Before Midnight

Before Midnight Librarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B DPYZZXA An alpha wolf fighting a powerful curseThe werewolf prince Etienne is turning into a human A fierce and loyal pack Etienne and his family h

  • Title: Before Midnight
  • Author: Jennifer Blackstream
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Librarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00DPYZZXA.An alpha wolf fighting a powerful curseThe werewolf prince Etienne is turning into a human A fierce and loyal pack, Etienne and his family have protected their kingdom with tooth and claw literally for hundreds of years Unfortunately, the spell of a well meaning witch is slowly stealing the beast from insideLibrarian s note Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00DPYZZXA.An alpha wolf fighting a powerful curseThe werewolf prince Etienne is turning into a human A fierce and loyal pack, Etienne and his family have protected their kingdom with tooth and claw literally for hundreds of years Unfortunately, the spell of a well meaning witch is slowly stealing the beast from inside him Only the bite of a cursed werewolf one who was not born with the beast inside can save him from losing everything He has no time for anything that will not lead him to a cure for the curse Not even the beautiful maiden whose gentle nature soothes his soul even as she tempts him into primal pursuits of an entirely different nature A maiden enslaved by her stepfamily, who dares to reach for Loupe lives in terror Terror of the bloodthirsty stepfamily who treats her like a slave, and terror of the beast trapped inside her Bitten by a werewolf while dealing with the illegal gains of her stepfamily s poaching, Loupe s dreams of a strong husband who would take her away from her servant like existence are over A woman who becomes a mindless beast on the night of the full moon has no place in a marriage bed Not even if that bed belongs to a prince with the manners of royalty and the hungry eyes of a wolf Nothing will stand between an alpha wolf and his mate A grand ball The stroke of twelve A magic slipper All kinds of things can happen when you don t leave the ball Before Midnight.

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    1 thought on “Before Midnight”

    1. 3.5 starsMy quest for Freebies continues!Snagged this one a little while back, because it's a retelling of Cinderella.Don't judge my obsessions!But I gotta say, the cover didn't really inspire confidence. Excuse me, Mrs. Hannah? Would you like some crackers with your cheese?At any rate, I wasn't expecting much.Why does it seem like a cover can make or break a book for women. I mean, haven't we always been told that men were the visual ones?Anyway, with my low expectations firmly in place, I star [...]

    2. 4 "If Cinderella Were a Werewolf" Stars for the story and 5 stars for the narration! *I gave this audiobook an A for the Narration and B for the story at AudioGals*Narration by Matt AddisBefore Midnight is the debut book in the paranormal romance series, Blood Prince, featuring five blood princes (a werewolf, a vampire, a demon, an angel, and a god) who control their own kingdoms in overlapping space but each of whom plays a part in the overarching suspense arc of the series. Each story fe [...]

    3. You cannot help but love this story, I mean it is very basically the story of Cinderella but with werewolves LOL, There is an over arching plot but we cannot see it yet, it is where the story starts and ends.The story of Loupe (yea, that was kinda lame but it detracted nothing from the story) and Etienne was fabulous. There was a lot more bloodletting and the stepmother was a vicious b***h but the story was addicting and just when you think it is happy-ever-after you are wrong, this author has a [...]

    4. This is a Cinderella retelling set among warewolves who have no qualms about being savage when needed - and all I could think of when it ended was - how cute!!! Quirky, different, gruesome, and adorable all at the same time, it's kind of like the Rocky Horror of Cinderella's! I have a feeling it's a love it or hate it kind of book (most especially (view spoiler)[ how the prince ends up with the slipper(hide spoiler)]). Our Cinderella is innocent and sweet, our Prince is valiant and true, love co [...]

    5. Lycan and all-around good guy Prince Etienne has been "blessed" rather than cursed, resulting in the loss of his werewolf mojo. If you were looking for a twisted fairy tale, you've found it. Based loosely on the bones of "Cinderella," this story takes the position that heroine Loupe needs to leave the ball before midnight so that she doesn't morph into a wolf in front of the royal court. Etienne and his family, long the protectors of the realm, are close-knit. He and his parents are exploring ev [...]

    6. I really got a kick out of this interpretation of Cinderella. It has a simple, almost naive narration, imitating fairy tale wording, but at the same time, it's vivid and lush, and slightly gruesome as well. I know I'll be looking forward to the other books in this fun series.

    7. 2.5 to 3 StarsThis book was a bit of a rollercoaster ride for meIt started out strong with an engaging prologue that held my attention and intrigued me as to the overall nature of the series; the characters seemed complex, each having unique personalities and histories However, as the story progressed it started to feel rushed and the details of the storyline seemed glossed over and inconsistentThere certainly was the potential for a more intricate and flushed out storyline,but it ended up being [...]

