Annihilators Collects Annihilators Marvel s all star cosmic team and cult faves Rocket Raccoon and Groot in one massive story The Silver Surfer Beta Ray Bill Gladiator Quasar Ronan When the Dire Wraiths strike

  • Title: Annihilators
  • Author: Dan Abnett Andy Lanning Tan Eng Huat Timothy Green II
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Collects Annihilators 1 4 Marvel s all star cosmic team and cult faves Rocket Raccoon and Groot in one massive story The Silver Surfer Beta Ray Bill Gladiator Quasar Ronan When the Dire Wraiths strike, it s the heavy hitters of the cosmic Marvel Universe to save the day

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      125 Dan Abnett Andy Lanning Tan Eng Huat Timothy Green II
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    1 thought on “Annihilators”

    1. The Annihilators sounds like something the old ladies at the retirement home would name their book club, no?. Here, it’s a collection of some of the more powerful beings in the universe brought together to thwart evil doing on a massive scale, smack down Thanos and fix pot holes. The voice of this group is Quasar, an Earthling, who died once and consequently has “performance” issues. Getting kicked in the nuts by a female super-warrior doesn't help.I’m not one for space operas, massive g [...]

    2. This is a book of two halves, the first half being the main title story featuring brand-new cosmic superteam the Annihilators and the second half being a Rocket Raccoon and Groot backup strip.I'm afraid I didn't think much of the Annihilators story. This team consists of (Asgardian-powered cyborg) Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator (of the Shi'Ar Imperial Guard), (Earthman and official Protector of the Universe) Quasar, Ronan the Accuser (of the Kree), (ex-Herald of Galactus) the Silver Surfer and highly [...]

    3. Anybody else find it odd that a team of heroes dedicated to saving the universe would be called Annihilators?Following the events of The Thanos Imperative, Cosmo the telepathic dog (Just go with it.) recruits some serious muscle to stand watch over space-time. The Silver Surfer, Quasar, Beta-Ray Bill, Gladiator and Ronan are brought together just in time to deal with the threat of the Dire Wraiths. There’s also a second story featuring Rocket Raccoon and Groot having their own adventure.Readin [...]

    4. The Annihilator guys get a new member, Space Knight Ikon.Then they beat some people up beating these people up they save some planets. Honestly it's all incredibly forgettable. This one is just for people who want to see some fighting.2.5 out of 5 stars

    5. This slim hardcover with an oversized page trim contains two stories as it was originally presented when it was released as four-issue miniseries. The first half presents a new team of cosmic-powered heavy hitters composed of the Silver Surfer, Gladiator, Ronan the Accuser, Beta Ray Bill and Quasar.A formidable line-up on paper, but this was not the story I eagerly anticipated. Rather it was the story that comprised the second half of this volume: the further adventures of Rocket Raccoon and Gro [...]

    6. Although I admit I was an X-Men baby from the 80's, my second love has always been Marvel's cosmic comics. I consider Mark Gruenwald's entire Quasar run to be one of the most genius and underrated in all of comics history. I collected books like Darkhawk and the original Guardians of the Galaxy, and loved every single issue of Warlock and the Infinity Watch. Unfortunately, Marvel's great cosmic books all started coming to an end once they tried pitting their books against the new Image regime. F [...]

    7. What should be the galaxy's A team feels like the B team. Quasar had never been this wishy-washy, and Ronin has never been that much of a team player. And by the way, when has Galacticus ever been so complacent about his Herald's off-time?On the other hand, the psychotic adventures of Rocket and Groot was just fine. Let the weirdness commence.

    8. I have been following the "Cosmic Marvel" for a long time. Long before Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning started their excellent run of series and mini series re-establishing it. I have a lot of respect for what they did for Marvel with Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy and everything else that has occurred in the last few years. Sadly with Annihilators, the story takes a great departure from everything that came before it. I'm not speaking in regards to the change in the characters that it featuredSilver [...]

    9. This story starts out kind of clunky then gets a bit better, then it just kind of sits there spinning its wheels. There are twists along the way, but they aren't that impressive. And the kicker is, you really only need to read the fourth chapter, because it recaps everything for you, explaining what's happened.I don't know about you, but there's holding the reader's hand and then there's tying them to a chair and spoon-feeding them. This is an example of the latter.A bunch of super-duper-powered [...]

