her as a person and an author. I don't however, give positive reviews unless I really love a book.Mare's Nest is based on a real story; a fictional account of the experiences Lesley and her family had when her daughter was training and competing in the local horse world. When I first starting reading the novel I found it intriguing, but I also had trouble connecting with the fact that families spend tens of thousands of dollars eac [...]

    4. Annie Bellamy loves horses. She grew up showing horses and the buying, selling, and showing of horses led to the bankruptcy and break-up of her family, and perhaps, her mother's death. She now is trying to come to grips with her past as her own daughter, Teddy, falls in love with horses the same way she did. She vows that history will not repeat itself. Teddy's talent cannot be denied. She connects with these horses like Annie never did.Her daughter's passion does come with a hefty price tag and [...]

    5. Mare's Nest is my first introduction to Lesley Kagen's books. I have been wanting to read one of her books for a while and I wasn't disappointed! I participated in horse back riding lessons as a teenager and have relatives (in which I will be passing this along to) involved in the "horse world." This unique story hit home for me.Annie Bellamy is the mother to daughter Teddy and son Louie. She is also the wife of Pete. She is a protective mother who fears for the safety of her children. Outstandi [...]

    6. This may be Lesley Kagen’s most important novel. It is based on a true story, her own story.I am a longtime fan of Lesley Kagen and all of her books. I am not a horse-person, because my life never offered the opportunity. However, I learned much from this very well written book.In this special novel, Lesley takes us into the world of horses. She writes not only about caring for horses and riding them. She also delves into horse training, and the arena of showing and competing. Lesley further e [...]

    7. What is it with this book?? I am a huge Lesley Kagen fan; loved her previous novels. But this one seems so hastily slapped together. I'm only a few chapters in, but all the typos, missing words, etc. are distracting and embarrassing! Some sentences make absolutely no sense. Did no one proofread this before going to print? I am guessing this is self-published as I see no publisher identification on the book. The story is fine, and I'm interested because of my own mother/daughter history in the ho [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book. Being a fan of Lesley's previous books, it was fascinating to read one that was mostly based on her own experiences. It gave some insight into her and what makes her the excellent writer that she is. I related to the story on a few different levels. Having been in love with horses and pleasure riding as a child and teen, it was interesting to read about the goings-on in the world of competitive riding. Lesley makes you feel what Teddy feels as she grows and advances t [...]

    9. This book to be honest was harder for me to get through. Being a horse person there were somethings I agreed and disagreed with. A lot of stuff I had to process. A very intriguing read if anything. At times it kind of annoyed me the way Annie would freak out over the little things but at the same time it made me think about the mother's point of view. Made me think about my riding career right now and how it is affecting my family. All in all a good read for those who enjoy something that'll mak [...]

    10. This captivating and inspiring story of a mother's love and the special bonds of mother and daughter is based on a true story. Lesley Kagen takes us into the world of horses- the judges, the other parents, the barn owners, the trainers. What happens behind the scenes? The greed, the jealousy, the corruption, the sabotage she tells all. A powerful and moving story of a mother's love and determination and commitment to her daughter's confidence and dreams. Highly recommended! I received this for f [...]

    11. 1.5 stars. I enjoyed her fictional books much more than this book which is mostly biographical. However, I am not a horse fan and this book contained everything I never wanted to know about horses and horse shows. I am almost speechless regarding Annie's divide and conquer approach to parenting. I felt like Annie abandoned the rest of her family, ignored her own mental health and her family's financial welfare so she could relive a childhood fantasy through her daughter, Teddy.

    12. Great read! Very relatable as a parent because it shows how parents will do anything to ensure their children are safe and happy. I highly recommend it for a great discussion in book club or just for friends, it would be perfect for mothers and daughters to share. The harshness and cruelty of the horse world would shock those not in it but make for an intriguing story.

    13. I received this book as a first-read giveaway. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It made me very thankful that my kids are not competitive and even more grateful that my kids love animals but were not involved in the horse show world. I couldn't have handled what the main character had to do.

    14. Lesley Kagen's deeply personal style of writing sheds light on the darker side of the horse lifestyle, as well as the trials of motherhood we can all relate to. Her books read like an afternoon of bonding with a friend over lunch. She is always thoroughly enjoyable.

    15. Overall, I really liked this. I think it was fairly over-the-top - no single commutable area can have THAT many horrible dishonest trainers! But I see why the author did it. If the author writes more horsey stuff, I'll read it.

    16. I'm not at all into the "horse" world so it was a tad bit difficult to get into the book at first. Once I did, I couldn't put it down. I so adored the main characters and the story was emotional and moving.

