Murder on the Page

Murder on the Page Full of humor mystery and great characters I love the Notting Hill setting and Monty the cat Murder on the Page A Harley Hill cozy mystery London s newest sleuth Harley Hill has found a new identi

  • Title: Murder on the Page
  • Author: Kennedy Chase
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Full of humor, mystery, and great characters I love the Notting Hill setting and Monty the cat Murder on the Page A Harley Hill cozy mystery London s newest sleuth, Harley Hill, has found a new identity Where once she was an orphan and a rogue, now she s a partner in the Silvers Hill Finding Agency, and her first full case will test her to her limits When Har Full of humor, mystery, and great characters I love the Notting Hill setting and Monty the cat Murder on the Page A Harley Hill cozy mystery.London s newest sleuth, Harley Hill, has found a new identity Where once she was an orphan and a rogue, now she s a partner in the Silvers Hill Finding Agency, and her first full case will test her to her limits When Harley and her partner Cordelia are tasked to find a rare diary belonging to Queen Elizabeth s closet confident, John Dee, they think it will be a routine case But before they start their investigation into this Doomsday Diary they discover a murder And worse the victim was the key to finding this book whose secrets threaten to bring down the monarchy and the establishment Harley, along with Cordelia and Monty the cat, will have to go to the very root of power in London if they re to find the murderer and the Doomsday Diary But as they dig deeper, they risk becoming the next victims The prequel book, Murder on the Hill, is available here dp B00OL1FQVW These books can be read in any order as each is a standalone although readers will see of an arc of the characters over the course of the series but it s not critical to read them in order Fast paced, gripping, entertaining I m finding it hard to find superlatives for this wonderful women sleuth murder mystery story Harley Hill is the new Stephanie Plum File Under Women Sleuths, Cozy Mystery, Romantic Mystery, Murder Mystery

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    1 thought on “Murder on the Page”

    1. I really enjoyed the first book of the series had high hopes for the this book.It did not disappoint me , but not too enthralling either.The story is about the Harley and Cordi getting hired to find Doomsday Diary containing lots of secret about the British Novelty.A Murder happens and the search becomes a murder mystery. The story moves nicely with lots of suspects and adventurers. Maggie is the star of the book with her lovely cakes and authoritative and sharp mind.Harley does what she does be [...]

    2. Exciting plotThis was an engrossing read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The typos (usually a missing word) were a little confusing but still not nearly as distracting as some books where they clearly have no concept of grammar. The tension was riveting, the mystery compelling, and the characters intriguing. I'm so glad I found this series! This is a little more serious (less fluffy) than the average modern cozy murder mystery, but it still skips the blatant gore of a non cozy. The mystery unfolds [...]

    3. 3.5 StarsThis was a really quick read - it was good, but not a page-turner. I would read another in the series for a fun, quick read.

    4. After reading the first book, I was a little weary about this one, to be honest. It was an interesting book, with them looking for an old ancient text for a collector. Harley works with Alex throughout the book to solve the murder of the collector while everyone else wants to just sweep it under the rug. We don't really get to see Cole must throughout the book, however, a lot of the story near the end actually revolves around him, in a way. The store line, actually contained about 3 running at t [...]

    5. Cute little cozy. I started here and it was no problem. Anything I needed to know was explained, but I don't think it would ruin the backtrack to first book either. Harley Hill had a rough childhood and has landed on her feet with Cordi running a finding agency. This is still rather new, but its going well. They are set to work on a case for a book shop owner - find a lost diary of John Dee. It apparently could bring down the government if it got out then and now. Many are looking and some are p [...]

    6. meh. I don't remember when I started reading this and found it on my kindle carousel about 80% read. So, I finished reading it. I didn't remember what it was about, so my finishing it was just an exercise in completion.

    7. Fun cozyThis is the second of the series. I enjoy the quickness of the books, they are enjoyable and fun with the right amount if snarkiness!

