One Night of Scandal

One Night of Scandal A sexy category romance from Entangled s Brazen imprint The wrong man never felt so rightEx fighter Reed Miller has been secretly lusting over his best friend s girl for months but he refuses to jeop

  • Title: One Night of Scandal
  • Author: Elle Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9781633750791
  • Page: 162
  • Format: ebook
  • A sexy category romance from Entangled s Brazen imprint The wrong man never felt so rightEx fighter Reed Miller has been secretly lusting over his best friend s girl for months, but he refuses to jeopardize a friendship over a woman especially one who doesn t like him all that much Now that Darcy s on the market again, it s even imperative to stick to his striA sexy category romance from Entangled s Brazen imprintThe wrong man never felt so rightEx fighter Reed Miller has been secretly lusting over his best friend s girl for months, but he refuses to jeopardize a friendship over a woman especially one who doesn t like him all that much Now that Darcy s on the market again, it s even imperative to stick to his strict hands off policy But the sizzling attraction between them is too powerful to ignore, and once he s had a taste of her all bets are off.Darcy Grant is tired of walking the straight and narrow path She s on the hunt for passion, and there s no denying Reed is just the man to give it to her Although she has no interest in dating a bad boy, and certainly not her ex s best friend, it s impossible not to melt beneath Reed s skillful touch Now it s just a matter of setting a few ground rules and hoping her rule breaking, sweet talking bad boy agrees to follow them But if she lets Reed into her bed, does she stand a chance of keeping him out of her heart

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    1. 4.25 Smokin' HOT StarsReed Miller was a bad boy to the core. Apparently the guy possessed an anything-goes attitude when it came to sex. He also smoked cigarettes cursed like a sailor, and drove way too fast in that black Camaro of his.First and foremost, I'd like to say that in my next life, I'd like to come back as a heroine in one of Elle Kennedy's stories because sweet mother of sin do these bitches luck out. What? Don't you judge me dammit! You go and meet Reed and tell me you wouldn't want [...]

    2. One Night Of Scandal is book two in the After Hours series by Elle Kennedy. Reed Miller is one of the three owners of the hot night club, Sin, along with his two best friends, Gage and Aj. He has lusted secretly over Aj’s girlfriend Darcy for months, always careful to keep his feelings hidden. He would never do that to his best friend. Darcy was off limits. So why was he seeing her in the club alone and it looked like she was flirting with other guys. He was shocked when she told him that she [...]

    3. 4--It's Just a Fling--Stars!!Book 2 in the After Hours series follows Reed and Darcy, who we both met in One Night of Sin. Reed is one of the other co-owners of the club After Hours and Darcy is AJs girlfriend. Reed has always crushed on Darcy, but has stayed awayo code and all. But one night out at another club and Reed catches Darcy out with another man. When Reed discovers Darcy and AJ broke-up, he makes his move. Despite the guilt they both feel about going behind AJs back, they just can't s [...]

    4. 5 oh, Reed be scandalous with me please STARSConfession time. I liked this one a whole lot better than the first. Want to know why?Reed! Here is what got me excited. Dark haired Irish guy with blue eyes! So of course I got some Colin Farrell vibes. His eyes aren't blue, but I know how to use Photoshop. Easy-peasy. And you know what happens next? He talks like this:“I’d lick you for hours. I’d get you nice and wet and drive you crazy with my tongue, and then, when you’re lying there limp [...]

    5. 4 starsDarcy is Reeds best friends ex girlfriend. Hooking up with her would go against the bro code. But can they deny themselves the intense attraction they have for one another?I almost rated this 3 stars because of Reed. Yea he was a loyal friend and a dirty talker but he was such a wimp and made a dumbass move near the end. But that would have been unfair seeing I enjoyed everything else. Darcy was great, it was scorching hot and the ending was cute.Short sweet and sexy, just how I like them [...]

