Das fahle Pferd

Das fahle Pferd Wickednessch wickedness The dying woman turned to Father Gorman with agony in her eyes Stopped It must be stopped You will The priest spoke with reassuring authority I will do what is necessary You ca

  • Title: Das fahle Pferd
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wickednessch wickedness The dying woman turned to Father Gorman with agony in her eyes Stopped.It must be stopped.You will The priest spoke with reassuring authority I will do what is necessary You can trust me Father Gorman tucked the list of names she had given him into his shoe It was a meaningless list the names wer of people who had nothing Wickednessch wickedness The dying woman turned to Father Gorman with agony in her eyes Stopped.It must be stopped.You will The priest spoke with reassuring authority I will do what is necessary You can trust me Father Gorman tucked the list of names she had given him into his shoe It was a meaningless list the names wer of people who had nothing in common.On his way home, Father Gorman was murdered But the police found the list and when Mark Easterbrook came to inquire into the circumstances of the people listed, he began to discover a connection between them, and an ominous pattern.Every name of that list was either already dead or, he suspected, marked for murder.

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    1. Imagine: a Christie I hadn't read. Ever. But I've re-read enough Christie in my adult life to know that sometimes she works well, sometimes less so. Which would this be?It turns out, a strange mix of classic Christie, modern Christie, Christie commentary and something unfinished that makes it a most odd kind of book. It begins with Christie's traditional rather anonymous, milquetoast narrator, something along the lines of Roger Ackroyd. He is supposed to be working on his latest manuscript on Mo [...]

    2. قائمة ببعض الأسماء يكتبها راهب تم. القاءها عليه من قبل سيدة على فراش الموت.هذه الأسماء اما لاناس ميتين او سيموتون .رائعة الحبكة حيث ان الظاهر ان سبب الموت تحضير الأرواح والشعوذة والسحر . ولكن بطل القصة يصر على معرفة الحقيقة وراء موتهم والطريقة التي يتم فيها قتلهم رواية جيدة ج [...]

    3. "Evil is nothing superhuman".`As much as I love Poirot and Marple, there is something even more appealing to a Christie book with a totally unknown 'investigator'. Mark Easterbrook senses all is not what it seems in a series of events that lead him to look into The Pale Horse. The narrative follows him as well as Detective-Inspector Lejeune in their queries about certain deaths that appear normal. But are they?This is quite a dark novel but an enjoyable one, if just by the short presence of Aria [...]

    4. Extremely dark and chilling - read with a stuffed animal or a huggable friend nearby! Very thrilling and powerful read, and definitely my favourite non-Poirot or Marple mystery, hands down. Definitely a tense and creepy affair; the atmosphere is very much like what I would imagine the dark streets of Whitechapel would be during the late 19th Century. Mark Easterbrook is a loveable hero, intelligent and brave, and you can't help but be nervous and root for him at the same time as he plunges headl [...]

    5. A mystery which contains non of the Christie regulars (except Mrs. Oliver), which was surprisingly much better than I expected from the lukewarm first half. The discovery made by Mrs. Oliver gives the vital clue for solving the mystery - interestingly, it was instrumental in saving a person's life also in the real world.(view spoiler)["In 1976, the year Agatha Christie died, a 19-month-old girl from Qatar was brought to Hammersmith Hospital, London, suffering from a mysterious disease. A nurse n [...]

    6. Choose Your Own Adventure!And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.If you’ve decided that you’ve had your fill of dying, then choose /review/show/If you’ve decided that you’ve had enough of living, then choose /review/show/

    7. Remember the word : WickednessA Catholic priest is killed on his path home from giving the last ceremonies to a lady. He has a list of names in his shoe of detached individuals who have all kicked the bucket resoundingly from normal causes. Check Easterbrook witnesses battle between two lady in which the hair turns out in bunches without recognizable agony. At that point there is the secretive Pale Horse Inn now shut and involved by three abnormal lady who broadcast to be witches and mystics. Wh [...]

    8. Early in this novel a character muses about how best to portray the Witches in a production of ‘Macbeth’. It’s his contention that rather than pushing up the weirdness so the sisters become something which could feasibly fit into a pantomime, they are instead portrayed as the kind of normal – if slightly sinister – old ladies who are frequently dismissed as witches in English country villages. As apparently all English villages have witches (a fact which all country folk know), and it [...]

