The Feros

The Feros After using your newfound super powers to defeat the most evil villains on the planet what could you possibly do for an encore After defeating their villain mentors the Vindico James Hayden Sam

  • Title: The Feros
  • Author: Wesley King
  • ISBN: 9780399256554
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After using your newfound super powers to defeat the most evil villains on the planet, what could you possibly do for an encore After defeating their villain mentors, the Vindico, James, Hayden, Sam, Emily and Lana are finally ready to join the League of Heroes But as their induction into the League draws near, they are framed by a group of rogue Heroes and given life seAfter using your newfound super powers to defeat the most evil villains on the planet, what could you possibly do for an encore After defeating their villain mentors, the Vindico, James, Hayden, Sam, Emily and Lana are finally ready to join the League of Heroes But as their induction into the League draws near, they are framed by a group of rogue Heroes and given life sentences on the Perch Thunderbolt, the League s leader, is the only one who can clear their names, but he is missing To make matters worse, the Vindico are mysteriously let out of prison and a group of strange Shadow people start trailing the teens every move Unsure of who to trust or where to go, the teens put their new skills to the test once as they fight to save themselves and their families from an unknown foe But how will they defeat an enemy they can not see School Library Journal called Wesley King an author to watch, and now he follows up his darkly funny super hero debut, The Vindico, with this high octane sequel, delivering even humor and super powered action.

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    1 thought on “The Feros”

    1. This sequel to The Vindico has an unusual name: The Feros.Ferris Bueller reference. Just roll with it. ♪Bow bow, chick chicka♪The five protégés are living normal lives and counting down the days until they can join the League. We are informed that it's been months since they've all seen each other and for some reason they plan a reunion/slumber party, which gets crashed by the Flame. The rest escape, except for Emily who doesn't actually have powers per se as much as she has an understandi [...]

    2. I loved the vindico and I'm so excited to read this! It comes out in June but I get to read it next week! Yay can't wait!

    3. Probably more of a 4-4.5, but I'm feeling generous. ;)When trying to sum up why I love this book (and its predecessor, The Vindico), I finally came to an apt comparison: superhero movies. When they're done well, I love love LOVE superhero movies. "The Amazing Spider-Man," the "Iron Man" trilogy, "The Avengers" (okay, DC, I loved Nolan's Batman movies too, but those aren't quite the same). And superhero movies like these are great because they have great characters, a nice blend of action and dev [...]

    4. This book is better than the Vindico! It was amazing. If you are asking how I read it, Wesley King gave it to the librarians at The Festival of Trees (a reading program) and he signed it. My mom is a librarian, so she got to read it. But I took it and devoured it. It was an amazing book. Can't wait for the next one.

    5. When I finished reading The Vindico by Wesley King, I was so happy to find out that there was a sequel. This book was really good. I just didn't want to stop reading it. There are parts where you can get confused, but it all comes together. This book was really good, definitely a favorite.

    6. Teenage super villains-turned-heroes James, Hayden, Lana, Emily, and Sam return in the sequel to The Vindico. The supervillains have all been locked up, and in just two months the teenagers will be allowed to join the League of Heroes. What could possibly go wrong before then? Everything, naturally. A new, shadowy group of villains seems to be hunting the teens; the League of Heroes has split in two; and once again each of the teens must decide what to do with the powers that were forced on them [...]

    7. After using your newfound super powers to defeat the most evil villains on the planet, what could you possibly do for an encore?Good question. Of course, let's just let them back out! With more bad guys!I enjoyed The Vindico. It had just the right amount of humor and fun to entertain me. But The Feros did not; essentially, all the parts of the first book that bothered me were magnified, with some extra sprinkling of sadly inadequate plot.The character voice that redeemed the first book is almost [...]