    17. I just won a copy of this book, and I am very happy. I read a few other of Kagen's books and I liked them a lot.I will update this review after I receive the book and finish reading it.

    18. I loved this book! You need to be a horse lover to enjoy it though. I really related to it because I spent many years in the horse show world. Fun read

    19. Loved her other books. This is horrible. It is a nonfiction of the shallow lives of wealthy people who compete with horses. Nobody comes off as a decent, intelligent human being--including the author.

    20. Annie Bellamy grew up riding and showing horses. This, among other things, led to the bankruptcy and break-up of her family and perhaps led to her mother's death. She is now trying to come to grips with her past as her own daughter, Teddy, falls in love with horses the same way she did. She vows to herself that this history will not repeat itself. Teddy's talent cannot be denied. She connects with horses like Annie did.Teddy's passion does come with a hefty price tag and she wonders how that wil [...]

    21. It is always a treat to find a novel for grown ups that gets the horse stuff right. There is nothing worse than picking up a promising book, only to put it right back down when a supposedly horse knowledgeable character does something completely wrong.Mare's Nest gets the horse stuff right. And as a horse owner, I totally understand how the expenses seem to get away from you. I mean, I am about as broke as broke can be right now. Christmas just hit, I had over $800 in emergency horse vet bills j [...]

    22. I have read all of Ms Kagen's books, found them to be very engaging and couldn't put them down.This one? I couldn't wait to put it down because it was so awful.I am not a horse person, and don't know the difference between a saddlebred or hunter, and couldn't tell what a mare, nag, or a thoroughbred was! Or was it hag? Was there an explanation and I missed it?I am sick of whiny, submissive, no backbone, can't make decisions, let people walk all over me, can't speak up for themselves, easily inti [...]

    23. I was a bit disappointed with this one. I was bothered by all of the typos, missing words, grammatical errors, and different names and/or spellings of names of the same characters in the same paragraphs. This one was self-published and the lack of editing was apparent. And after having been so enthralled with the exploits of the O'Malley sisters in Whistling In The Dark and Good Graces, I have to say that not one of the characters in this one was at all likable. They were not as well developed a [...]

    24. *This book was provided to me free of charge courtesy of GoodReads First Reads Giveaways*This was my first experience reading a book by Lesley Kagen and if her other books are the same it may be my last. Not the worst book I have ever read, but certainly far from best. I've ridden a horse once in my life and have a good appreciation for them. I have no experience with horse shows or anything related to the care of horses. I was more interested in this story for the emotional side of things and p [...]

    25. I actually bought Mare's Nest because I enjoyed Whistling in the Dark and Good Graces and it was a cheap buy on Kobo. I thought I would really enjoy it because I started to become a fan of Lesley Kagen and her work and I also have a passion for horses. Overall, this book wasn't bad. She definitely knew what she was talking about when it came to the horse world, as well as really getting a good handle on the emotional depth of people. That is where my positive review ends. I personally found this [...]

    26. I wanted to love this book, but I didn't even like it. I love Lesley Kagen's other books, especially "Whistling in the Dark." That's a book I recommend all the time and buy copies of whenever I see it to give people. I think one of the many problems with this book in contrast was that it wasn't told through the child's voice. Instead she told it through the mother's and she came across as very whiny and entitled to me. This book definitely could have benefited from some more editing. It was way [...]

    27. I read other Lesley Kagen fan and love her books but this novel did not meet the expectations I admire in her books. I read Whistling in the Dark and Good Graces so when I saw I could download this book for free I was excited to start reading. The story is 75 percent true from the author's life. I enjoy horses but to me this story was excessive when Annie, the mother, risked bankruptcy so her daughter could go to horse shows and the need to buy a new horse as her daughter advanced in her riding [...]

    28. An interesting novel about being a "Horse Show Mom", rife with unethical trainers and horse-traders, competitive moms and kids, and "barn drama". I enjoyed this novel because of the subject matter. The author gets the horsey details right, and the trainers/owners/riders are interesting caricatures of what I hear the show world is like.I was annoyed with the main character often, because she supposedly grew up as a top saddleseat rider, yet is horribly naive about the horse world (she doesn't kno [...]

    29. I loved Louie and wish he were in the book more. I understand this story was more about the horse world but didn't like how Louie and the husband weren't really around much. I didn't appreciate her physical altercations with some of the women in the book. This book was a let down from the O'Malley sister's books.

    30. MARE'S NEST: quite a story about showing horses.The entire book was too long. It contained several mentions of factual horse showing rules. It should have been revised to the story of Teddy and her horses. Ms Kagan has been a favorite author of mine; but I was disappointed in this book.

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