    9. The pale Horse is a really dark mystery. There are scenes that are just down right creepy. There are spells and threats that lend a spooky air to this book. I listened to the AudioBook and found it very intense during those witch scenes. The mystery begins with the murder of a Catholic priest. He has a list of names in his shoe and that turn out to be a list of dead people. When Mark Easterbrook begins to look into this mystery because his godmother is on the list. Mark was a great character. He [...]

    10. I was quite happy with this one. At first I thought it might be dated. Written in 1962, she writes about hip, rich, young girls playing at being poor. I was afraid it was going to be full of silly 60's lingo, man. You dig? But it wasn't. I like that Christie never takes herself too seriously. One of her characters was an author of mysteries, who was having writer's block. She and the protag, Mark, talked about the three witches in Macbeth and how they should be portrayed as regular women, not so [...]

    11. Picked this book up after a really bad read. Agatha Christie does not disappoint.This mystery novel follows characters on their path to solve the deaths of various seemingly unrelated people. I found it hard to place the time period this story is set in but if I were to guess it would be the early 1900's. There is a little romance thrown towards the end which is unusual for an Agatha Christie novel I think.(view spoiler)[ Initially I thought maybe it was a story within a story concept. But that [...]

    12. This is certainly a work that an African reader (like myself) will find fascinating and highly gripping. However the conclusion here would shatter what the likes of me would have hitherto been led to believe: so a white, western writer can write so convincingly about the true powers of “juju” (occult) !Agatha Christie is (was) of course a down to earth western writer, and at the end she coolly and rationally explains the events of this work which one could have sworn could only have been due [...]

    13. Ad indagare su questo caso non ci sono solo un ispettore di polizia ed un medico legale, ma anche uno scrittore, una restauratrice, un annoiato farmacista in pensione, un’altra scrittrice. Be’, con tanto dispiegamento di forze è evidente che si arriverà in fretta al colpevole…O forse, visto che in questo romanzo sono coinvolte forze oscure, magia nera e streghe, la faccenda rischia di essere più complicata del previsto?

    14. An interesting mystery from Ms. Christie. First off, two thingsOne, there are a lot of twists and turns in this story, lots of red herrings, lots of 'lots of' to just put it out there. So much so there's a contrived feeling that runs through the book. The author really had to jump through hoops to make everything 'fit.' But it does. You end up feeling, well that makes sense - why didn't I see it! (I did guess at one part of the ending and got it right.)Two, another takeaway from the book, which [...]

    15. I am amused that The Pale Horse is listed on as "by Agatha Christie, forward by Mark Easterbrook"arently someone failed to realize that Mark is in fact a creation of Dame Christie's fertile imagination?? At any rate, he is an engaging narrator; I don't always know why Christie chooses to use first-person narration for non-series books (obviously, many of the Poirot cases are narrated by 'mon ami Hastings' and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd could have been narrated in no other way). In this case, I [...]

    16. First read this 1961 Agatha Christie novel of modern-day 'witchcraft' in the early 1970s. Of course I'm not reading a St. Martins Press paperback edition - I'm reading the 1962 Dodd, Mead First Edition copy to which I recently treated myself!This was one of the better - and better-received - novels of Christie's later period, and several years after its original publication this novel was instrumental in solving a real-life mystery involving several deaths!This was definitely what I like to thin [...]

    17. Today is Friday May 13th (2016) and this is the 13th Agatha Christie novel I’ve read. I enjoy her books, her style, although I’ve often found her plots too convoluted and contrived. However, when she is good, she’s really good – I’m thinking of “And Then There Were None” and “Murder on the Orient Express.” “The Pale Horse” is the best of all I’ve read so far. The plot is ingenious. The story flows with ease, is always interesting and suspenseful. The characters are famili [...]

    18. So spooky and so mysteriousFull of Suspense and Awwwws !!!!! Yes :)This book has no Poirot or Miss MarpleYet the suspense is a marvelA dying old woman makes a confessionPriest also dies in quick successionPolice however get a list from his shoeNames in it don't give any clueExcept that they are all dyingFrom diseases whose symptoms are lyingAnd then the investigator Mark Easterbrook hearsAbout a place called The Pale HorseThe 3 women residing in Pale HorseAre not ordinary of courseBut ordinary p [...]