    8. So, I kind of wrestled with this one, guys. I'd been looking forward to "Feros" ever since I heard "Vindico" was getting a second book, but it feels like this book has a bit of middle book syndrome going on. Or so it felt to me. I feel like this one could have been a lot stronger, but King chose avenues where that just didn't happen. But that's okay, as this is a really solid sequel to the first book (and my standards can be ridiculous sometimes), and that certainly doesn't disappoint. If you li [...]

    9. BANG! BANG! The sound of a metal door being knocked down filled the hallway as James busted in a door to one of the league's bases. The team flooded in then went to the computer. Emily hacked into it, then some robots rushed in and started shooting the team so Hayden put up an invisible shield to block the shots of the robots.The characters in this book have great abilities. Hayden can move things with his mind, Lana has super agility, Sam can read people's minds and force them to do things, Jam [...]

    10. Awesome superpowers. Check.Nonstop action. Check.Fun characters with witty dialog. Check.A must buy book that anyone looking for an entertaining super powered book. Check.I’m usually a sucker for a superhero book, but even I have my limits. If it doesn’t have strong relatable characters, the plot has holes, or its just plain bad writing then even I wont like it.Luckily, none of these problems happen in this book.In fact besides the nonstop action (who doesn’t like to see Hayden and James s [...]

    11. After all of the adventure in The Vindico, James and his group are back. They now call themselves the Feros, and are still struggling to find their place within the League of Heroes. They are careful not to abuse their powers so that they can become full members in a few months, but problems arise. At a reunion hosted at Hayden and Emily's house, Flame causes an altercation and hauls the kids off. Since Thunderbolt is in hiding, they don't know what to do, especially once Emily and another hero, [...]

    12. The book "The Feros" was one of the better books I've read in a while. Out of ten I would give it an 8. The reason I wouldn't give it a ten is because it never put me on the edge of my seat. Especially in a book where there is so much opportunity to create suspense, I would expect someone to die or something to play with my emotions. Basically in the first book a group of 5 teens are captured by super villains and given powers. After they escape and lock up the villains, the second book is about [...]

    13. I'm sorry if my rating is a bit low, but this book wasn't my cup of tea start off, i usually don't like superhero books anyways, so it's not really all that personal. i mainly read them if they are hilarious, and even then, they're kinda iffy. i just found the feros to be pointlessly boring. the main characters seemed to waltz randomly around to multiple different sides of the US. also, the fact that the military was not involved shocked me, because, i don't care it it's 'superhero business', bo [...]

    14. Wesley King’s unlikely teen superheroes from the book “The Vindico” are back in the sequel “The Feros.”James, Hayden, Sam, Emily, and Lana are only months away from being accepted into the League of Heroes. All they have to do is lay low and not use their powers, especially in Public. But when the team gets back together to just hang out for a bit, they throw a party at which they are ambushed and forced into using their powers. Now a group of rogue heroes are trying to arrest them, an [...]

    15. Even better than the first one. Once again, another amazing novel by Wesley King. The Feros is humorous, action-packed, supenseful, and has some pretty amazing twists. The 5 kids are nearly done waiting until they get to be in the league. It is a real struggle for each of them not to use their superpowers. But when one of the kids, Hayden (who really embodies King's humor) holds a reunion party, everyone goes to his house. But when the League attacks them, they run and manage to escape. But when [...]

    16. Feros by Wesley King. It is a book about kids who escaped the Vindego a group of villains kidnap them and made him super humans they were tortured and experimented on. They finally escaped and join the league of heroes before they join they have to wait. A week before they join the league of heroes they are framed by rogue heroes which then set some up for the fight of their life they have to find thunderbolt before it's too late. Emma, Laura, James, and Hayden are in a fight of their lives will [...]

    17. The Feros written by Wesley King is one of the best science fiction books I have ever read. It brings in kids with the coolest superpowers. The Feros takes place in a big city not far away from Captain Courage's Childhood home. The main characters in this book consist mainly of the kids who now obtain superpowers. Flare,Sinio, and other league members try to get the kids under their protection. Things do not go as planned though. Mysterious creatures that contain unnatural abilities spoil the pl [...]

