Dead: A Ghost Story

Dead A Ghost Story A multicultural ghost story dealing with the immigrant experience in which Nasreen the Indian American protagonist grapples with her life and death in West Texas Author s Note While my other stories

  • Title: Dead: A Ghost Story
  • Author: Mina Khan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A multicultural ghost story dealing with the immigrant experience, in which Nasreen the Indian American protagonist grapples with her life and death in West Texas.Author s Note While my other stories are romances, to be specific genie romances, I wanted to write a simple, haunting ghost story for Halloween I hope you enjoy the read.This is a short story.

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    1. Mina Khan, is known for great romance stories, but Dead: A Ghost Story is totally not a romance story. This is a short ghost story about an immigrant woman and her dead beat husband that was unfaithful and abused her. I really felt for Nasreen, so bad that I wanted to find the guy and beat him to a pulp LOL. I was surprised at for the detail and how easy it was to read. I really enjoyed this short story.

    2. “Now she is of even less substance than the fragile and forgotten cobweb hanging in the darkest corner of the house.”Such a great line, and it’s representative of the lyrical prose of Mina Khan’s “Dead: A Ghost Story”. While it’s ostensibly a ghost story about a dead woman haunting her husband and his lover, Dead is mostly a story about the emotions/self-examination we experience when we see an ex behave in such an utterly different fashion with his/her new partner. While holding u [...]

    3. How a propos that I read this story right before Halloween. Mina Khan presents a sexy, empowering, chilling short story in "Dead: A Ghost Story." Nasreen is a young wife whose luck ran short when her father promised her hand in marriage to Matin, a 'successful New York businessman' who returns to his motherland of Bangladesh in search of a wife. He's more than a decade older than Nasreen, who is a teenager when the two meet and marry. As it turns out, Matin is barely getting by in his cleaning b [...]

    4. This is a short ghost story and would be pretty perfect as a Halloween story to get in the right mood. This was the first I have read from this author and her writing was very good and it had a nice flow. I think am going to pick up other books from this author in the future. The story itself was also a bit exotic to me with people and culture from India, something I really liked. The female we follow is from India and has moved to the US after an arranged marriage to Martin. It is not a happy a [...]

    5. This was a sad, haunting tale that really had no happy ending. There was a lot of strings left untied and characters left behind but I think that was perhaps the purpose of the story. To give shivers and leave the reader a little haunted. The story was well written and vivid as it detailed the life and death of Nasreen, her slow release on everything she had been, and perhaps, finally moving toward the happiest ending she could obtain.

    6. Disclaimer: I know this author and she did not ask me to review.I read this story and found it haunting and gritty. This is a tale that tells the life of an Indian woman and the life she lives, agreeing to marry a man she does not love. It is a ghost story--and it is bittersweet. Since it is a novella I can't tell you anymore.Mina is a strong writer who can evoke sharp imagery and emotion. I highly recommend this.I will be reading more from her.

    7. A short story told in the POV of ghost of an immigrant woman who was married a very callous man who treated his wife in a distasteful manner. The book was interesting just wish there was more and the ending had me questioning what was next but in my mind all I could think of Karma was going bite the man in the butt

    8. Actually, while reading, I considered that the author, Mina Khan, had the foundation for a novel. “Dead: A Ghost Story” is a very powerful read. Filled with emotion, there is a lot of depth packed in this short story. Matin, is a character who is difficult to read, let alone image, but necessary in order to make this tale come alive. Nasreen is a “true” heroine.

    9. I enjoyed this story of a young wife who comes to haunt her husband a day after her death. Nasreen's voice as a ghost worked really well for this piece, her story poignant and all too familiar from a domestic abuse perspective.

    10. I love anything Mina Khan writes and this story is not exception. It is not a HEA (Happliy Ever After) story. It is about the ghost. It is really different and I liked it. It is however, very, very short. Mina, you have got to make your stories longer. Keep writing so I can keep reading.

    11. I loved this story. Sad, beautiful and complex at the same time.I'll honestly read anything of Mina's because her writing voice captivates me, whatever the genre :)

    12. Dead: A Ghost Story by Mina Khan is about Nasreen, a recently dead Indian woman whose incorporeal self seems to be anchored to her unfaithful, misogynistic husband Matin. Nasreen is coming to terms with her circumstances while reminiscing and lamenting the choices that led her to America and her current situation. The story is simple, but well written with a slight Hitchcokian element that seemed telegraphed a little too early in the story for my tastes, taking away from its potential impact. Ul [...]

    13. Poignant Very interesting perspective and really wished this had been a full length book. Even as I cried while reading, having an all too familiar knowledge of the life Naseen endured, I wanted to know more of her journey. As always Mina Khan delivers an excellent read.

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