Draw One in the Dark

Draw One in the Dark Every one of us has the beast inside But for Kyrie Smith the beast is no metaphor Since she was when she first shape shifted into a savage black panther Kyrie has questioned her humanity and mo

  • Title: Draw One in the Dark
  • Author: Sarah A. Hoyt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 186
  • Format: ebook
  • Every one of us has the beast inside But for Kyrie Smith, the beast is no metaphor Since she was 15, when she first shape shifted into a savage, black panther, Kyrie has questioned her humanity and moved from town to town, searching for a way to feel human again.Kyrie s lonely life changes forever while waitressing at a cheap diner Investigating screams from the parkingEvery one of us has the beast inside But for Kyrie Smith, the beast is no metaphor Since she was 15, when she first shape shifted into a savage, black panther, Kyrie has questioned her humanity and moved from town to town, searching for a way to feel human again.Kyrie s lonely life changes forever while waitressing at a cheap diner Investigating screams from the parking lot, Kyrie stumbles upon a blood spattered dragon crouching over a mangled human corpse The dragon changes back into her co worker, Tom, naked, dazed and unable to remember how he got there.Thrust into a world of shape shifting dragons, giant cats and other beasts waging a secret war behind humanity s back, Kyrie may find the answers she seeks with help from Tom, a mythical object called the Pearl of Heaven, and her own inner beast.

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    1 thought on “Draw One in the Dark”

    1. I really liked this book. It had a few drawbacks, but it kept me intrigued the whole way through. One problem, I think, is that for the first half of the book we're dealing with two protagonists who are so isolated and fearful of entanglements with other humans that we get a lot of inner monologue. It's actually interesting, which is unique, but it does make some segments drag a bit.The other problem is that it has a YA feel in that the leads tend to be obtuse and make big decisions based on mis [...]

    2. I really liked this! Why haven't more people heard of it, talk about it, suggest it?This unusual UF novel about shapeshifters in fictional Goldport, CO (near Denver) doesn’t have a P.I nor is it noir, and the heroine isn’t a kicking- rear type. She’s a waitress, who shifts into a panther and her name is Kyrie. Tom shifts into a dragon and works at the same diner as Kyrie, Rafiel shifts into as lion and works as a policeman. Kyrie who was raised in foster homes and first changed when she wa [...]

    3. Interesting take on hidden shifters in an urban setting. Particularly as it seems the talent is NOT directly inherited, no parents to learn from. Just the suspicion that you may be crazy?

    4. <3This is a weird little UF book. It has an interesting plot centring on a mystery and an absolutely fresh world-building (I think it's the first time I read of insect-shifters). There's good characterization with some in-dept HAHA moments. :)Its main problem? The pace, slow as a snail in some points, above all the first half of the book. And some heavily use of misunderstanding as a trope. More than once I found them WTF moments as they were inexplicable for me(Why would he think there was d [...]

    5. I'm not really a fantasy fan, but I enjoyed "Darkship Thieves", the last SF book I read by Hoyt, so much that I decided to give this one a try. It's okay. It would be quite good, but the story uses the same gimmick repeatedly. One character or another misinterprets the situation. It's incredibly obvious that they are wrong (e.g. "He hates me" (he doesn't), "She hates me" (she doesn't), "She drugged me" (she didn't), "The only way to solve my problem is to run away" (rather than rely on your frie [...]

    6. This book never quite grabbed me; though I was interested enough to read the whole thing, I was skimming pretty thoroughly by the end. Stilted dialogue and characters who never quite seem real, there was an excellent book hovering just out of reach, behind the one that actually exists. I will probably try more of Hoyt's works, but probably not the sequel to this one.

    7. I think this was Ms. Hoyt's first, or near-first, novel, and it feels like it, to me. It wasn't too bad, and she's obviously been successful as a novelist during the time since, so I can only assume she got better with later novels. Compared to some big-name authors' first works, this one is a gem, hehe.The characters were fairly well-developed and the concept for the book was very interesting, especially when you consider that the whole urban fantasy genre hadn't been completely inflated at tha [...]

    8. Kyrie Smith had carved out a nice, normal life for herself working at a diner. And then she heard the scream, and found Tom, her coworker, shifted to a dragon and standing over a corpse. She'd never suspected he was a shifter---or that her "hallucinations" about turning into a black panther were no dream at all. Now she's in the middle of a spat between Tom and a criminal group of dragon-shifters, corpses are multiplying at an alarming rate, and a handsome police officer is complicating her life [...]