    18. Wesley King did a great job blurring the line between heroes and villains, and illustrating the point that what makes the eponymous Feros the heroes they become, is simply innocence.As the Vindico have had their limelight in the first book, only a select few played important roles; instead much emphasis is placed on the new young heroes, and the history of the League of Heroes is also duly explained. Every character has a rightful amount of importance, which contributed to the teamwork dynamics [...]

    19. I'm cutting and pasting, for the most part, my review of The Vindico. The Feros is #2 in the series.Like The Vindico, this book is pretty dumb. And I read the whole thing, so you know it was sort of fun anyway. I don't recommend it for anyone older than about 13, in fact, I'd say this is a pretty strong book to recommend for tweens, especially reluctant readers. Once again the young teens (now almost magically superheroes) end up in the bad guy's hands and then kick their butts. If you're willin [...]

    20. I want to give this a 4.5 because it's really close to be a favorite. There are a few too many cheesy moments where the author has to prove or remind the reader that these are teens, but otherwise the writing is solid. I also am not a fan of endings where the bad guys just spell everything out to their victims, I feel like it's a cop out and too neat and tidy. If the why of the story could have been woven in better I would have given it a 5. I'm guessing another one is on its way as this easily [...]

    21. One of my new favourite books! For those of you who haven't read it, you haven't experienced a flawless book. I feel bad for Avaria. But I'm glad that Wesley King focused more on Emily in this book as he barley mentioned her in the Vindico. I felt the title of the book to be okay, he could have gone with something more like the protégés return or something a little less cheesy than my idea. They don't even mention to thunderbolt that they want to call the,selves that. And it's mentioned maybe [...]

    22. This book was a very good sequel. The first book was about how a couple of kids are training to become a super villains. Now, the book after that was about how the same couple of kids are turned into superheroes and how they have to save the world from someone who is trying to cleanse the city of evil and bias. The have to stop him before the group of kids get destroyed and get killed. This is how a book transformed kids over a matter of time from regular kids to super villains to superheroes.

    23. it was an ok book it got really slow at parts. in other words its not my type of super hero book. yes there were villains and some fighting in it but it didn't give me a seance of "danger". to be honest it got really boring and you found out who the person who was causing the mayhem not even half way though the book. i literally found it out on chapter 8 and was bored all the way though. this can be a good book for those who are easily captivated but for me i get bored easy and like a good book [...]

    24. Some book series have a fascinating first book, but then their second book is boring and not nearly as good. However, this was not the case with The Feros by Wesley King. The action starts almost immediately, with lots of battles and plot twists. There was also much more character development, and all the characters felt more "real" in terms of their thoughts and emotions. This was an excellent book to read.

    25. The Feros is the sequel to The Vindico. The five teens who were abducted and coerced into becoming villains, now have their chance to be heroes. What elevates this book above others about teen superhero teams is that this one causes the teens to not only solve the mystery and beat the opposition, but also to find out about what is important in life and who they really are. There is a depth here along with the action that makes this a very good book.

    26. I wanted this book to be good but it wasn't . It is about a bunch of teenagers who gain super powers in the last book and then fight some other guys that have super powers. Kind of dumb. I won't read any more.

    27. I'm currently reading the Vindico and now I just spoiled myself after reading the synopsis. (lol!) But who cares? I'm head-over-heels EXCITED for the Feros. I cannot wait for it. Wesley King may be new to the author world but his books is so well descriptive it's like watching a movie!

    28. A great sequel to The Vindico and just in time for summer reading! I finally got a hold of our copy after both my daughters finished it. A fast-paced, roller coaster ride that you will thoroughly enjoy.

    29. When I first read the Vindico I thought it was an ok book, however every time I reread It I like it better. The Feros was a pretty awesome continuation of the idea and I liked all the characters. It was a little sad but for the most part a very good book.

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