Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal Multi millionaire casino owner Ryan McKay needs a bride in a hurry and the one he chose has just backed out which means he could lose his company within hours He doesn t know the meaning of the word

  • Title: Nothing Personal
  • Author: Jaci Burton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Multi millionaire casino owner Ryan McKay needs a bride in a hurry, and the one he chose has just backed out, which means he could lose his company within hours He doesn t know the meaning of the word failure, so he s scrambling for Plan B and not happy that the ridiculous terms of his grandfather s will have backed him into a corner So when his shy but dedicated executiMulti millionaire casino owner Ryan McKay needs a bride in a hurry, and the one he chose has just backed out, which means he could lose his company within hours He doesn t know the meaning of the word failure, so he s scrambling for Plan B and not happy that the ridiculous terms of his grandfather s will have backed him into a corner So when his shy but dedicated executive assistant Faith Lewis tells him she ll do everything in her power to make sure he succeeds, she s shocked to realize Plan B involves her in other words, he wants to marry her Like right now Faith reluctantly agrees, burying the heavy crush she s had on Ryan for years But the shy virgin is going to have to live with, sleep with, and reveal so many secrets to the enigmatic man who sees this as a logical business deal Faith s been holding out for love, and that four letter word isn t in Ryan s vocabulary after being raised by a cold, loveless family But love very rarely follows the rules of business or logic, and this business deal is about to get very personal About the Author Jaci Burton is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author who lives in Oklahoma with her husband and dogs A lover of sports, Jaci can often tell what season it is by what sport is being played She watches entirely too much television, which she considers book research When she isn t on deadline, Jaci can be found at her local casino, trying to become a millionaire so far, no luck She s a total romantic and loves a story with a happily ever after, which you ll find in all her books.

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    1 thought on “Nothing Personal”

    1. If Ms. Burton ever decides to switch genres, moving from writing her current erotica/romantica books to writing Harlequin Presents books, Nothing Personal is testament to her ability to do it.This book really reads like a HP novel: (1) hero (coldhearted, multimillionaire boss) marries heroine (his shy, virgin assistant) to fulfill the terms of his grandfather's crazy will and save his business; (2) heroine gets a makeover and "blossoms" under hero's influence; (3) hero's iciness thaws under hero [...]

    2. Really more like 3.25 stars. I'm guessing "Nothing Personal" is one of Jaci Burton's earlier novels. The story is one I would have expected to read in a series romance like Harlequin or Silhouette instead of one published by Samhain. If you're looking for erotica, don't go here. The sex is hot, but the only thing erotic about it is the language used to describe it. Not that I didn't enjoy this book, it was just not at all what I was expecting.Ryan needs to marry and procreate to keep the company [...]

    3. This was a pretty good, though slighty predictable read about a marriage of convenience. The hero, Ryan, needs to get married in order to fulfill the terms of his grandfather's will and maintain control of his hotel empire. When his intended bride bails on him at the eleventh hour, in desperation he asks his loyal administrative assistant to help him out.Faith would do anything for Ryan, since she's had a crush on him since she first came to work for him five years ago. Even marry him to help hi [...]

    4. Nothing Personal is a standalone, contemporary romance novel written by author Jaci Burton. It features a simple, short story that has been told before. A wealthy career-focused man needs a fertile bride in order to fulfill contingencies in his grandfather's will related to the family business. His assistant who has always worshiped him from afar (and will do anything for him) is spontaneously propositioned to marry him, in name only of course. She gets a makeover for "public eye" purposes. Groo [...]

    5. I think the cover was wrong on this one because it reads just like a Harlequin Presents. We have:- Marriage of convenience based on a will to keep an inheritance- Hero who doesn't know what love is because his grandfather taught him not to value emotions- Virginal heroine who has no self-esteem due to a mom who put her down so she hides behind lose fitting clothes, big glasses and ties her hair into a bun. She has secretly been in love with the hero so she agrees to the marriage.- Of course, fee [...]