    8. I really want to give this book 2.5 stars, but since that's not an option, I went back and forth on whether to give it 2 or 3. I finally settled on 3 to be nice.It's not a terrible book, but it's not very good either. The writing is quite repetitive and tell-y (and full of so many typos), with sentences like, "he opened his mouth to bare a mouthful of sharp teeth too sharp to be human." Ok, so they're sharp then? Wait, are they sharp? I'm guessing they must be sharp. And it really feels like I'm [...]

    9. What if Cinderella was a werewolf? And so was the Prince? And the Stepmother was not only Wicked but Insane? This is not the Cinderella story your Daddy told you – unless your dad was a cross between Stephen King and H. P. Lovecraft.The heroine is Loupe and as the Cinderella character she is used and abused, far beyond the usual scrubbing floors and waiting on the Stepsisters. [Since this is werewolf story, naming the heroine ‘Loupe’ is a bit of tell.] She was bitten by a dying wolf which [...]

    10. (3.5 Stars)When I first began reading "Before Midnight" I found myself wondering if I would be able to finish the book. The beginning was slow and tedious and I found myself wondering if we were ever going to get anywhere. However, some where along the way I truly became interested in the storyline but I will admit the author still never revealed the true purpose of all the rambling at the beginning. I guess you have to read all of the books in this series before all is revealed.Loupe (Yep! That [...]

    11. The following review was originally posted on my book blog The Book Challengers.I have a confession to make: I'm a sucker for Cinderella retellings. The minute you tell me that it's a Cinderella retelling, I'm intrigued. Fortunately for me this particular story was free when I grabbed my copy and while my expectations were not all that high before starting the story, the prologue managed to pique my interest very well. Too bad that the rest of the story wasn't always on par with the prologue. Fo [...]

    12. Man!! This book was almost great!!The opening prologue was amazing & set up this series so well, that I cannot wait for the next books, but I am hoping like hell they don't mimic a fairy tale. I am so sorry, but without any warning ahead of time that this book, including the characters description, was so "Cinderella" that it just bothered me. It would have been one of my top favorites if the wicked step-mother & step-sisters didn't have similar names & descriptions (hair & cloth [...]

    13. Loupe holds a secret that could end her life immediately if her stepmother found out. Poaching wolves, her stepmother has made Loupe skin the animals in order to sell their skins, but one of those wolves was not dead and turned Loupe into a werewolf that she can't control. All of her dreams of marrying one day are out the window, how could she be with a man if he ends up killing him in his sleep.Prince Etienne has been cursed, each day his wolf is disappearing and if he does not find a cure soon [...]

    14. I decided to give this book a try after I read a short story the author's in an anthology and absolutely loved it! I wish I could say the same for this book. The writing was good, the character's had depth. But the physicality. It's not that there WAS physicality. (I knew that this book might have more than what I usually read). It was the timing. Here, are our character's trying to stop the crazy stepmother when instead of ensuring the safety of family and friends and THE KINGDOM, we're going t [...]

    15. This is supposed to be a retelling of Cinderella with werewolves.***I am almost ready to shut it down at the first line… her name is Loupe and she’s a werewolf? (Loup is French for wolf.) Why didn’t you call her Wolfie McWolf? Or Moon Moon, as kid3 suggested.I can’t stand seeing lycanthrope and loup garou written in italics EVERY SINGLE TIME. Ugh.It makes no sense that the royalty would have a long and ancient tradition of being bred wolves, and that they patrol the kingdom at night to p [...]

    16. Loupe (our Cinderella) was the abused step-daughter whose job was to skin, treat, and package up the wolf skins for her step-family. She was bitten by a cursed werewolf during a work day. Prince Etienne (the hero) is a natural werewolf who was "blessed" (although the blessing was a curse) by a witch after he saved her from thieves. He is losing his inner wolf and needs to be re-bitten/mated with either a natural or a cursed werewolf before the end of the next full moon. Loupe and Etienne are the [...]

    17. Wolfishly Entertaining!Nobody ever said Cinderella was human or even that her real name was Cinderella – LOL No, step into the paranormal world where fairy tales exist and are controlled by an ancient witch (Eurydice) consumed in a World Tree (a space where all the worlds overlap) with foresight and has the help of Fairies, pixies, gargoyles, and magic to help faith along its route. This story was quite enjoyable with its wolfish spin in place of Cinderella. The characters were the main thing [...]

