The Right Kind of Wrong

The Right Kind of Wrong Nothing stays hidden forever Kara Pierce has held onto the same dream since she was a little girl to be the next Katie Couric Vince Gage a budding filmmaker whose I don t give a shit attitude cancels

  • Title: The Right Kind of Wrong
  • Author: Jade Eby
  • ISBN: 9781484031841
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nothing stays hidden forever Kara Pierce has held onto the same dream since she was a little girl to be the next Katie Couric.Vince Gage, a budding filmmaker whose I don t give a shit attitude cancels out his charm, almost ruined it for her once, and now he s back, threatening to do it again.When the two of them are paired together for a college competition with a 20,00Nothing stays hidden forever Kara Pierce has held onto the same dream since she was a little girl to be the next Katie Couric.Vince Gage, a budding filmmaker whose I don t give a shit attitude cancels out his charm, almost ruined it for her once, and now he s back, threatening to do it again.When the two of them are paired together for a college competition with a 20,000 prize, the only thing they agree on is winning.They return to Iowa where Kara grew up to research her grandfather s service in World War II, instead they find themselves in the middle of a family scandal kept quiet for far too long.As Kara and Vince investigate the scandal deeper, they realize the price of uncovering the truth is so much than they bargained for.

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    1. Review posted on Way Too Hot BooksRating: 4.5 starsI have to admit that I didn't think this book would be that good, book description doesn't give you whole idea what you can expect from The Right Kind of Wrong.It goes more along a line of family drama and realistic fiction with romance thrown in the mix, so I think this book would be perfect choice for readers who like little bit of depth and not just sizzling, angsty romance.The Right Kind of Wrong is a story about coming back home, revealing [...]

    2. Review Originally Posted at: Book FreakRating: 4.5 Stars Nothing is more exciting those uncovering secrets that have long been kept hidden. But sometimes secrets stay hidden THAT LONG for a reason. Some secrets may just surprise you, some may annoy you and there are secrets that will change your life.The JournalistKara Pierce wanted to be the next Katie Couric since she was a young girl. Her dreams are about to come true – she got the most coveted internship in The Bee, working with one of the [...]

    3. I'll be honest I was a bit nervous to read Jade's book. Jade is a friend, co-worker and reading critic and I was afraid what would happen if I didn't like the book. I did get some early chapters a few months ago and was deeply intrigued to read more, but there was always this "What if?" niggling at the back of my mind. I'm happy to report that I loved The Right Kind of Wrong!As a midwestern girl, I could identify with Eby's main character, Kara, the setting in Iowa, the escape of going to a larg [...]

    4. The Right Kind of Wrong is the story of Kara and Vince. Both in college in California and have to do a project together. The only problem is they hate each other.Vince decides to do their documentary on WWII and Kara agrees and uses her Grandfather. When they go to Iowa to investigate and find more info of her grandfather, they learn all of these secrets about her family and may even fall in love with Vince.Overall, it was a fun, easy read.

    5. Oh how I love it when books are set in Iowa. :D I never used to find them but they are popping up more and more. Yay for Iowa authors or authors who know Iowa.Now that I have that excitement out of the way… let’s continue.In The Right Kind Of Love Kara wants to be a journalist, Vince wants to be a filmmaker. They’ve been paired before and he did something that jeopardized everything. Because of this, Kara hates him. Because she was late for class, she ends up with Vince as a partner for an [...]

    6. NA romance full of old grudges, secrets, lies, mystery, and intrigue. First time release for this new outstanding author.Our heroine is Kara Pierce. She is attending college at Sacramento State, far from her home in Iowa. She works for the Sacramento Bee as an intern for investigative reporting. She aspires to one day be the next Katie Couric. Kara goes into her last college class she is required to take, running late. She finds she is paired for the huge project, that makes up the whole grade f [...]

    7. Reading this book reminded me of why I'm so fond of contemporary fiction. There are so many niche genre books flooding the market right now that sweet, well told, and rich character stories, like this one, sometimes get lost in the shuffle. And that's a shame because as readers our most basic need is to connect with the characters and this story delivered on that beautifully. There is a nice romantic element to the book as well but for me, this was a story about a young woman's journey to find o [...]

    8. I had the honor of being asked to review an advanced copy of this book. Being someone who is 52 and has read hundreds of books, I was skeptical, yet open-minded. What a pleasant surprise to find that the book was not only an easy read, but a compelling story that found me wanting to turn the page and not wanting the book to end! The characters are believable because they are nowhere near perfect, they have flaws, but don't we all? The turns in the plot make you wonder what is next. I am looking [...]

    9. This was a fun and fast read and I really enjoyed it. She had me hooked with the first line. I'm late. Not-nine-months-come-a-baby-late. LOVED IT! If you want to curl up with a good read get this one.

    10. Kara Pierce, a budding journalist with aspirations to be the next Katie Couric gets more than she bargained for when she's paired with Vince Gage for one final project before they graduate college. Vince, a documentary filmmaker and Kara a tenancious intern at the Sacramento Bee have worked together before and have hated each other ever since. But when a big story falls through at the Bee and Kara's relaxed and casual relationship suddenly ends, she surrenders to the inevitable and with a presti [...]

    11. Kara Pierce is a student and intern for journalism. Vince almost cost Kara her future so when she is forced to partner with him for a competition that could made their future; she is ready to blow a gasket. She never wanted to ever have anything to do with Vince again or go back to her hometown in Iowa but of course that's exactly what she gets. They decided to do a documentary on Kara's grandfather and his involvement in WWII. Vince has his own secrets and has no desire to share them but while [...]

