Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice Maia Pierce a top agent for a private security firm and a widely known rule breaker was good at her job In her last mission her risk taking had finally caught up with her and she had now incurred t

  • Title: Fire and Ice
  • Author: Victoria Paige
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Maia Pierce, a top agent for a private security firm and a widely known rule breaker, was good at her job In her last mission, her risk taking had finally caught up with her and she had now incurred the wrath of a Russian drug lord bent on destroying her With assassins after her, one man had offered her his protection But Jack McCord may be another kind of danger.Ex NavMaia Pierce, a top agent for a private security firm and a widely known rule breaker, was good at her job In her last mission, her risk taking had finally caught up with her and she had now incurred the wrath of a Russian drug lord bent on destroying her With assassins after her, one man had offered her his protection But Jack McCord may be another kind of danger.Ex Navy SEAL Jack McCord had everything a thriving defense company, good looks, and no shortage of beautiful women But what he coveted the most hadn t wanted anything to do with him Maia Pierce, his brother s bodyguard, was the most intriguing woman he had ever met and he wanted her When Maia got into trouble, he saw an opportunity to offer a no strings attached arrangement and as she resists the idea, he is only left with one choice He abducts her.Jack didn t expect to fall hard Now that he had, he has to convince Maia that she could be feeling the same in her heart But the danger that Maia finds herself in, and the secrets she keeps from Jack threaten to derail their happily ever after Strong sexual content and language 18 years.

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    1. "I'm not good at this, Jack," she said softly. "I cant bring myself to belong to anybody." "Sweetheart it's too late," Jack said with a trace of bitterness. He did not like feeling this way, that another person had this much power over him, but he was tired of fighting it. It was only fair that she share this unsettling feeling with him. "You're mine. And I take care of what's mine."Fire and Ice is the first book in the Guardian's series by Victoria Paige. This is the second book I've read by th [...]

    2. Solid 4.5 StarsWhat I loved the most about this story, is that I REALLY fell in love, or EXTREME like with just about every character here. With the exception of the Villains, of course. Everyone had layers to them. Relatable but also likable layers. This one, I feel, is a solid intro to a series. The plot, the intensity here & all the twists & turns makes this one a riveting read. The chemistry with all the characters not just the MC's, is tangible. I love that.While our hero Jack & [...]

    3. 3.5-4.0 stars. Jack/H is a true alpha - handsomely hot, bossy, crazy jealous and extremely possessive. He's an ex-navy seal and runs a group that specializes in weapons. Pair him with Maia/h a beautiful (natch) strong, independent, kickass, operative for the Guardians, an undercover group, and you have an explosion of strong wills and sexual heat. LOL! Alpha Jack desperately tries to cope with Maia's independence and her dangerous job which leads to a lot of jaw cracking, fist clenching and grow [...]

    4. 4.5-5 starsThis was a great story! I loved Maia and Jack was great. This is the first story I've read by this author and based on this I'll definitely be reading more of her work.Maia is a special agent and is a very strong woman (both physically and mentally). She's in a dangerous line of work and has had past tragedies so she doesn't allow herself to get involved in relationships. She lives for her job but isn't afraid to bend some rules to do what needs done. When she works a job protecting a [...]

    5. I enjoyed Fire and Ice. It's an action romance, with a VERY strong h. The h is a female style James Bond - except that she works for a private contractor in the U.S. But she definitely has a license to kill (so, warning, the heroine/book is kind of cavalier towards violence and killing). She's also gorgeous and amazing at getting herself out of difficult situations against huge odds. To a James Bond-like unbelievable extent. And, like James Bond, she uses her sexuality in furtherance of her job. [...]


    7. Victoria page has done it again.! Fire and ice is one thriller, fast paced book. I really enjoyed reading this. Maia , our heroine was one sexy alpha female same goes for Jack(hero). The book have angst,action,emotion,sexy scenes , even funny seces and thrilling fights. It was very fantastic read. The only problem because of which I didn’t give full ⭐️is because of ex lovers of both protagonists. They were everywhere. I usually hate other men/women presence or even overt mention but in thi [...]