    6. One Night Of Scandal is the second book in the “After Hours” series by Elle Kennedy. We meet both Reed and Darcy in the first book in the series One Night Of Sin.Reed is part owner of Club Sin with his two friends, AJ and Gage. For months he lusted after Darcy, AJ’s girlfriend, but he knows his attraction for Darcy is wrong, that it’s a total violation of bro code. For the past couple of months, someone had been selling Ecstasy over at "Sin", so Reed is determined to catch the drug deale [...]

    7. 3.5 - Once wasn't going to be enough. Stars.Book 2 in the After Hours series is as hot and sexy as its predecessor. Reed, along with Gage and A.J are certainly a trio of guys that most girls are going to enjoy reading about, being ex-fighters and running their own nightclub they are all a little dark, mysterious and dangerous, to the casual observer. So it’s a great balance that the women they are falling for offer them the opportunity to step into the light, with their happy-go-lucky personal [...]

    8. 4 Passion Soaked Stars * * * *Today we need your participation in a quick fast survey in order to review properly One Night of Scandal by Elle Kennedy. Your answers will of course be strictly private and not shared in any manner When choosing what to read please consider these questions and answer truthfully:Would you like a hunky, MMA retired fighter who now owns a night club called Sin?Would you like a pretty, sporty teacher to have addictive sex with the above ex MMA fighter/club owner at any [...]

    9. 4.5 Forbidden Love Stars!!!I was excited to read this book after for Gage’s book One Night of Sin. Reed Miller is one of the part owners of “Sin” a nightclub, along with his best friends Gage & AJ,. He's an ex-MMA fighter, and he’s pretty much known to his friends as somewhat of a manwhore Darcy Grant is AJ’s ex-girlfriend; and completely out of bounds to Reed. No matter how much he desires her, he couldn’t, and wouldn’t go there…or would he?While at another nightclub, Reed s [...]

    10. How'd I go from rating the first book in this series 4 stars, then rating this 2 stars?!?! We have Darcy (who was introduced in One Night of Sin as Gage's friend AJ's girlfriend, who Gage's other friend, Reed, happened to hate. But turns out, Reed didn't really hate Darcy. In fact, Reed was hella into Darcy, but he acted like a dick because she was his best friend's girl. So when AJ and Darcy mutually decide to break-up one night, and Reed and Darcy run into each other the VERY NEXT NIGHT, thing [...]

    11. 3 1/2 starsSo I liked the book, the chemistry between Reed and Darcy was off the charts, but I still felt bad for AJ - Reed's best friend and Darcy's ex - no matter how cool he (AJ) was with the whole thing. I guess I'm not as "evolved" as him. ;)

    12. Dual-POV, HAE. Can be read as standaloneEWEE. Ms. Kennedy can write some damn good smut, but after all my raving reviews about the Out of Uniform series (because those were some SERIOUSLY hot books), it's no surprise that this series would be comparable. Reed is the bad boy player of Sin, the night club he owns with his friends. He's known for his one night stands and being against relationships completely. What no one knows, however, is how he's been pining after his best friend's girlfriend fo [...]

    13. This is now Reed and Darcy's story and what a yummy read! I admit, it was a little weird, with Darcy being the ex of one of Reed's best friends, like too-close-for-comfort weird. But I thought Ella did just fine giving us the history of Reed's feelings for Darcy which I totally bought. And I thought Ella also did just fine with the chemistry between those 2, hot dang!Reed, with all his alpha actions is just adorable with his thoughts, and I thought Darcy is a pretty cool chick. Mature actions fr [...]

    14. This was definitely my favourite in the “After Hours” series. Elle Kennedy writes such a great romance. Reed has a thing for Darcy but Darcy is with his best friend, AJ. But when AJ and Darcy break up, Reed is faced with the challenge of staying away from Darcy.I instantly fell for Reed. He was sexy and take charge. His romance with Darcy was scorching hot! I really felt for him. Because of his past, he had so many issues of self-worth and I think he truly didn’t think he deserved Darcy.Da [...]

    15. One Night of Scandal3 StarsReed Miller has always obeyed the golden rule of friendship - never poach another guy's gal. Despite his unabated lust for Darcy Grant, Reed has always kept his distance. But now that Darcy and his best friend, A.J have called it quits, Reed is finding it virtually impossible to keep his hands to himself. To make matters worse, Darcy is determined to have her way with him even though she has no interest in a relationship with a sweet-talking bad boy like Reed. Can thes [...]

