Kiss Carlo

Kiss Carlo From Adriana Trigiani the beloved New York Times bestselling author of The Shoemaker s Wife comes an exhilarating epic novel of love loyalty and creativity the story of an Italian American family

  • Title: Kiss Carlo
  • Author: Adriana Trigiani
  • ISBN: 9780062319227
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From Adriana Trigiani, the beloved New York Times bestselling author of The Shoemaker s Wife, comes an exhilarating epic novel of love, loyalty, and creativity the story of an Italian American family on the cusp of change.It s 1949 and South Philadelphia bursts with opportunity during the post war boom The Palazzini Cab Company Western Union Telegraph Office, ownedFrom Adriana Trigiani, the beloved New York Times bestselling author of The Shoemaker s Wife, comes an exhilarating epic novel of love, loyalty, and creativity the story of an Italian American family on the cusp of change.It s 1949 and South Philadelphia bursts with opportunity during the post war boom The Palazzini Cab Company Western Union Telegraph Office, owned and operated by Dominic Palazzini and his three sons, is flourishing business is good, they re surrounded by sympathetic wives and daughters in law, with grandchildren on the way But a decades long feud that split Dominic and his brother Mike and their once close families sets the stage for a re match Amidst the hoopla, the arrival of an urgent telegram from Italy upends the life of Nicky Castone Dominic and his wife s orphaned nephew who lives and works with his Uncle Dom and his family Nicky decides, at 30, that he wants than just a job driving Car 4 and than his longtime fianc e Peachy DePino, a bookkeeper, can offer When he admits to his fianc e that he s been secretly moonlighting at the local Shakespeare theater company, Nicky finds himself drawn to the stage, its colorful players and to the determined Calla Borelli, who inherited the enterprise from her father, Nicky must choose between the conventional life his family expects of him or chart a new course and risk losing everything he cherishes.From the dreamy mountaintop village of Roseto Valfortore in Italy, to the vibrant streets of South Philly, to the close knit enclave of Roseto, Pennsylvania, to New York City during the birth of the golden age of television, Kiss Carlo is a powerful, inter generational story that celebrates the ties that bind, while staying true to oneself when all hope seems lost.Told against the backdrop of some of Shakespeare s greatest comedies, this novel brims with romance as long buried secrets are revealed, mistaken identities are unmasked, scores are settled, broken hearts are mended and true love reigns Trigiani s consummate storytelling skill and her trademark wit, along with a dazzling cast of characters will enthrall readers Once again, the author has returned to her own family garden to create an unforgettable feast Kiss Carlo is a jubilee, resplendent with hope, love, and the abiding power of la famiglia.

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    1 thought on “Kiss Carlo”

    1. I've read every novel Adriana Trigiani has written and while Kiss Carlo is not awful, it's certainly my least favorite of her works. It seemed to try to tell the story of too many people without making me care all that much for many of them. That said, a highlight of the book was the friendship that developed between Hortense and Minna. I'd like to have known more about Hortense, her background, her marriage, her children and more about Minna, too. I'd also liked to have known more about Nicky's [...]

    2. Sitting down with a new Trigiani novel, is like opening a box of chocolates. Not quite sure what’s under the coating, but knowing it will be sweet and tasty. It’s like visiting an old friend. I know I’m in for some delights, some words of wisdom, a tear or two, some chuckles, and some salivating in these Italian kitchens. Believable characters in believable circumstances. The novel will take you from South Philly to Roseto, Italy, its sister city, Roseto, PA and to New York, in 1949, post [...]

    3. I'd find it hard to say "no" when offered a taste of Trigiani. I truly adored The Shoemaker's Wife. Still, I've also glanced at other novels she penned and felt immediately turned off. But, the adoration won out and I happily signed up to receive an advance edition of this novel (which came with lipstick!).Although it takes a few tripscluding to Italy and to a small town in PAis book's heart is in Philadelphia. Nicky is growing up in a bustling family, adopted by an Aunt and Uncle when his mothe [...]

    4. I would rate this book a 2 1/2. It was enjoyable, and Adriana Trigiani is one of my favorite authors, and I have enjoyed many of her other books, but Kiss Carlo was not one of my favorites. It dragged on, and although I liked the way the book came together at the end, it was too abrupt. One minute Nicky is in New York, the next he is marrying Calla. The last few books by Adriana Trigiani have been disappointing, I am hoping that the next one is better.

    5. I'm disappointed for the first time ever. I've read all of Adriana's books, and I was so excited for this one to come out. But it dragged and felt disjointed and kind of all over the place. I kept feeling like certain things were supposed to carry more significance than they were. I still adore Adriana, but I was happy to finish this.