    6. Nothing Personal was a short, quick to read book. I really enjoyed this book, which has the theme of many of the older Harlequin Romance and Harlequin Presents books that I read when I was in high school. In this book, the plot of the inexperienced employee entering into a marriage of convenience with her boss was updated and given a little more heat, although I thought it was exceptionally tame to be a book by Samhain Publishing. The hero and heroine were both very likeable characters, and I en [...]

    7. Timid Faith Lewis has spent the last few years harboring a crush for her boss Ryan McKay. Now Ryan must marry in order to maintain control over the company and his bride has just walked out on him. Ryan had no intention of marrying now he has to come up with a bride and baby within a year. Now that his latest attempt has fled as if the hounds of hell was chasing her down, he is desperate to find a new bride before midnight. Looking at his secretary Faith, he begins to form a new idea, although s [...]

    8. Alright, I've read this before, and I really liked it. Or more like, I liked the premise. Ryan, the attractive boss forced to marry his assistant, Faith on short notice to keep his company. He is also supposed to have a child with her to fulfill the agreement. Did I mention that Ryan doesn't believe in love and marriage? Or that Faith is a 26-year-old virgin? I know, its sappy and the ending is easy to figure out even before reading the book. Still it was nice. Faith is kinda infuriating since s [...]

    9. OOOH, La-La, I Absolutely LOVED IT!!Two lonely people, who noticed each other, and never acted upon it, until fate steps in.Ryan needed a wife, on the quick of a dime, and he knew "old reliable," (Faith) would bail his behind out. However, he never knew his "plain Jane," assistant would strike up the match to kindle his desire for her.Faith is unlike any woman Ryan has ever laid in bed with. She's never been with a man before, and is willing to give Ryan one of the most precious and special gift [...]

    10. I’ve had my eye out for this author for quite some time, and I was looking forward to trying out one of her novels. So, when Nothing Personal landed on my Overdrive app, I quickly downloaded the audiobook and dived into this story.In Nothing Personal, we meet the CEO of a hotel franchise who is about to lose his position if he doesn’t comply with the terms of his grandfather’s will. Ryan McKay is being forced to marry and have a child within one year, in order to maintain power of his busi [...]

    11. 2.5 'Just Okay' StarsAudiobook VersionElizabeth Hart, Narrator: E. Hart does a pretty good job, I detected a slight lisp at times, though, and that combined with the babyish voice she used to portray mousy heroine Faith Lewis and several times I was pulled out of the story. She did a much better job with mega rich, bad boy Ryan McKay.In truth, I put off writing this review and needed to reread the book description and critiques in order to write this. The book was short and sweet, if pretty pred [...]

    12. Cover: InvitingMy Rating: 99/100Overall: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSPage Turner: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSRecommend: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSCOMMENTS: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! This book had everything I love in romance novels, it was just the absolute best. It's a short read and it's very very intriguing, I honestly feel in love. Pick up this book, it is SOOOOOOO worth it, I loved it to death. Not only were Ryan and Faith so amazing, dude Leland was flipping awesomeness.

    13. Livro curtinho e super gostosinho de ler!Uma leitura de pausa! Sem drama, sem nada a causar!E sem contar que adoro essa história de casamento de conveniência!

    14. Workaholic CEO must marry as will stipulates or loose company. Dutiful virgin PA steps up at last minute.Sweet story but fairly predictable right down to coveting devious cousin.Light read.

    15. I have very mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed the storyline and the characters of Ryan, James, and the Butler. But Faith is a perfect example of the worst kind of leading lady. Mousy and self-deprecating; constantly doubting herself and quick to believe the worst. She annoyed me so much it ruined all the good parts.

    16. The perfect romance about a man who was raised where love and emotions were not allowed to be shown or felt and a woman who was raised never believing she worth being love. Faith Lewis has been Ryan McKay's executive assistant for five years. Recently she's been working with him about ways to get out of his grandfathers will that states he must marry and produce a pregnancy within one year of marriage to remain CEO of his company. Not finding a loophole, his plans to marry Erica and fulfill the [...]