    8. It very difficult for me to rate this book…I liked the story and I liked the characters, but the writing style was bad… Much was told and not shown. It was written in a kind of mechanical way. Passages that should have moved me in some way, just left me feeling like I was reading a cake recipe. Even the sex scenes, that were very frequent by the way, were written in this way: rub point A until lubricated, suck point B, put tab A into slot B… Boring…And this was not only during sex scenes [...]

    9. This book started off strong. I loved kick-ass Maia. Yes, she was shot, it’s just a scratch. Happens everyday and twice on Tuesdays. Shrug. There was great action with a fast pace in the beginning. I started to picture her as a female Bruce Willis – Yipee Ky A…. as she maneuvered herself out of several impossible situations. The romance kind of got in the way for me….I can’t believe I just said that. It slowed the pace and pulled the focus off of the strategy to stop the bad guys. I st [...]

    10. Doubly good the second time!I originally read this book in February 2014. Last fall I began a new tradition with my husband to read aloud a chapter a night to him. This time around, I chose my favorite Romantic Suspense author and started with her debut novel. It was such a fun trip down memory lane, and my husband enjoyed the story, too!For me, the first sign of a great book is if it makes me laugh AND cry. This book did both, among encouraging OTHER feelings, oh, like with, you know, *whispers [...]

    11. 3 StarsThe hero is a bon-a-fide alpha. Jack is super hawt, bossy, overprotective, and arrogant. He is an Ex-Navy Seal and a billionaire who is CEO of a defense company. He lost his fiancé years ago to a tragic accident and has never had a real relationship since her. The heroine is a badass. Maia is a top agent at a contact defense company, one of the best. She is gorgeous, talented, and damaged but not broken. She kicks ass and takes names, is admired by her colleagues, and makes friends where [...]

    12. Fire and Ice is a tightly-plotted romantic suspense with a lot of action and enough romance to keep you engaged.Both Maia and Jack are believable and strong characters that draw you right in.Maia is a strong female lead that takes on the bad guys with courage and guts and a little risk taking even when daring feats leave her injured and many times hospitalized, which showed a vulnerable side to Maia even tho she acts as if she is invincible.Jack is former Navy SEAL who's company is one of the Do [...]

    13. Talk about Alpha Male Hotness!I read the synopsis on this book and I wanted to see if the strong independent woman Maia could fall for an Alpha Male like Jack.Maia lost her parents at a young age and was conditioned from then on to be a kick a$$ undercover special agent. She goes into each assignment as if she alone is responsible for all those who are under her and she takes huge risks with her own life to save anyone who needs saved.Jack is an ex Navy SEAL who now owns and runs defense contrac [...]

    14. I received this book for an honest review.This book was truly a good fast read!The characters were both alpha male and an alpha female. The author did an amazing job of explaining these characters! Jack is your typical billionaire man, and always gets what he wants. He owns a successful business dealing in defense. Maia is one bad a$$ chick! Her job is risky, and every mans nightmare of a job for a woman! Maia makes her job look like child's play though! These 2 run into each other because of th [...]

    15. I had the pleasure of pre-reading this for the author. It grabbed my attention from the beginning and had a great pace. I read it over two (2) days. It's a suspense novel featuring our hero, Maia, an agent who is taking on the Russian Mob and a natural risk-taker (won't tell you more.uld be spoiler). Always independent, she falls for Jack an ex Navy SEAL. Jack generally doesn't date a girl for more than 3 months at a time. Jacks falls faster and harder than Maia. I would say it's part Clancy par [...]

    16. The first few pages were good for a laugh, but I don't think my sense of humour is elastic enough to stretch beyond page 20. It's really a very badly written book.

    17. I liked this story quite a bit. Maia is a feisty take no prisoners female. Jack is all alpha male. It was fun to watch them team up and the sparks definitely flew!

