Pretending to Be Erica

Pretending to Be Erica Seventeen year old Violet s entire life has revolved around one thing becoming Erica Silverman an heiress kidnapped at age five and never seen again Violet s father the best con man in Las Vegas ha

  • Title: Pretending to Be Erica
  • Author: MichellePainchaud
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seventeen year old Violet s entire life has revolved around one thing becoming Erica Silverman, an heiress kidnapped at age five and never seen again.Violet s father, the best con man in Las Vegas, has a plan, chilling in its very specific precision Violet shares a blood type with Erica soon, thanks to surgery and blackmail, she has the same face, body, and DNA She knoSeventeen year old Violet s entire life has revolved around one thing becoming Erica Silverman, an heiress kidnapped at age five and never seen again.Violet s father, the best con man in Las Vegas, has a plan, chilling in its very specific precision Violet shares a blood type with Erica soon, thanks to surgery and blackmail, she has the same face, body, and DNA She knows every detail of the Silvermans lives, as well as the PTSD she will have to fake around them And then, when the time is right, she reappears Erica Silverman, brought home by some kind of miracle But she is also Violet, and she has a job Stay long enough to steal the Silverman Painting, an Old Master legendary in the Vegas crime world Walking a razor s edge, calculating every decision, not sure sometimes who she is or what she is doing it for, Violet is an unforgettable heroine, and Pretending to be Erica is a killer debut.

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    1. "Over time we all become our own doppelganger, we look the same but we're completely different people."----Ted, How I Met Your MotherMichelle Painchaud, an American author, pens her debut novel, Pretending to be Erica that traces the journey of a con artist who pretends to be a dead and rich princess to steal a million dollars painting, but it is not an easy road to try to have the best of the both worlds, because in reality she is just a regular teenager who has a normal lifestyle.Synopsis: Sev [...]

    2. DNF 58% I'm just incredibly bored with this one. It started out intriguing enough but far-fetched, too. And the whole priceless painting bit was just not convincing. Her being this perfect teenage con artist was not convincing either. I was kept mildly curious due to the tagline on the cover - does that mean she's the real Erica somehow? Or decides to play the con forever? But I just have no interest in these characters at all :(

    3. 3.5 starsAt a Glance:Pretending to be Erica was an intriguing thriller, full of moral complexity. It got a little bit slow in the middle, with a lot of repeating internal dialogue, but for the most part it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. Cover:I adore this cover! The typography is fantastic, giving the book a slightly eery feeling. It's so well done!First Sentence: "I still haven't gotten used to writing my new name."The Characters:The characters in Pretending to be Erica were all pret [...]

    4. Real rating 2.5The number-one rule of a con artist: even if you have no confidence, act like you do.Pretending to be Erica is a pretender book. If you expect this book to be funny and witty and want to learn a con world from the inside - you are for a big disappointment. This book is sheer melodrama. It seems author took her own advice and pretended to write a solid book but it was only an act - the deeper you look, the lesser you see. This book wasn't bad, but mostly I was tired of MC's crying [...]

    5. The microwave clock spills into midnight, and the marionette girl walks up the stairs to sleep in her puppet bed in the puppet house, filled with not-puppet people.They are made of flesh and blood, and she is made of lies and wood.I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I picked Pretending to be Erica up, but it certainly delivered in both the premise and the execution. This is an eloquently written and thought-provoking novel.More than a decade ago, Erica Silverman, the young daughter of a weal [...]

    6. Más bien un 3'74-4. Me ha sorprendido gratamente, porque pensé que sería una historia más, pero lo cierto es que nunca había leído nada del estilo y me ha gustado. Tanto por la narración que me pareció muy buena, como por la trama y la historia en sí. Quizás demasiado predecible en algunos momentos pero aún así me gustó mucho.

    7. Whoa. I did not expect to like this one as much as I did. The main character and the writing are both superb. I really enjoyed the conning aspect and secondary characters too. I'd definitely rec this one! Review to come.

    8. “Dear God, forgive me for my sins. I'm pretending to be a girl who went missing thirteen years ago. A girl who's rich.A girl who's dead.”Este libro fue totalmente increíble, además de que se lee bastante rápido, el trama y todo en sí es increíble.Me encantó todo el trama, desde el inicio además de que engancha, se van resolviendo bastante cosas y descubriendo, una de las cosas que más me gustaron es que va desde el pasado al presente así no solamente saltando las dudas de una vez y [...]

    9. Me ha gustado mucho, sobre todo por la tensión que me ha generado no saber que iba a pasar con la protagonista (no tanto qué decisión iba a tomar que eso sí lo veía venir).La forma de hablar y pensar de la protagonista me ha encantado, parte racional y emocional luchando entre ellas. A la vez, la descripción de sus relaciones tanto con la madre como por las supuestas amistades o pareja me ha parecido que tenía un toque muy especial que personalmente me ha agradado mucho.

    10. This book trapped me, I liked it from the very beginning even if I knew it wasn't going to be a happy book.In fact it is a novel about loss , the inability to cope with it and the will not to give up hope no matter what. The loss of a daughter because of a kidnapping and the loss of a husband due to mental illness.It is also a book about wanting to have a normal life with loving parents, a family and friends. Things that other people take for granted but Violet , the main character, needs more t [...]

