Just Sex

Just Sex Trade paperback

  • Title: Just Sex
  • Author: Susan Kay Law
  • ISBN: 9780425215234
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • Trade paperback

    • Free Read [Spirituality Book] ↠ Just Sex - by Susan Kay Law ¾
      284 Susan Kay Law
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    1 thought on “Just Sex”

    1. Dispite the title, this is not a trashy novel. I really got into the emotions of the main character, Ellen, in this great novel. She deals with some tough and very emotional issues, struggling to do what's best for herself and her family, while also giving her heart what it needs. In the end she realized what was best all the way around.

    2. Chapter one started off with a nice bang. I loved the powerful rage Ellen exudes at the therapist’s office as she rants on and on over Tom’s uncontrollable cheating. Who could blame her, right? The interesting part was Tom firmly stating that his infidelity was not out of romantic pursuit or disrespect to his marital vows, but it was more due to curiosity. What would it be like to touch this woman, to kiss her, to be near her, to just have sex with her? Tom had to remedy his aching wonders a [...]

    3. SPOILER ALERT:This book was a recommendation from a publication I trust and enjoy. The picture and blurb on the cover ("One time offer, no strings attached. Spurned housewives only need apply") are misleading. What's marketed as a potentially tawdry romance novel is actually a thought-provoking and realistic look at one woman's attempt to save her failing marriage. In the 21st year of what Ellen thought was a good relationship with her husband Tom, she is shocked to discover that he has been che [...]

    4. I discovered this book via a HaBO entry on the Smart Bitches Trashy Books site. The concept intrigued me and I was curious as to how the book would play out.I really enjoyed it. I like that it was realistic. Our heroine Ellen didn't get permission to have "just sex" and suddenly become a sex bomb breaking hearts left and right. She didn't have a makeover and get a new personality. She was real. Her attempts to get "out there" were real with the same hesitancy I think any woman in her situation w [...]

    5. As trashy as this book may sound, it really wasn't. It's about a woman whose husband cheats on her claiming that it was 'just sex' and tells her to give it a try. Well, instead of being all slutty and hooking up with lots of guys, Ellen has a problem feeling that sex could be anything other than something more. So her friend sends her to a getaway called Sizzle which is pretty much a free for all sex island. Ellen trys to find someone who she can have sex, but being the good girl that she is, sh [...]

    6. Ellen has a difficult choice to make. Does she stay with her husband of 20 years who can't seem to keep his weewee in his pants or does she leave him and begin a new life into the unknown. A decision that not effects her but her family ad well. Unlike the title of this book it's definitely not a romance novel but more of the daily struggles of a woman who is just trying to find herself. Definitely a good read. ( fiction)

    7. This books was a lot better than I expected it to be. It was kind of a slow readbut the book kept my interest. This is not one of those books that I would tell everyone to rush right out and get. For me this was a nice in between books read and an introduction to an author that I have never read before and will now look forward to reading more of.

    8. Not the tawdry, trashy novel the book jacket hints it might be. Story of a middle aged woman trying to save her marriage and find herself. A good read for those who like everything wrapped up neatly.

    9. I picked up this book for a quick read thinking it was a trashy romance novel for my long flight over the holidays it turned out to be a decent book that was more of a story than trash haha

    10. Not as good as "The Paper Marriage." However, I liked it enough to seek out a couple of her historical romances (not usually my cup of tea, but I make exceptions on occasion).

    11. Wow let me start by saying I really thought I'd just get this over with and be done, but it wasn't your basic trivial chick lit, it had heart and mind. It had you thinking, it was about a wife ignoring the signs anymore, it was about a wife facing the challenge head on and not putting blinders back in place to accommodate for the kids and for an uncertain future because of fear. She decided she didn't want to believe that it's "Just Sex and that emotion and intimacy is not involved in the act of [...]

    12. 3.5, if I could it wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible. After finding out her husband has been unfaithful, there should have been more fight. More anger. More something. I wouldn't re-read or insist a friend read this one.

    13. This was one of our book group selections. In my opinion, not a good choice, because there was nothing very meaty for discussion. It was just a light read about a woman whose husband has been unfaithful to her multiple times, and wants her to realize that it's "not personal"' it's "just sex".

    14. This book was a wonderful read. It took me a while to get into it, but as soon as I did I fell in love!

    15. This is not the typical type of book that i read, but it is a good book. It was interesting and held my attention.

    16. Great book!!! I had a pity subscription to redbook and it had an excerpt of it in there. The read was fun! So I went on amazon and bought it! I may reread it again during the winter!! :)

    17. Wow - Funny story! Ended a little odd. Not realistic, but I did enjoy the read. Can there really be a vacation place like the one in the book???

    18. I liked it! It's funny in parts and downright feminist in others. Very fun read, albeit cliched. But what story isn't?

    19. I found this book to be extremely predictable. It's about a woman who's husband cheats on her repeatedly and he tells there that an affair means nothing and encourages her to have an affair

    20. Pretty good book. Not my favorite genre but I walked away from it feeling like I got something out of it.

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