    16. ARC generously provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review4 ASS.U starsI was excited to read the next book in Elle Kennedy’s After Hours series, having fallen hook, line and sinker for Gage from One Night of Sin.Reed Miller is one of the part owners, along with his best buddies, in the exclusive nightclub, Sin. He is an ex-MMA fighter, and renowned playboy. What better workplace to have to utilise all his talents.Darcy Grant was AJ’s girlfriend; a direct, honest, passio [...]

    17. Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup. (posting to blog 4/4/18): amzn/2BxSkzAAhhh yes. One Night of Scandal heated things up quite nicely.The Gist: Reed and Darcy. Well they've found themselves in a scandalous fling after Darcy breaks up with Reed's best friend and, well, they realize they can't be in arms distance of each other without clothes flying. But it's just a fling. They absolutely will not under any circumstances get serious. Just a fling. Just. A. Fling.Yeah Reed and Darcy. I l [...]

    18. “A man didn’t hit on his friend’s girl or his friend’s ex. Period.”“What kind of woman threw herself at her ex-boyfriend’s best friend?”One Night of Scandal is a very sexy read. And it contains a very sexy Reed. Reed Miller, ex-MMA fighter, club owner and dirty talker.“I want to bite on that sexy bottom lip of yours. I want to slip my tongue in your mouth and tease you until you’re begging me to put my tongue somewhere else.”Darcy Grant is his best friend and business partn [...]

    19. Reed and DarcyBoy this one is super sexy. I like how AJ wasn't all angsty about them being together either. That made me able to enjoy the story without the guilt factor. Full review to come on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews Book one in Elle Kennedy’s After Hours series was a sexy one and left the reader wanting more of Reed and Darcy. One Night of Sin first introduced us to the couple but they were not together. Darcy was actually AJ’s girlfriend. AJ is the third partner in the Gage, Reed and A [...]

    20. Elle Kennedy never disappoints me. I loved Reed and Darcy's story. Their chemistry was smokin' Hot! Reed was such a yummy dirty talker that Darcy didn't stand a chance. What started as no-strings turned into a lot more. This was a great quick read. Now I need AJ's story !

    21. Great series with likeable main characters! I read books 1 and 2 back to back and I hope AJ gets a book as well!

    22. Reed has been dying to make a move on Darcy since the moment he first met her but there was always one thing stopping him - the fact she was dating his best friend AJ. No matter how attracted he is to her he would never step over that line and risk breaking his friend's heart. All bets are off now that Darcy is single again though, as hard as he tries Reed just can't resist temptation and the attraction between them is far too hot to walk away from. Reed isn't like the guys Darcy usually dates, [...]

    23. ARC Courtesy of Entangled PublishingThis is the second book in this hot new series by one of the hottest and steamiest authors out there This is the story of Reed and Darcy. Now if you have read the first book (which you better have) then you will be slightly confused as to why this is Reed and Darcy's story since she was with AJ in the first book. Well unconfuse yourself, and settle back for this decadent little ride.See AJ and Darcy have broken up, a mutual agreement by these 2, since even tho [...]

    24. Holy dirty talker, batman! Reed has to be one of my favorite tough-guy-with-a-heart-of-gold, dirty talking heroes ever. Also, the hung up on his best friend's girl thing has a definite forbidden appeal. And, just to be clear, there is absolutely no cheating in this book. It was a fun, sexy, and sweet story and it would have been the perfect novella, were it not for a few issues. First, as we know, I can't stand judgmental heroines, and most of Darcy's hangups about the relationship were based on [...]

    25. 3.5 stars, because seriously. It's just THIS close!! Personally to me, this book is like, needs a pinch of salt to make it perfect. Because even though I love how Reed and Darcy has this tense yet deep connection, there are moments that annoys me. Haha. I don't know I guess it's just me. Why I only find Elle Kennedy's books just now? Cheese. I'm addicted and I'm so going to read more!

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