    9. A satisfying contemporary urban fantasy with new adult age (18-25) people as the main characters. The heroine can shape-shift into a panther, the hero into a dragon, and a secondary love interest into a lion. Unlike most stories where the characters are big fighter types, the hero and heroine work in a diner as a waiter and waitress and don't feel it is a dead end until greatness happens. They like working at the diner at night, feeding people in the little community of night owls. These two rea [...]

    10. "Draw One in the Dark" made me think about what it must be like to be a foster-kid and a homeless kid in the US. I haven’t been a foster-kid anywhere. Nor have I worked with foster-children and am therefore unqualified to speak about its reality. But I have wondered what it must be like. That and being homeless. I’ve read books and articles about both but that doesn’t show me the way the minds of people who have been in the foster-system and living on the street work. How would this affect [...]

    11. This is another of the books that I got on sale from . I read this on and off on my iPod for several months, and I'm very glad I decided to go back to it and finish it. The main thing that made me consider giving up on this book was the number of comments about various characters' exotic attractiveness. What kept me reading was the handling of Tom's relationship with his father, Edward. I'm glad Kyrie sees through Edward right away, and I'm very glad he doesn't get to totally redeem himself. He [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book at first, but then it was like it just ended. Huge build up with great characters and plot then 'The End'. Not a cliffhanger- just a huge ending disappointment. I don't know if the author was trying to meet a deadline and ran out of time? Or didn't know how to wrap up her story in one book? IDK I just wish the conclusion had been a little more thorough and developed.

    13. I don't think this one qualifies, technically, as urban fantasy, because I'm not sure that Goldport is a city. However, that's the sort of genre. It is, however, a fair sized town, and the story opens with a dragon descending from the sky before a Chinese fast food place, and confronting youths and dragons about his displeasure about their not finding the Pearl.So we turn the diner The Athens, where Kyrie is worried about a fellow waiter on the nightshift, Tom, who's late. He's never late. When [...]

    14. A cute little urban fantasy novel set in Colorado about a group of shape shifters who don't realize there are others like them. Essentially it's a murder mystery where it appears a waiter (in dragon form) may have killed someone in the parking lot of local dive diner, and is helped out by another of the waitresses (a were-panther). There's also the detective (a were-lion) investigating several mysterious deaths in the area. Oh, and there is a Chinese Triad gang of dragons that is chasing after t [...]

    15. I was surprise by this book. I enjoyed the story line, as it was a lot more gritty, and less fantastical than one usually gets with urban fantasy/paranormal books. The characters were great, Kyrie is strong and doesn't take crap from anyone, Tom is a clueless sweetheart, Keith is a shape shifter fanboy that totally embodies every paranormal fan out there, that he just makes you want to smile. Then there's Rafiel, cop, ladies man, lion The make-up of all the characters, backgrounds and interactio [...]

    16. I believe I read "Draw One in the Dark" in grade 7 about 4 years ago. From what I remember, it was amazing! The ability to transform, to shape-shift into a creature has always fascinated me, but thiswas awesome.Everyone (at least those who can shape-shift) has an inner beast or animal. The main female protagonist was a panther, a guy named Tom was a dragon, and a policeman was a lion. I remember one part where the policeman and the female (I believe her name was Kyrie) were on a rooftop and got [...]

    17. Is there such a thing as small-town urban fantasy? If so, that's what this is. It's really modern life in a small town with fantasy elements, in this case shape-shifters. Not the classic werewolves because I don't remember any actual wolf shifters here. Instead we have Kyrie Smith, a black panther heroine who grew up as a foundling who was moved from family to family, never staying long with any of them. There's also a dragon shifter who was homeless for years. And a lion shifter who's actually [...]

    18. Draw One in the Dark (Shifter Book 1) by Sarah A Hoyt is an exciting, action-filled urban fantasy.I absolutely love how Sarah Hoyt handles the love interests in this book. In so many urban fantasy books I see unhealthy relationships portrayed as normal - men who steal kisses and untrustworthy people who are given chance after endless chance. There is no enabling in this book because Kyrie does not take crap from anyone, especially not from men who are attracted to her.I also love seeing characte [...]