    11. This was quite an interesting idea and the execution was clever. Loved Violet. Her inner monologue was captivating. I enjoyed reading her struggle with being Violet and Erica. Taylor and James were the best part of the book and I definitely wanted more scenes with the 3 of them together. There was a pretty good twist and the ending was definitely wasn't what I was expecting. All in all, a quick read with an authentic voice.

    12. Невыносимо скучно и надуманно.Автору ни разу не удалось меня удивить или хоть сколько-нибудь заинтересовать. Я не могу сказать, что роман прям плохой, просто когда после прочтения в голове вертится только "И чего?", это, наверное, показатель.

    13. Me ha gustado pero si este libro fue el ganador del premio de mejor libro juvenil de thriller del año 2016 pues me planteo cómo serían los demás. No digo que no sea bueno, es entretenido y se deja leer y la lo que es la historia en sí está bien elaborada pero hay algunas cosas predecibles.

    14. I have been trying to write a review, but I keep erasing it. I'm just not sure what to say. This wasn't an easy book to get into. Violet was raised to become a dead girl. She learned how to read people, to lie, to con, and she learned everything there was to know about Erica (the girl she was selected to become). But being Erica is harder than she thought it would be. Things aren't black or white anymore. Violet is starting to see grey, and that scares her more than anything else ever could. Sou [...]

    15. Probably 3.5 starsFinally! A book about thieves/con artists that doesn't suck!I enjoyed reading this book.There's kind of not as much conning as I would like though. However, unlike most teen con characters Violet is ACTUALLY skilled. She is plausible. And also practical. She can read people like nobody's business, but everything she does makes sense.So while this book is based around a con, it feel more like a coming of age novel. Violet is split between being herself and being Erica. She's nev [...]

    16. Overall I enjoyed this book. The subject interested me the entire way through, but the ending let me down; it failed to tie up any ends with Violet's 'dad' and 'brother.' Rating: 3/5 stars; a fast-paced read for sure!

    17. Este libro trata sobre la suplantación de identidad de Violet, que se ha convertido en otra persona. A Erica la secuestraron cuando tenía apenas cuatro años, por lo que Violet ha sido criada expresamente para convertirse en ella. Gracias a todo lo que la han "entrenado" y a algunas operaciones de estética, Violet, al fin, tiene su misma apariencia y comportamiento. Ella es huérfana y fue adoptada por Sal, uno de los mayores estafadores de Las Vegas, solo con un propósito: infiltrarse en la [...]

    18. En la piel de Erica ha sido una novela que me ha gustado bastante. Tiene una trama original, adictiva y llena de intriga y tensión. Me ha dejado con muchas ganas de más y me habría gustado que la autora le hubiese añadido una páginas más al final. La protagonista me ha fascinado por completo, sobretodo por la dualidad contra la que lucha durante toda la novela y por ser diferente a la mayoría de cosas que he leído. Si os gustan este tipo de libros, con mucha intriga y suspense, os recomi [...]

    19. Pretending To Be Erica is one of the most interesting books I’ve read this summer. Even though Violet was really doing something pretty terrible to this grieving family, I felt deeply sorry for her. She was clearly wanting to be a part of something, of a family that loved her, and her childhood with a conman was the only love she’d ever really known. There were times that I felt more sorry for Violet than I did for her grieving mother, which I think is a testament to Violet’s development a [...]

    20. Originally reviewed on Hey Teen Books HeyI picked up this book after spending too much time researching a real and nearly equally fantastical case of Frédéric Bourdin, a French conman pretending to be a missing American teenager. Violet has been getting groomed to become Erica for years. This included plastic surgery and having a bone broken because Erica had that bone broken too. Despite a faked positive DNA test lots of the characters still doubt that Violet is Erica and a PI is investigatin [...]

    21. Eerie and impressive, Pretending to be Erica is a very original, suspenseful story with great characters.

    22. Salve amici lettori, oggi vi parlo di “Al posto tuo. Due ragazze. Un'identità” di Michelle Painchaud, un romanzo con una trama davvero originale che mi ha subito incuriosito e che mi sono subito fiondata a leggere. Parla di Violet, una ragazza che è stata cresciuta dal padre adottivo, uno dei più importanti truffatori di Las Vegas, con l’unico scopo di prendere il posto di Erica, scomparsa da anni ma che i genitori milionari non si sono mai arresi di cercare. Molte hanno provato a finge [...]

    23. No ha estado mal pero me queda la sensación como si le faltara algo. Un epílogo quizas, el saber qué pasó al final con Violet y James. Pero en general está bastante bien. La lucha interna que tiene la prota está muy lograda.

    24. IN-CRE-Í-BLE.De lo mejor que he leído en thriller juvenil. En serio, lo cogí un poco recelosa, porque no sabía qué esperar de un thriller juvenil nuevo, sin haber leído sinopsis ni reseñas, solo leyendo lo que mandaron en la nota de prensa, así que estaba un poco reticente. Y me he encontrado un libro con unos giros espectaculares y un final inesperado totalmente.Lo recomiendo muchísimo.

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