The Third Wish

The Third Wish Enter the Realm of AdventureJessie s helped the magical people of the Realm to escape danger twice now she s a real hero to her friends there But now her own world is in danger Forest fires threaten h

  • Title: The Third Wish
  • Author: Emily Rodda
  • ISBN: 0733307787
  • Page: 458
  • Format: Paperback
  • Enter the Realm of AdventureJessie s helped the magical people of the Realm to escape danger twice now she s a real hero to her friends there But now her own world is in danger Forest fires threaten her beloved home, Blue Moon And only the magic of the realm can help her

    • Unlimited [Poetry Book] ð The Third Wish - by Emily Rodda É
      458 Emily Rodda
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Poetry Book] ð The Third Wish - by Emily Rodda É
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    2. A short, sweet, feel-good type story from Emily Rodda. Very female centred book and based on the presumed interests of little girls (fairies, mermaids, conflict with parents and strong bonds with grandparents). I love that her Grandmother, Jessica is such an important part of Jessie's adventures- having an elderly woman portrayed so positively is one of the strengths.This book is also very safe for children to read in that the suspense is minimal, there is not anything overly scary and the movem [...]

    3. 113 pages. Book #3 of the series. Great story. Lots of description. Plot keeps moving. Lots of emotion and main character has to work out her own solution even with all the help received from those around her. Highly recommended for ES. Gr. 2-4.

    4. I think this one has been my favourite in the series so far. I caught onto the main plot twist before it happened but it was still good, and the secondary twist about how Jessie gets home was pretty clever.

    5. Where the other books fell short, this one rang true to the Emily Rodda books I'm used to. Yes, it was very simple, but it was cleverer than the first two. The whole twist with Lorca and the Magic Fish were very well-thought out. For a book that's meant for probably fourth-graders, the Magic Fish twist even stumped me longer than it should have. Which is something I always love about Rodda books.This makes me almost wish I had the rest of the series. If I happen to run into them

    6. This is another in the very good Fairy Realm series. In this story Jessie and her grandmother are in danger; there are massive wildfires all over the place, and it's possible that Blue Moon could be destroyed if the fires get there.Jessie decides to go to the Fairy Realm for help. It turns out she's going to have to face Lorca, a person with an island of her own and someone who captures living things and does not let them go. Although Jessie is warned of the danger, she decides to go there, sear [...]

    7. I've been wishing my daughter wouldn't read these fluff fairy books, but I was basing my entire opinion of the series on two things: the pictures on the covers, and the Disney fairy books. (I know, I know. But sometimes you CAN judge a book by its cover.)Then I read this book, because my 8-year-old daughter said it was THE BEST in the series (she loves mermaids even more than she loves fairies). And it was fun! Unlike the Disney fairy books, Emily Rodda actually puts thought into her storyline, [...]

    8. Forest fires are coming to blue moon so Jessie came to the realm to find a wish stone. But the realm creatures are not allowed to go under the sea because that is the rules. A mirmade guided her to the under water castle were Lorca lived. She had gathered all the wish stones. Lorca the mirmade used to be Coral Ripple the mirmades older sister. The magic fish made Jessie's wish come true and the wish was that their would be rain so the fires would go out.

    9. Cute story that my niece really loved. She loved the change in scenery for the book. The story was still in the realm, but it was set in Under-Sea which was fun to have some of the same loved characters, but to meet some new ones. Again, this is a story for older children to tween age girls. It has a very good flow and is a very quick read.

    10. This Book is all about this girl jesse and one day she was very hot in the house and so she had to tell her mother that she was hot and so her mother had to take her to a pool like a swimming pool and she had went to the pool and when jesse got to the pool like inside the pool she was very happy and she was feeling a little cooler and a lot better.

    11. This twist on the "Little Mermaid" has a surprise ending.One thing though: I don't understand why Granny is so happy with her lot in life, but Lorca is so unhappy with hers. The book doesn't explain this. (Could it really be that a good man is all it takes for a happy life???? Not something we want to teach our daughters)

    12. This series was a great introduction into the love of reading for my girls. My daughter hated reading and was hooked on the first book. I decided to read it to make sure it was a "good" book and loved the character development and plot. Another good book you might like if you like this one is Into the Land of the Unicorns. That series is excellent for adult and children.

    13. In this book, a girl named Jessie goes to the Fairy Realm to find a wish-stone to put out the fires in the mountains. Each wish-stone can only grant three wishes. Wish-stones wash up on the bay of the Under-Sea in the Fairy Realm. I like this book because Jessie puts out the fire in the mountains. By: Felicity

    14. I read this series as one of my favorites growing up and I have to take a point now to say just how much I loved them and looked forward to each one as they came out. They gave me a whole new world to explore and I loved to dive right into each adventure.

    15. this one was pretty good. it kind of reminded me of like a mystery book. it had you guessing what was gonna happen next. and when you think you have it, most likely you do. but it's good to guess and be right.

    16. This was my favorite book in the whole series (so far). This also felt like the LONGEST of the whole series. I usually finished the other books really fast, but this book had mystery, wishes, magic (duh!), mermaids, and other interesting, unique stuff :)

    17. I would give this book (and the rest of the series) two or three stars. It is a really good book, for younger kids (7-9). For me, I enjoyed it when I was younger, but now, it wasting. Totally great series for young girls. Pretty easy read too.

    18. Maylin now likes these books. We read the third wish for her book report it was student choice and she chose this book because we already read one and two. I like the imagination in these books they are fun and sometimes pretty predictable but they are great for little girls.

    19. This book was the bomb i loved it and i think i read it about 2 times!! It was great and i loved it and wished that owned it. I guess that i like books that aren't true.

    20. This was my favorite from the series! I absolutely loved these as a kid and I highly recommend them to any one wanting a flashback to the simple days of fantasy and escape.

    21. Although definitely too short and childish and predictable and sometimes silly, it is a miniature charming story.

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