    18. Maia is a secret agent who can’t seem to stick to the playbook when it comes to helping people who are in danger. Her careless actions have gotten her on the number one most wanted list for Russian drug lord Reznikov. Things take a turn for the worse when Reznikov’s team runs into her while she is protecting an informant. Enter Jack McCord, former Navy SEAL; he isn’t going to let anything happen to the most beautiful women he has ever met. Jack whisks her away to his secluded home to help [...]

    19. 4.5 starsMaia is a top agent for AGS, a guardian with no fear who does whatever it takes. With no family and no one to come home to, she does what she does and she does it extremely well. Maia doesn't do relationships, she has affairs that last no more than three weeks when she is between assignments and then she moves on. When she is tasked with protecting a hacker who is supplying information on a dangerous drug cartel, Maia meets Jack and she knows right away that she is in trouble.Jack is a [...]

    20. 5 KICKASS StarsWOW WOW WOW! XDI can't believe I loved all that (fast paced) action! Because definitely I'm more of a contemporary (safe) type, but oh my, Miss Victoria Paige is just so talented. Thumbs Up! XD I was clearly blown away. The storyline and characters were all great, it is well-written, intense, and a page turner too (but I kept on pausing right here and there to breathe though). I just super love Maia Pierce, the superb fiery Heroine! She is one heck of a woman, she is devastatingly [...]

    21. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars Reviews Fire and Ice begins with Maia having to start a new job as security for Jack McCord's brother. But it all goes south when the bad guys who are after Maia after she got caught on camera when she wasn't suppose to start going after her and Jack's brother. Jack is also another issue. He can't seem to stay away fro Maia, and after these two try to fight their attraction, in the end they give up and start a slow building romance with lots of steamy parts. Bu [...]

    22. This is a difficult review to give. I liked the writing, and I adored Maia, she is a fascinating, amazing h, one of the best I have read in a long time. The truth is this book would have been a full star rating for me but for one thing. Double standards. I'm not a die hard feminist, I don't believe men and woman are the same, but I do believe they are equal, and while I love a hot Alpha-take-charge-throw-her-over-his-shoulder H, there has to be respect despite the chest beating.I agree with the [...]

    23. After I read Beneath the Fire, I realized that I skipped over book 1. I received this copy from the author and here is my honest review. I love this story. It has a fearless heroine and an over-protective hero. Maia is married to her job as an agent for the AGS and doesn't do relationships. Jack's longest relationship lasted eight months when the girl he was dating demanded they get married. Jack was not getting married, not after loosing his fiance two months before the wedding and that was 12 [...]

    24. I am completely blown away by this story! I truly did not know what I was getting with this ARC book. I had never read anything by this author so I did not know what to expect but of course I am a reader that follows book covers!I was riveted to the seat and couldn't put down this book down. sometimes I just thought this book really needs to be made into a movie because it was so fast pace the plot was wonderful the twists and turns that you did Not expect were fabulous. It has been a long time [...]

    25. Wow! Loved this book! Maia's a kick ass undercover agent for AGS. She's fiery, tough & has a devil may care attitude. She's a well known rule breaker & has no time for relationships. She has become one of my fave heroines of all times! After all the timid & doormat heroines I've been reading lately, I desperately needed her. She's a breath of fresh air. Jack oh, Jack, what's not to love? He's the head of a defense company & one of the most eligible bachelors of DC who's used to w [...]

    26. I was only 2% in and there were so many names being thrown around I had no idea how to keep track of them. I thought this story might of been a sequel and that was why so many names were mentioned but this is the first book. I can't believe the author would make such a mistake. I was also turned off by the h, who is a take charge, super sexy, and strong bodyguard. I knew i was not going to like the story as soon as the h was introduced. She arrives at the building and immediately becomes catty w [...]

    27. What a wonderful, surprise debut!!It was a great page-turner and the heroes were really really AWESOME!! (even if I didn't like Jack in some moments still he was so friggin' HAWTT!!!)Loved that he was so possessive and protective of her and LOVED all the banter that took place in the book between the different characters!! I actually like that the most that there were a LOT of testosterone and they didn't know what they were doing with themselves lol (didn't find it too much appealing that they [...]

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