    19. Kyrie Smith has struggled with secret she tries desperately to deny as a mental illness--she shifts into a panther when the moon hits her and her defenses aren't up. In fear of harming others, she moves from place to place until she hits Goldport, Colorado, and finally feels at home.At the age of sixteen, Tom was kicked out of home when his gun-wielding father caught him shifting back from being a dragon. After a bout of drifting and drugs to cope with his condition, he's found himself in Goldpo [...]

    20. I'm not a big fan of urban fantasy. Oh, I love the Dresden Files, and I want to read the Grimnoir Chronicles so hard I can taste it, I like the ideas, I played the first three editions of Shadowrun, but I don't consider myself a fan of the genre. I'm particularly not a fan of YA romance dressed up as urban fantasy.This book surprised me. I was drawn in by the story. The characters had depth - the heroes had flaws and the villains had virtues. The romantic subplot was elegantly spun out. The sett [...]

    21. Dragons and panthers and lions and great big bugs, too very interesting shapeshifter novel with, I thought, an intriguing dual mystery inside. I did spend a while slightly annoyed with one of the viewpoint characters for not noticing who the Big Bad very clearly was The pace of it was brisk and exciting, and the mystery and action were resolved satisfyingly.I'm a little on the fence about whether this is "my genre" or not I find myself wanting a little more explanation (of the sci-fi-ish sort) a [...]

    22. I snagged this from the Baen Free Library and there were some major formatting errors. Fair warning for any of you. However, I didn't find it impossible to read, just a little jarring sometimes. Enjoyed this book, enjoyed the characters, enjoyed that the leads acted in character, enjoyed that NOBODY was perfect. Paragons are rarely fun to read about (unless they're being taken down a few pegs). Will probably read the next book when I get a chance to get my hands on a copy, but that will take awh [...]

    23. My first thought was "how much did the TV series 'Grimm' have to pay Ms. Hoyt?" Because the world setup is Very similar: among us ordinary folks, every once in a while you find a "Shifter," someone who can (sometimes Must) shift into animal form. There are no Grimms and the ability to shift is far less hereditary than in the TV series, but aside from that it is remarkably similar. Anyway, I enjoyed it, although for a book that had no actual sex taking place, it tilted rather more towards the rom [...]

    24. This is my first novel from this author, though I've read some short stories by her, so it's hard to judge but it felt like an early novel that wasn't quite ready for primetime.While the story was interesting and overall I liked it, I never felt I connected with the characters.I think I'd need to be able to read the first chapter of Gentleman Takes a Chance to decide if I'm going to continue with this series.

    25. Between a three and a three and a half. In a lot of ways routine, not really original nor striking in its style or characterizations, but a fun, light, diverting read. I was never bored, and if romantic fantasy or urban fantasy is something you enjoy, I'd give this a try. At least instead of were wolves we get were-lions, panthers and dragons. That's different. And no vampires! It's apparently the first in a series but it works as a one-off. I liked it enough I could see giving this author anoth [...]

    26. I had read Sarah Hoyt before, which is what drew me to grab this book from the library. Not really my 'type' of paranormal/urban fantasy. So please take that into consideration. I am just tired of authors being able to have an "out" by using fantasy. That way any issues their characters have are solved by always having the ability to add a new skill to their repertoire. Not that that is a real issue in this book, or for that matter I don't think it will be in the series. But more of an oversimpl [...]

    27. interesting and entertaining. Mrs. Hoyt's work was well worthy of the time, but she foreshadows with a hammer.I am not ordinarily a devotee of this kind of urban fantasy. The normal fare in this genre is usually a pastiche of Anne Rice and Stephanie Meyers. This book is refreshingly different. Good pacing, family friendly and internally consistent, what more could you ask for?

    28. Draw One in the DarkORShape Shiftin All Up Ins The ClubVery solid urban fantasy book that builds excellent characters as well as keeping an intriguing plot. This is an urban fantasy with more depth than "which hot guy do I date?" Romance is secondary to dealing with life, dragons, and murders.

    29. This is romance-ish. The heroine likes a guy, then doesn't, then likes him. At the end she says they've been kissing off and on but even though they are living together, they're not jumping into sex. The story itself took me a while to enjoy. At about halfway I didn't want to put it down but until then, I kept reading something else. For that reason, it's a 3-1/2 star book for me.

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