    6. I would like to thank Edelweiss and Harper Collins for an ARC(advanced reading copy) of "Kiss Carlo" by Adriana Trigiani for my honest review.The genres of this novel are Women's Fiction and Historical Fiction.The timeline of this story is 1949, after the war. The story takes place in a little Italian town, South Philly and New York in the United States.In Southern Philly, there are two brothers feuding over land that had belonged to their father when he was alive. This feud splits the large fam [...]

    7. Not quite the family saga that she's written before - focuses mainly on late 1940s and early 1950s. I felt it was overlong. I liked the story and the observations about family.

    8. Adriana Trigiani has gone back to her roots with her latest book, KISS CARLO. It’s the story of a large Italian American family that’s set in Philadelphia in the 1950s. When brothers Dom and Mike have a falling out, they form rival cab companies and go their separate ways but they’re always aware of what the other is doing. I admit to being somewhat biased when it comes to Trigiani’s books but I think this one may be her best one yet. I was charmed and captivated by this well-crafted fam [...]

    9. I simply inhaled this book while on vacation! I have read most of Trigiani's books and I would consider this her best. The characters are real and easy to warm up to! A beautiful slice of Italian life in Philadelphia circa 1940's.

    10. NOTE: I received a complimentary ARC of this enthralling novel from TLC Book Tours for an honest (and honestly enthusiastic!) review.This wonderful novel was my introduction to Adriana Trigiani, who is now one of my favorite authors! With Kiss Carlo, she has delivered a totally riveting, compelling story that actually plays like a movie from the year in which these events take place -- 1949.I was so captivated by the book's cover, when I first saw it, that I decided to take the risk of going out [...]

    11. It's 1949 and Nicky Castone works as a cab driver for the family company. He's an orphan and his uncle Dominic Palazzini has taken him in. Nicky is engaged to Peachy, but after seven years he still hasn't agreed to set a date for the wedding. Nicky secretly spends his evenings in Calla's Shakespeare theater, where he does all kinds of different jobs behind the scenes. When he gets the chance to act, because there is nobody else, he finally finds his passion. He continues following it, but after [...]

    12. Full review to be posted on blog.*Love Adriana Trigiani's books and this one was no exception!*Totally swept up in this family saga. *Great, well-developed characters *And that cover - it's gorgeous - you could totally judge this book by the cover, not that I ever would ;)*I listened to the audio because of the narrator - Edoardo Ballerini's voice is amazing - like a tall drink of cool water. Had to listen when I saw he was narrating - & it was amazing!!! Great pairing - AT's story and EB's [...]

    13. I really wanted to like this, but about 100 pages in, I just couldn't. It was too drawn out. And I really like Nicky, wanted to hear what happened

    14. I loooved this book. I was a little hesitant to read this because this is my very favorite writer snd her last book was not my favorite, but I loved it. The characters just jump off the pages and into your heart. I don't know how she keeps so many stories going at one time. Sure hope there is going to be a sequel. Looooove.

    15. Отзыв в моём блоге: momentarythingsbymarochka.tumКнига «Поцелуй Карло» – это исторический роман (повествующий о конце 40-ых и начале 50-ых гг XXв.), относящийся к направлению реализм.Несмотря на то, что в книге есть главный герой – Никки Кастоне, сюжет подробно раскрывает нам судьбы многих п [...]

    16. I always look forward to a new Adriana Trigiani book. I feel like I am an honorary Italian when I read her books, filled with family, food, romance and people with a good work ethic.Trigiani's latest novel, Kiss Carlo, is a big, beautiful novel, stuffed with all of the above and more. The story begins in Roseto Valfatore, Italy in 1949, with Carlo, the ambassador, heading to Roseto, Pennsylvania to seek help from some Italian-Americans in rebuilding their road.From there, we meet the Palazzini b [...]

    17. The cover is to die for and you can judge a book by its cover. I'm a Adriana Trigiani fan and have read all of them. She never disappoints. I'm so happy that I received an ARC thanks to a book blogger page on Facebook. Even though this book was 500+ pages, it was fast reading and these two families meshed well together -- except for the brothers Mike & Dom who had a falling out almost 20 years ago until almost the end of the book. So much going on in this book and not just with the families [...]

    18. Adriana does it again! Loved this book. It takes you deep into the goings on of an Italian American family in post WWII Philadelphia. The protagonist is a young veteran of the war who is an orphan that lives with his aunt and uncle and their big crazy Italian family. He gets bitten by the acting bug after working in a theater part time performing Shakespeare. In order to be true to himself, he needs to turn his back on many of the trappings of a typical Italian American life for a male at that t [...]