    17. More reviews here!anialeth/RESUMERyan McKay needs a wife to fulfill the terms of his grandfather's will and remain CEO of his multimillion dollar business. When his fiance slams the door a few hours short of the deadline, Faith, his trusted assistant, steps in. Faith has been in love with Ryan from afar since the day she came to work for him. She think she is plain and doesn't think she could ever be more. Family members stand to gain from the inability of the pair to remain together and meet al [...]

    18. I would have liked this book better if Faith had not driven me crazy for most of the book. Ryan comes across cold and uncaring, but you get to know him, he turns out to be the complete opposite. Faith's insecurities held her back from communicating with Ryan as to why she was reluctant in consumating the marriage. I can understand the impact of a parent's negative and toxic comments can have on a person growing up. Especially when it is repetitive. Ryan should have also been more honest about th [...]

    19. A quick, short and fairly steamy read, Nothing Personal was interesting and romantic. Secretary falling the Boss has been happening since forever and yet, we still love this cliche ;). Having that said, Nothing Personal is the story of Ryan and his reliable and faithful personal assistant, Faith. Now, Ryan has to get married to fulfil terms of his grandfather's will and Faith shortlisted the candidates and finalized someone, who bailed out on him at the last moment. Now, Ryan decides his ever fa [...]

    20. I loved Ryan and Faith! It was so easy to fall for them and want them to get their happy ending! I had a bad feeling about James from the first time we met him. I personally thought he deserved a worse punishment than he got!My only complaint about the book is that its not longer! I would have loved to have had an epilogue or a sequel. Faith and Ryan were such lovable characters I'd love to read more about them in the future. A girl can dream, right?I love that Faith and Ryan both did a complete [...]

    21. Ryan McKay's grandfather dies and stipulates in his will that Ryan has to marry and produce an heir in order to inherit the family company. After his original bride calls the wedding off he proposes to his personal assistant Faith Lewis.Faith has been in love with Ryan since she started working for him. She agrees to the marriage of convenience. Faith sees herself as a plain Jane and figures Ryan would never be interested in her, so she deceides to grab a little happiness.This type of story line [...]

    22. Short book, with around 180 pages.The premises are not very original: a marriage of convenience between a workaholic and his secretary to fulfill the will of an irate grandfather. Add up the fact the secretary is dowdy, still a virgin at 26 and you get an almost sure recipe for disaster and sighing / puffing from my part. Except that it worked quite nicely: the characters were slightly schematic, though not totally without substance; their feelings are rather well described, the storyline, quite [...]

    23. GoshI only finished this book a couple of days ago and I can't recall the main characters names already!Read this in a sitting and it will be one of those books I won't remember in a couple of months (weeks?).The premise of our H needing a wife pronto to meet his uncles 'will' demands and the ensuing 'wedding' to his dowdy assistant appeared that it would be fun. However the book was rushed (and brief) and predictable.a bit like Days of Our Lives meets Pygmalion/My Fair Lady. What can I say.I fi [...]

    24. This was a really good read. I wanted to see a little more play out with Ryan working out what was wrong with Faith, as far as her self image. While we don't really get any closer in that aspect, I thought it was a wonderful romance with a really good story.I've read a few of the paper marriage storylines and most I didn't really care for. This was almost the same, but I really found myself drawn to Faith and eventually to Ryan. There wasn't much conflict in this, but plenty of tension. It made [...]

    25. A thought-provoking love story--a marriage of convenience to save a man's corporation and controlling interest. A faithful executive assistant who will do whatever she can to make her boss happy, especially since she is in love with him anyway. Interesting to watch the relationship between these two develop and mature. As always, Burton has the Midas touch of storytelling and crafts a tale that is engaging, entertaining, and full of caring and authenticity.

    26. OMG! THIS BOOK! I loved it. It was amazing. It was romantic and sexy and my God WAYYY TOOO SHORT! Read this book in less than 3 hours & loved every minute.There was so much more that could have gone into this book. 200 pages was not enough for me. I need more. It was so great, I just need more.This book was a form of beautiful way too short torture that I will most definitely read again.

    27. This was a really really super cute story!! I sOoOoOo enjoyed it from beginning to end!! I highly recommend it this story totally melts your heart!! :0)

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