    10. Annihilators. I've long waited on reading this comic because I wasn't convinced the Annihilators would be able to equal the Guardians of the Galaxy and sadly in this first appearance that was true. The Spaceknight Ikon is great, and Quasar is OK, but the rest of the characters are pretty flat.Beyond that I was thrilled to see more on the modern spaceknights and on the dire wraith, since I have a soft spot in my heart for Rom, one of my first comics. There was too much recapping at the start of e [...]

    11. After the big changes at the end of the Thanos Imperative, this big was obviously coming. Unfortunately the book doesn't come together as well as Guardians Of The Galaxy or the other Abentt/Lanning cosmic books. I thought the story dealt too much with the newest character, Ikon, and was a bit stiff given that most the characters are as well. There was need of a little levity. The art was decent but not great. Overall, the book certainly lacked the magic of previous works by this team. A definite [...]

    12. The art isn't quite as good as what we saw in the Annihilation books and the main story is a little weak (how many times do we need to deal with Quasar's insecurities), but the second story, with Rocket and Groot, is great.

    13. I thoroughly enjoyed the two Annihilation series from Marvel. That's what made this book a little disappointing. Putting some Marvel's biggest cosmic heavy hitters together on a team is a great idea. Reducing most of them to little more than shades of their personalities is not such a good idea. Quasar's moping about how he feels outclassed on the team was not only not fun to read, it didn't make much sense. He is not a new character at all. I would have thought that, by now, he'd be over those [...]

    14. Man, I really wanted to like this. Abnett & Lanning's cosmic Marvel stuff has been some of my favorite stuff I've read in recent years, and this seemed like it was going to be a great addition. Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill, Gladiator, Ronan the Accuser and Quasar all teaming up together? That's probably the most powerful super team of all time. I was expecting big, flatout insane superheroics to match the ridiculousness of this team, but I think ultimately it just wasn't possible. These guys [...]

    15. Abnett takes on a very challenging concept and writes very well for it. Star-Lord initiated the Annihilators, saying, "The galaxy doesn't need guardians! It doesn't need brave souls! If it's going to survive another one of these, it's going to need absolute bad-asses! It's going to need the biggest guns of all! Cosmic heavy hitters as scary as the menaces they have to face! It's going to need flarking annihilators!" I wasn't sure I was actually going to like this direction. The concept and the c [...]

    16. This book was the next one in the series after The Thanos Imperative, but it was a LOT easier to understand, in my opinion. I'm not sure if it was because I had read Thanos first, and now understood more about the characters and past plots and whatnot, or if it was just because the story itself relied a lot less on the history of everything ever, but either way I enjoyed it more. It had two story lines in it, the first being a direct continuation from Thanos, about the first mission the Annihila [...]

    17. 4 estrellas. Este es mi primer acercamiento a la linea cósmica del mundo de Marvel, y basta decir que es impresionante. se desenvuelve muy bien y me gusto mucho el manejo de las diferentes historias.Durante el Crossover completo te das cuenta que no hay negros y blancos, sino una serie de matices en la forma de desarrollarse de los personajes. tan es así, que de las 4 lineas principales de la historia, tres de ellas son de personajes considerados villanos en el universo Marvel. En repetidas oc [...]

    18. I'd been meaning to read this for some time now - after the skull-buster that was The Thanos Imperative I took what turns out to be a year-long break before I read any more Marvel Cosmic. So yes, another super-team (The Annihilators - consisting of Quasar, Gladiator, Ronan, Silver Surfer, Beta-Ray Bill and all unite as the Annihilators to fight the menace of the Dire Wraiths. If that didn't sound crazy enough, you also have Rocket Raccoon and Groot fighting off a crazy psycho-telepath called Sta [...]

    19. This is a bit of a strange book.Annihilators is pretty much straight-up garbage - lame dialogue, boring plot, and endless exposition. It completely wastes an interesting combination of characters with a forgettable, action-heavy story. The art, meanwhile, is pretty standard "house" style, without any idiosyncrasies to set it apart from countless other standard superhero comic artists. It feels like a time warp into 30 years ago, in a bad way. As my first foray into the modern Cosmic Marvel, it w [...]

    20. The authors seem to have the same problem as the super-superheroesteam: they don't seem to know where they are going or what they are doing. Have they lost their imagination after the massive stories of Annihilation - Conquest - War of Kings and the Guardians of the Galaxy ? A pity. Because the team is very promising and the story has a huge potential (e.gme outcast dark magic Skulls). But everything get's handled very quickly and only from the views of Quasar. Also, it's only half of an Annihil [...]