    19. I simply could not put this book down and read it in two sittings! Kiss Carlo is a fast-paced historical romance novel that takes you back in time to the 1940's and 1950's. The book cover does not do this love story justice. The characters are truly captivating making them feel like a member of your family or a close friend. I really enjoyed the way the author describes the setting making it a beautiful backdrop for a steamy romantic read. 

    20. This has some excellent moments and captures the neighborhood mores, but it is just too long with too much. Not my favorite and not the poorest choice I've read by this author. Too much Peachy dramatics and I'll get the style review and larger reaction when I have a keyboard of size available. Needed a massive edit and it would have been a 4.

    21. It's 1949 and Calla Borelli's father owns a run down theater in South Philly that only shows Shakespearean plays, so obviously, it is struggling a bit. Calla works there, because along with her father, it's her passion, but she is not sure how it will stay open much longer. Nicky Castone works at the theater and also his family's cab company. He is an orphan and his aunt has taken him in, so he lives with his extended family in South Philly. His Uncle Dom's cab company competes with his estrange [...]

    22. I saw the author talking about her book on the Today Show and went to check it out of the library. The book was good with a plot I haven't had much of before. The only reason I gave this three stars was because I felt like the story ended and resolved everything and then would start again. It went through about three waves of that and I wasn't sure of the direction of the book. But it was good and I would recommend it.

    23. I was fortunate to receive a pre-publication copy of this book. As most of my friends know, I am a "brand loyalist" when it comes to Adriana Trigiani for many reasons, among them my Italian-American heritage and the fact that she is a masterful storyteller. In my opinion, identity on multiple levels is an over-arching theme in most of her books. In "Kiss Carlo," she explores ethnic identity and self-knowledge in the post-WW II Italian-American community. The principal characters are complicated [...]

    24. Adriana Trigiani is back with a tale about a big family who live in South Philadelphia. It’s the post-WWII years and people are optimistic about getting back to finding the American dream and all that entails. Trigiani’s characters are relatable yet sometimes larger than life. They have important lessons to learn and are mostly grateful when they do. Most important was finding one’s true purpose and how to recognize it when it appeared. As serious as that sounds there are also laugh-out-lo [...]

    25. Enjoyed this book for two reasons. This was a satisfying love story in which couples reflected on long term happiness and made marriage decisions accordingly even though it might not be a popular one. Also, one of the main characters Nick was able to follow a dream and achieved it having to take side roads but getting to his ultimate end and personal happiness. The story was engaging; the ending satisfying. A good read.

    26. Adriana Trigiani is known for her Italian family books. Here is another. I have this belief that the more popular an author gets the less the publishing com[any edits their books. This book needed editing! It is too long for the light story and wanders here, there and everywhere. So much fluff thrown in for no apparent reason. The good part of this book is that you do want to keep reading although there is really no turmoil or tension. You do want Calla to keep the theater and you do want Dom an [...]

    27. So many good reviews, I just must be missing something! Had seen this book recommended a number of times, in various places. I requested it from the library, and waited quite a long time to get it, as there were so many requests for it.I just couldn't get into it. It seemed silly and contrived, and so predictable. About half way through, I decided to just skim through it, and honestly felt that I did not miss much. This is the first book that I have read by this author, perhaps I will try anothe [...]

    28. Let me set the record straight. Being of Italian-American descent, the minute a book has words in it like mopeen, pastina and la boost, it has my complete attention. However, after the novelty wears off, there has to be much more going on than vocabulary. Adriana Trigiani’s new book, Kiss Carlo, not only had a good sprinkling of Italian words, but it had me captivated. I had high expectations for this book; this is the author of The Shoemaker’s Wife after all! This book does not disappoint. [...]

    29. I love family sagas, and Adriana Trigiani is a master at them. “Kiss Carlo” is a story of family, romance, loyalty, trust, dreams, and tradition. It opens in May 1949 in South Philly after the men have returned from war. Dom and Mike Palazzini, brothers in an Italian-American family have not spoken for an estimated 16 years. Nicky Castone, orphaned at a young age, has lived with his uncle Dom and aunt Jo since he was five years old. He drives a taxi for the family cab company and delivers te [...]

    30. Kiss Carlo was an interesting look at an Italian family and their community in America after the events of World War 2. I enjoyed the family interactions and at times chuckled with them and at other times pitied them too as sometimes they let petty things and grievances stand in the way of meaningful family relationships. Especially the relationships between brothers who should have been supportive of each other. This book was not at all what I had expected, delightfully so. It is a big book. We [...]

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