    8. Great readOK book two and I love it great story great characters that you can't help but love getting book three now

    9. I did enjoy the mystery, but the book needs a good proof-reading and editing. So many words were missing or the wrong word inserted that I had to mentally fill in the blanks all the way along. This is the worst book for mistakes that I have read in a long time. Also, the ending being a setup for the next book is not my thing. If you want to know the next sentence, read the next book. I'm not that keen on filling in the blanks in a book to start another one right away. Cute characters, quaint Eng [...]

    10. Lots of typosProbably needs a rewrite - sometimes an early version gets uploaded. A little plodding in the story line also. Thanks

    11. Several strands are woven here and although it's first in a series we find the protagonist has been leading a busy life. She was some sort of criminal and reformed. One man she thought was a fence was in fact an undercover policeman. He also claims to be a Robin Hood stealing stolen items and returning them to their owners. So he won't be a cop for long then. There is a feud of sorts going on with the lady who is our heroine's partner in a new investigation agency. This lady is divorced from ano [...]

    12. I got this book as a free read!! This book was hilarious!! It started off with the character talking directly to you. It was funny!! Then she continues to do so. I couldn't put the book down. The plot was good. She lets you know on the prologue that she has already gotten into trouble. She can't stand her friend/roommates ex husband. But, at the same time she finds him attractive. The plot was pretty interesting. It was based on an author that had a diary/book that could bring down the monarchy. [...]

    13. This book took me by surprise. I found it to be delightful to pass the day with. The characters were fleshed out enough to make it easy to envision them and I found myself so wrapped up in the storyline that I ended up finishing this in one night. Mysteries are great fun to read and this was no different, but there were moments in the writing where I found myself changing my mind about the book. Details in passages were reiterated pages later, making it tough to gloss over that. For example, fro [...]

    14. It's been a year and a half since I read the first installment and I shouldn't have waited that long! This was another fast pace cozy, but I think far better put together than the first one, but maybe it's because I know what I'm looking for.Murder on the Page has all the elements in a mystery that keep the tension high and the characters engaging. Harley has a bank of skills that are tapped into - and when she doesn't know she has a believable network to support her. Her love interest is handso [...]

    15. Cordelia and Harley are in business: Silvers & Hill Finding Agency, to be exact. They "find" pretty much anything for a fee. In this episode, they're on the case in pursuit of an ancient book: Doomsday Diary. Entwined with that is the pursuit of a killer. In the background of all this their personal lives are going on, as if work doesn't keep them busy enough. Reality, isn't it?As with #3 in the series (which I read first), I was slightly disappointed that the whodunnit wasn't entirely solva [...]

    16. I picked up the first two in this series a little while ago when they were on sale for the Kindle. I like cozies and love British stuff, so I figured this would be a slam dunk for me. The writing, at least in these first two, doesn't lead you to any destination in particular. Sure, there's mention of the Tube and every once in a while they'll say they're in London, but these book REALLY don't have a British feel to them in the least. Harley's a fan of the "big reveal." She gets a real Agatha Chr [...]

    17. This is book two of the Harley Hill Mysteries, Murder on the Page.It picks up pretty much where Murder on the Hill left off.Harley and Cordi have taken another case, this time to find John Dee's mysterious, and lost for four hundred years, Doomsday Diary.There are various capers, escapades, more monsters, a love interest, and revelations about current and past family.I very much enjoyed this book, and it, like the first, was a light, entertaining read.I mentioned in a previous review that the au [...]

    18. Really enjoyed this book. I found it on for free and so glad I did because I've found a new author to read, and I will be reading more from Ms. Chase.I have to say this is the second book in a series and I have not read the first book yet. Harley Hill owns a company with Cordelia Silver's called Silvers & Hill Finders Agency. They've been hired to find a book supposedly written by John Dee. But instead of meeting with both clients Harley finds his body - dead. What follows is a fast-paced s [...]