    12. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.First of all, I want more, more I tell you!!! Second, I LOVED it! If this book isn't going to be a success, then people don’t know how an amazing book looks. The story it’s thrilling, from the first page to the end. You have mystery, twists and finally truth and love. What more could you ask for?One of our main character it’s Kara Pierce. This isn't your typical girl, she is like thunder, a brilliant journalist for her school. The way t [...]

    13. 4 Road Trip of Self Discovery StarsI do love a good road trip. Nothing like a seat full of unhealthy snacks, an iPod full of tunes, and no rush to the next destination. World's Largest Ball of Twine we come!Kara has been on her own version of a road trip for a few years. She left home in Iowa to go to school in California. She has only been back for her grandfather's funeral. She is determined to make it as a journalist before going back to the small town she left. There's nothing much there for [...]

    14. Actual Rating: 3.5 stars I was genuinely surprised with The Right Kind of Wrong. I had no clue what I was going into when I received the book for review. Judging from the cover and title, I assumed it was a bittersweet romance that had your typical bad-boy, good girl cliché. Luckily, this wasn't the case. Our protagonist, Kara Pierce is partnered with Vince Gage for a college project that is based around a unique story lead. Not only was this worth their whole grade, but winning the competition [...]

    15. I received an advance copy of The Right Kind of Wrong from the author. It is a pre-edit copy so this review won't cover technical issues or things that have yet to be done before the book is published.The book is a well-written tale of two kids with past hostilities being thrown together by a professor in one of their classes. Kara is no way happy about the pairing and is quick to make sure Vince knows it. Both characters are likable, as is the grandmother and other supporting characters. I'd ha [...]

    16. 100th book I finished this year! yay! :) This is the story of Kate, a young journalist who's all for investigating the truth and how a guy, Vince, messed things up for her before and seems to be doing it again.However, life has other plans and Kate realizes that Vince is not the enemy. She also realizes that aside from finding out the truth about the world, finding out the truth about her own life is bigger to bear.As she and Vince dig more, they begin to figure out something big that Kate's Gra [...]

    17. Fast-pacing story with a bit of mystery that totally drew me in and I didn't give it up till I finished all : - ) I liked Vince, and Kara was a nice character too, a bit neurotic but agreeable, determined and strong.I loved the grandparents's story which came as a very refreshing breeze in comparison to my last reads. Kara and Vince had a great chemistry but the story is not focused on them as a couple. All the secrets came out in the end and as I got so caught in the story I wanted to get to kn [...]

    18. 3.5 rounded up to 4 stars. Don't get me wrong, this was a good book, written well, a nice romance between two college students with a not so glorious history behind them from a previous course they had taken together. But there was an intensity missing for me that would have made this a great read. It as like, yeah they hated each other from before but okay they'll work together again; yeah she's an intern sleeping with her boss at the newspaper, not really to get ahead, just because; yeah grand [...]

    19. I was so excited to see a new adult book that focuses on career rather than romance. I do love a good romance, but I'm so thrilled to see the new adult category expanding, and Jade Eby's THE RIGHT KIND OF WRONG is the perfect example of where I'd love to see it head. As a journalist, I could relate to the protagonist, Kara, right away. She's driven and independent, and she clashes right away with her journalism project partner Vince, who I loved immediately. The family mystery was gripping, and [...]

    20. I thought this was a great book and an incredibly engaging story. I read it in a few hours hardly putting it down! I loved the characters, the plot and can't wait for a sequel! I highly recommend this book!

    21. I adored this book! It was a fast easy enjoyable read filled with emotion of all kinds. It really is a sweet read! I will be doing a full review on my book blog on September 23rd. I hope you all can stop by! two-tall-tales

    22. I was very pleasantly surprised by this one. Rarely do I laugh out loud reading a book, but I connected with the author's humor from the start. It's extremely well written which made it a smooth, easy read. Loved the story, the pacing, the charactersREFRESHING!

    23. I won this from First Reads - & sooo glad that I did! A really well written story - Glad to be introduced to this author! Love the book!

    24. Quick read, fun plot, identifiable characters, a twist I had no idea was coming!! Left me wanting more!! I recommend this book and wish this new, up and coming author much luck and lots of success!!

    25. This was way better than I thought it was going to be. What a wonderful journey home to find yourself the real you, and unexpected love!

    26. Kara and Vince are paired on a college project, but she was burned by him once before, Freshman year and isn't really ready to trust him. They follow a story back to her hometown and uncover a lot of secrets. Interesting read

    27. I gave The Right Kind of Wrong 4 stars, not necessarily because it was amazing, but because I was interested and entertained all throughout the book. If a book can hold my attention and make me smile, then it deserves a high rating. It wasn't the perfect book, and I was underwhelmed in some parts and disappointed by other parts, however not many books can entertain me and I very much enjoyed The Right Kind of Wrong.I loved Kara and Vince as a team. I wasn't entirely interested in them separately [...]

    28. Originally reviewed at Sunshine Fiction ReviewsARC received in exchange for a review for the tourE RIGHT KIND OF WRONG is a sweet, romantic and has a little bit of mystery in it. It tells the story of Kara, who wants to be a journalist so bad that she would do anything to get it. But when she got paired with the least person she wants to be with, all of that goes downhill. Vince Gage is not a playboy. Yes, yes I know. You all thought that he was some hot muscle-bulging playboy that skips down th [...]

    29. I've been hearing good things about Jade Eby for a while so I decided to give her a try. I didn't read any of the synopsis' of her books just picked one based on the cover alone, and The Right Kind of Wrong was my choice. I enjoyed her writing style. It was easy to follow and kept me invested the whole way through. This book follows the story of Kara. She is on a mission to become an investigative journalist. In order to do that she had to sacrifice a lot. She left her family behind in Iowa to p [...]

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