    18. 3.5 Stars. I really disliked the beginning of this book so much so I was convinced the rest of the book was going to be horribly painful to get through. But surprise surprise! It turned around shortly after and I have to say that aside from that bad start, the story was pretty good. It was easy to follow with characters that were likable and an okay concept in regards to the retelling of the Cinderella fairy tale. Not the best but definitely no where near the worse that I've come across.I do wis [...]

    19. I'm not sure why i decided to get this book, but what a pleasant surprise!it was definitely a creative rebelling of Cinderella and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I successfully avoided all kinds of work in favor of reading this story. I liked the setting, the main characters and the twists. The only thing I would have enjoyed was for it to be longer! After the last few stories I read that I didn't enjoy, this was just what I needed. The way the passion between Loupe and Estienne was written really was [...]

    20. I loved this paranormal romance style Cinderella retelling and the hints at the worldbuilding that will continue on through the whole series. It wasn't terribly deep, but it was engaging and even cute. The prince isn't just a cookie cutter figure and neither is the Cinderella. Loved the build in the romance and that final series of scenes were exciting. Paranormal Romance lovers who also enjoy fairy tales should give this a try.

    21. Let’s address the several 1&2-star reviews, since I don’t want them to deter anyone from this fantastic book, but I also want you to know your expectations before reading.First, let’s start with my biggest pet peeve. Reading an adult romance and giving it 1-2 stars because there is sex in it. I don’t go around giving YA books 1-stars for having no sex. WARNING: there is sex and adult language in this book (albeit very little), please do not read if you are looking for something PG. M [...]

    22. A Cinderella and a werewolf story combined - get out of town!!! This is going to be amazing!!! :DA wolf fighting against a powerful curse werewolf Prince Etienne is turning into a human - all because of a curse/blessing placed upon him. He has to find a way to break the curse before its too late by getting bite by a human curse to be a beast!! Loupe lives in terror, her step-family treats her like a slave, as well as being cursed to be a beast from an accident that befell her. I like how Loupe i [...]

    23. This was a retelling of Cinderella, with werewolves. Interesting concept, poor execution. The author spent the majority of the book attempting to hit the major plot points of the original fairy tale whilst trying to quirkily work in her werewolf spin. It didn't work for me. The characters fell flat, the worldbuilding was almost non-existent, there was zero chemistry in the romance element and the conflict was weak at best and incredibly dull at worst. I enjoy fairy tale retellings when they're d [...]

    24. Plot: 3.5/5Characterisation: 4/5Prose: 3/5How much I enjoyed it: 4/5An interesting interpretation of the Cinderella tale.

    25. I received this book in exchange for an honest review (Lovers of Paranormal)This story started out great. The Prologue had me hooked, and I couldn't wait to read more, despite the fact that Cinderella has never been a fairy tale that I'm particularly fond of. However, with a twist like the one in this retelling (Werewolves? Yes, please, I'll read it!), I didn't want to miss it.Etienne and Loupe have a nice bit of chemistry between them. Granted, I felt that the pace of their relationship went by [...]

    26. If you couldn’t guess by the synopsis this is a retelling of the fairytale Cinderella. I have been obsessed with these retellings lately and I haven’t quite found ones that I like. A lot of “retellings” barely have anything to do with the original story and that bothers me because it really isn’t a retelling if you change the story almost completely. Then I picked up this series. I loved it. The characters, the story, the romance, all of it.Loupe has been mistreated by her stepfamily s [...]

    27. A werewolf, a vampire, a demon, an angel and a god meet up at the World Tree the beginning of a joke with a supernatural twist? No, it’s the beginning of the latest book from my new favorite author, Jennifer Blackstream. Before Midnight introduces us to these five supernaturals, then tells the story of Prince Etienne of Sanguenay, the werewolf. In Etienne’s world there are lycanthropes, who are born werewolfs, and loup garous, who are turned by a scratch or bite. Prince Etienne, a lycanthrop [...]

    28. I received this book in exchange for an honest review (LoP or Lovers of Paranormal)I loved this book- to be honest I love anything paranormal and anything fairy tale so this book was a real treat to read. It is in simple terms Cinderella with werewolves and as a fan of everything Disney I do love a happy ending.The main characters Loupe and Etienne are in effect the Cinderella and Prince charming in this story. Loupe is as Cinderella always is, quiet and gentle which disappointed me since the st [...]

    29. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in place of an honest review.Loupe is a woman that wishes for a man to save her form her evil step-family. They are all born hunters and kill wolves. It is against the rules in the kingdom and if they are caught it could cause problems. Her job is to skin the wolves and she is now hiding a secret. She was bitten by a wolf so now on the full moon she turns into one herself.Etienne is a prince and is a born wolf. His family have been defending their ki [...]

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