    19. Page turner? Yes. Surprise killer? Yes. Wow plot? No. Christie dabbles in her favorite 'dull villages are a playground for hideous crimes' genre, along with black magic, Macbethian witches, serial murders and a meddlesome duo of do-gooders. This isn't a review. Just a rant at wide loopholes. SPOILERS AHEAD 1. If Ginger was known to 3 witches, why on earth use her as dummy victim? How did she pass of as unknown ex wife?2. If black magic was likely to be fatal, why give them Ginger's real gloves? [...]

    20. Is it possible to cause the death of someone by sheer power of mind, that is, without any visible contact? Is it possible to contract a deadly disease merely by someone’s ill wish? Are there people who can act as a living bridge between the mortal world and a world of uncanny powers? Agatha Christie proposes this improbable and incredible theory in her highly interesting book - The Pale Horse.Story - Third person’s narrative- The story starts with a description of an ailing woman calling for [...]

    21. The Pale Horse is Agatha Christie’s novel dealing with black magic. Dame Christie ingeniously weaves a web into the murderous world of an old inn The Pale Horse where a witch, a medium and a psychic form circle of devious intentions. The story opens with Thomasina Tuckerton in a brawl with another woman over a man and that leads to a chain of events that uncovers one murder after another. Ms. Tuckerton’s untimely death and would have been unnoticed if Father Gorman had not been found murdere [...]

    22. In my goal of reading many of Agatha Christie's books, this one was a struggle to get through. I can read her books in 2-3 days, but this one took me some time, where I even stopped and read another book in 2 days and went back to this. This is nothing to do with her writing or skills-she is still the best at the genre, but the characters didn't move me as much. After Father Gorman visits a lady who asks to see him on her death bed, Gorman receives a list of names and sticks it in his shoe. Whil [...]

    23. This is a mystery with heavy undertones of witchcraft. There are few scenes that are really creepy and sinister. The whole set-up with the 3 old ladies was alarming.I actually was confused as to what and how was the murder happening. Was there some actual evil presence or a more logical explanation to it all.So what is the right answer here?(view spoiler)[Of course its dear old Agatha and everything is explained away very logically.(hide spoiler)]I was somewhere able to guess a particular somebo [...]

    24. 4,75/5 *Bagus banget! mau saya kasih lima bintang tapi saya gak tahu kenapa si pembunuh membunuh banyak orang di list itu. emang karena uang motifnya tapi gimana caranya. hm. I see it now.Eniwei, saya gak nyangka bakal dapat buku ini. akhir akhir ini saya sering ngunjungi Blok Willis dan dapetin bukunya agatha christie murah. pale horse ini terbitan lama, 2005. covernya hitam dan ada gambar gagak di cover bagian atas. udah gak segel tapi masih bagus dan cuma 15rb. sama kaya harga bukunya agatha [...]

    25. روايتي الثانية لاغاثا و قد جائتني كإقتراح و إعارة من إحدى أعز الصديقات ، في الحقيقة " رغم انني من المتعصبين لدان براون " الا ان اسلوب اغاثا في طي الاحداث بغموض و واقعيه ادهشني ، رواية بحق تجعلك تتلهف للوصول للنهايه لمعرفه سر الجريمة و انتهت بخاتمه جميلة و لطيفه جداً ♡

    26. šiek tiek mistikos + vienas ne baltas arklys(baika kad pieštas) + nusikaltėlių tinklas = šaunus detektyvas. Netikėtumas, paini istorija ir įdomus siužetas - Christie arkliukas

    27. This is a chilling mystery which starts with a death which may or may not be natural almost immediately followed by the murder of a priest - Father Gorman - on his way home from talking to the dying woman. She has given him a list of names and she wants him to stop something awful happening. When writer, Mark Easterbrook - with the intermittent help of his friend - Mrs Ariadne Oliver - starts to investigate he finds that the only connection between the names is that they are all dead.Several unc [...]

    28. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him (Revelation 6:8)It seems rather hard to believe that I had never read Agatha Christie's The Pale Horse (1961) before. After all, Dame Agatha is one of my favorites and I spent a great deal of time reading her books when I was younger--but I did not have this one logged and I did not own a copy until I picked up one of my beloved pocket-size editions in May of 2012, so I'm just going to accep [...]

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