    19. Reading is my favorite hobby, but lately I have been a little bored. I started this book and found myself grabbing moments to finish it. The subtle humor and quirky personalities of Cordi and Harley make this series easy to enjoy. Harley is an intelligent klutz with a hot undercover cop for a boyfriend while her BFF' s ex is giving her lusty eyes. The girls are trying to locate an ancient royal diary while solving a murder. The story flows smoothly with a couple side stories about Harley' s fami [...]

    20. I wasn't thrilled with this one. The story was basically OK, but there was nothing evocative of England despite it supposedly being set there. The characters were not terribly believable. If there was a wrong decision, Harley will make it. The main thing that caused me to downgrade the rating though was the incredible number of typos and words simply left out, as well as homophones substituted for the desired word. It appears that it was edited by a machine that was happy enough as long as every [...]

    21. Meh. It wasn't terrible, but there were some incredibly stupid parts; if you break into a mafia club, you don't hang around! You take what you came for and get the hell out of there! Also, so nobody had a problem with a cop breaking and entering‽Also, I haven't read the first book in the series, but the whole cole situation made zero sense to me. Maybe that backstory is explained better in book 1, but it was clumsily handled in this book.It was free, so I'm not out anything, but I won't be rec [...]

    22. I really enjoyed reading this book in the series, a little more sinister than the 1st but just as good and it captured my interest straight away. As the series goes on we find out more about Harley and Cordi, as well as Alex, Cole and Maggie as well as Monty the furball!Harley does get herself into difficult situations due to her impulsiveness, but after living most of her short life using just her wits to get her by, she knows how to survive; tea and cake usually involved!I can't wait to read t [...]

    23. Doomsday DiaryHarley is off the streets and has gone legitimate in her business dealings now that she works with Cordi. Harley and Cordial are searching for an ancient diary which may or may not exist while trying to solve the murder of Mr. SimpsonThe characters are quirky and fun and the plot lines will keep you guessing right up till the end. I love Monty the cat with his personality and ability to point out clues. Can't wait to find out what happens with Harley's relationships with Cole and h [...]

    24. Average cozy bookThe book was OK but two things kept bothering me: 1) the author kept inappropriately using the nominative case for pronouns after prepositions such as "for Cole and I" instead of "for Cole and me." In addition I didn't care for the repeated use of the word "crap." Some swearing doesn't bother me but for some reason, I found it irritating in this book.It was a cute, light little story line but the incorrect grammar and mild swearing was detracting from the story.

    25. A very exciting mysteryI really enjoyed this second book in the series. It has so much going on in the story that it was hard to put down. The mystery of Harleys life is unfolding, her relationships are strengthening, and she is becoming an excellent detective. Cordelia and Harley have formed a fun dynamic and with Aunt Maggie in the mix it only gets better. Harley takes a lot of dangerous chances and in some cases I couldn't see how she was getting out alive. Great series.

    26. I really enjoyed the beginning of this book. The protagonist was likable and well developed, the other characters felt a bit one dimensional. I was intrigued by the mystery itself up to the point where the story circles back around to where it started. At that point the story gets too rushed and I have a hard time seeing the logic as Harley solves the mystery. Not sure if I will read any more in this series.

    27. An exciting case for Cordelia and Harley and their newly founded Finding Agency. They must track down The Doomsday Diary, an explosive exposè that many people want to get their hands on. Harley never stops in the face of danger. She, along with Cordi and Aunt Maggie, prove to be excellent investigators. A well written story with well developed charactes, not to forget Monty, the cat, who ends up being a indispensable part of the team!

    28. Review: Murder On the Page by Kennedy ChaseI love this book it has wonderful characters, it's part of a series that I not only adore but I hope there are plenty of books to come.So far I have read two of the books in this series. Such a fun series and if you have the winter doldrums, Kennedy Chase's Murder on the Page is the cure.

    29. Tea and Cinnamon RollsA good read, interesting characters, and fast moving plots. Harley is a talented firecracker, but only with the best intentions. Her early life must have been fascinating.Aunt Maggie is also a well drawn character whom I would enjoy knowing. A pleasant way to spend a few hours.

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