    21. Dan Abnett - writerTan Eng Huat - illustratorTimothy Green II - illustratorDuring the battle with the Cancerverse, the Guardians of the Galaxy suffered painful losses and eventually disbanded. In the absence of a universal police force, Cosmo the Russian Space Dog assembles a team of hugely powerful, cosmic-level heroes: Quasar, Beta-Ray Bill, Ronan the Accuser, Norrin Radd the Silver Surfer and Kallark the Shi'ar Guardsman known as Gladiator. While they are sitting around in their space base, a [...]

    22. Two stories here, wildly different from one another.The Annihilators story - pretty solid, standard comic book hero fare, nothing deviating from pre-established formulas, but with the addition of old-school Spaceknights (and new ones) and the Dire Wraiths plus a team of super-ultra-powered heavy hitters and some snark, I enjoyed this. If anything, it was a little short - these characters could support a multi-issue story arc like Green Lanterns and have a lot more personality and history than so [...]

    23. This was fun!The first few issues tell the story of Annihilators (a bunch of cosmic heroes that I had never read or heard of really). They pretty cleverly introduced the group in the first issue, so I wasn't really lost at any time. The story itself was a nice, contained story, but it wasn't anything special. I think I was supposed to be really connecting with Quasar, but that never really happened for me. Still, good fun, though. 3 stars.The next story follows Rocket Raccoon. He starts the stor [...]

    24. The actual Annihilators story was clearly just meant to bring the team together.s It's not interesting as a story in itself. Also, the authors had trouble turning the characters into characters. They seemed to have few dimensions.Much better was the Rocket Raccoon and Groot bonus story, but for that you're much better off reading the better-collection Rocket Raccoon and Groot book.Rocket Raccoon & Groot: The Complete Collection

    25. I wasn't sure what to expect from this book, it was given as a gift and I didn't know too much about it. Set not long after the emotional events of the cancerverse, the story gets started quickly and doesn't give the reader time for breath, we are thrown into the mix, and provides a lot of exposition in such a small time. I enjoyed the annihilaters story, with characters and races I'd never come across before, you can tell why Abnett and Lanning's take on the cosmic universe is held in such high [...]

    26. A star-nosed mole with a bazooka! Seriously! And Timothy Green draws cute animals with firearms very well indeed, part of the reason the Rocket Raccoon back-up story in here is such an absolute joy. I've never seen Rocket quite so characterful, or so cute. The lead story is less good. Lots of overpowered characters doing stuff so large-scale it barely registers. And it doesn't do enough with Beta Ray Bill, who is one of the best characters in comics for reasons outlined here: onehundreddays.type [...]

    27. The Annihilators half of the book was pretty underwhelming, although it was cool seeing some of the older marvel cosmic stuff get shown in a modern light. Mostly the heroes just felt like they had too little to do unless there was a fight. I mean, if fights are all you want that was covered, but there wasn't enough character in the main characters.The Rocket Racoons and Groot story, how ever was very worth the price of admission if you are fond of those characters. The story was funny, weird, an [...]

    28. This was your garden variety space opera starring caricatures of some of the most powerful cosmic heroes in the Marvel universe. Their power levels are way off, though. A space knight takes out all of them by herself. It just doesn't make sense. If you ignore that, it's a fairly enjoyable romp through space that features some parts that don't get a lot of focus in comics (which I believe is because of licensing issues with Space Knights and dire wraiths). The other half of this focuses on Rocket [...]

    29. So the Annihilators aren't as good in practise as they should be in theory. Guardians worked because they were the underdogs relying on their wits as much as their powers who seemed to be constantly on the verge of fucking everything up and sometimes doing so. Having the most over powered team ever created sounds fun. It sort of is but lacks the balance and humour. Rocket and Groot story here is fun and keeps it a solid 4☆, rather than forcing me to consider an average 3☆ for the Annihilator [...]

    30. Though the first part of this, the section about the actual Annihilators is a pretty standard interplanetary story, it isn't terribly impressive. Where this book comes into its own however, is the story of Rocket Raccoon and Groot in the aftermath of Annihilation. In a journey that begins with Rocket as a mail clerk in Timely Inc, and encompasses the underground resistance of Planet X (of which Groot is supposed King) and the mental hospital that is the Halfworld (Rocket's own home planet), the [...]

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