The Hellblazer, Volume 1: The Poison Truth

The Hellblazer Volume The Poison Truth John Constantine the hard hearted Hellblazer returns home to London to face an impossible choice live an immortal life bonded to a demonic curse or shift that curse to eight million people killing e

  • Title: The Hellblazer, Volume 1: The Poison Truth
  • Author: Simon Oliver Moritat Andre Szymanowicz Sal Capriano
  • ISBN: 9781401268862
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Paperback
  • John Constantine, the hard hearted Hellblazer returns home to London to face an impossible choice live an immortal life bonded to a demonic curse, or shift that curse to eight million people killing each and every one of them What to do, what to do The Hellblazer is back in the first volume of the continued story of one of DC s most iconic and long lasting charactersJohn Constantine, the hard hearted Hellblazer returns home to London to face an impossible choice live an immortal life bonded to a demonic curse, or shift that curse to eight million people killing each and every one of them What to do, what to do The Hellblazer is back in the first volume of the continued story of one of DC s most iconic and long lasting characters by writer Simon Oliver FBP with art by Moriat The Spirit.Collecting Hellblazer 1 6

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      314 Simon Oliver Moritat Andre Szymanowicz Sal Capriano
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    1 thought on “The Hellblazer, Volume 1: The Poison Truth”

    1. Until Pia Guerra took over as the artist, this was just constantly teetering on visually boring for me. I know, I knowdifferert strokes and all, but it was a chore to drag my eyes across the pages there for a while.Maybe it wouldn't have been bad enough to draw my notice if the story was a bit more interesting, though. I mean, it wasn't terrible but it wasn't all that good, either. Just sort of a bleh plot mixed with blah characters.I want to like Constantine. I do! And I don't mind that he's mo [...]

    2. I’ve read 16 Rebirth titles now and only liked 1 (Tom King’s Batman) – 1! Hellblazer Rebirth makes 17 and takes the score up to 16-1. Rebirth is the worst relaunch EVER! This should really be called Hellblazer/Swamp Thing Rebirth because ol’ Swampy’s storyline takes up around half the book. John Constantine is back in Blighty for some reason. Swamp Thing is looking for Abby Arcane who’s gone missing in the Rot (rot is an appropriate description for this book!). Some bad guys called D [...]

    3. Gonna try to do a quick review before I get too far into volume 2 and get everything confused. I really enjoyed this volume. It continues with the more modern feel that was in the previous run but also brings back a lot of more 'classic' stuff and even characters from the very beginning of the series. I'm happy that Mercury is around because although I never really liked the overall story lines in Delano's run, I did really like Mercury as a character. Also it's always great to see Chas and Swam [...]

    4. Constantine has figured out how to end his banishment from London and it requires him to gamble on the lives of all Londoners to end it. The rebirth issue felt more like the Hellblazer of old. In the main story, we find out Djinns used to be the dominant force on Earth before humans. When humans came along, Djinns were jealous and tried to corrupt humanity. At this point, they've mostly died out. However there are still 2 brothers around with differing opinions on how they should affect humanity [...]

    5. Okay. I will not say I hate the new DC Rebirth take on John Constantine but it can be a mixed bag for new readers. The Rebirth one-shot for the Hellblazer series does a great job of setting the tone for the series. I really think that artist Moritat's drawing and the colors really fit the mood of the series. The artist change in the last two issues was not cool. I felt like it changed how the story feels. Nevertheless I really enjoyed Constantine's voice. Simon Oliver does a good job balancing t [...]

    6. I've heard Constantine was one of the great characters but from this book I find it severely lacking in scope and character. The story is messy and the artwork is way cartoon for the darker traits of the character. I just couldn't get into this book, it drawn out and uneventful, Constantine didn't have a purpose or reason which takes away from the storyline. I won't be going out of my way for the next book but I'll give it a go to see if they can course correct.

    7. Wowis us not good. World: I do not like the art until Pia came along. Before that the art was simply ugly for me. The world building here is play, it calls back on the past of Hellblazer and I enjoyed that (that's what the Rebirth titles have been good at). The idea of the Djinn I like and I'm a sucker for lore. Story: The writing is pretty bad. Sure I can see Oliver trying to capture the voice of John from the original Hellblazer run and the tone but the pacing and the structure is fragmented a [...]

    8. 5 starsNot really a fan of John Constantine. Comic was good though. Wonder if Mercury will forgive him or like him. The Dijinn are very interesting. Would be interesting to meet one. Can't wait to read Hellblazer volume 2!!!!!

    9. In the better half of the Rebirth books. It isn't great, not yet, but it could be. I feel like Oliver has a good handle on the character of Constantine, and he draws on his past without leaning on it so heavily that newer readers will be lost or feel like they're missing much. The story, on the other hand, is decent, but not remarkable. Right now, it feels a bit drawn out, because this volume seems to be only the first half of the story. And I'm getting the impression that this could have all be [...]

    10. John Constantine's first solo series, Hellblazer, ran for 300 issues, before being cancelled as part of DC's regrettable lunge towards brand synergy. Since then, the magician and scoundrel's had three relaunches in as many years: the abominable Constantine, the much more entertaining Constantine: The Hellblazer, and now The Hellblazer. No potential for confusion in those titles! Simon Oliver, the writer this time out, at least had form on the original book, writing a spin-off miniseries for John [...]

    11. Ok, I didn't dislike this as much as everyone else, but this Rebirth storyline was a little all over the map for me.The main plot-something about the Djinn plotting their return muahaha-goes off in several directions, and not all of them were ones that I could follow. It felt like I was supposed to know who people were and what they were referring to, but there was too much random. I mean, I don't read Hellblazer on the reg, but who the Hell is Mercury? The story simultaneously felt like it had [...]

    12. Free copy provided by Netgalley in return for an honest reviewRating: 3 / 5Publication Date: 04th April 2017Review Date: 03rd April 2017DNF @ 50%I was really excited when DC Entertainment sent me a copy of this comic. I was really excited to delve into Hellblazer and rediscover a character I really loved and the Rebirth phase is something I’ve seriously been looking forward to. It took me from March 29th to April 03rd to get 50% through this and I just couldn’t bring myself to finish reading [...]

    13. Another Rebirth title. Another 3 stars.There are parts of this that really work (John and Swampy/Chas/Maps) and parts that really don't (Clarice & Marid sections drag appallingly) and this sums up Rebirth as a whole really.An opening one-shot sets everything up for newer readers (or those who have lost track since New 52) and Constantine has lost none of his snark. The plot is well-conceived and flows nicely, although I did tire at the OTT 'Britishness' and political posturing. What worked u [...]

    14. As a long, longtime fan of John Constantine, the Hellblazer, whose last contact I had with the character, outside of Arrow, was Hellblazer #300, I was both anxious and guarded when the advance preview of his Vertigo-less Rebirth series from DC Comics and NetGalley arrived. Overall, this first collection of Rebirth issues is fairly entertaining, albeit straightforward, gluten-free with no additives, essentially, Hellblazer-lite.For this first volume of The Hellblazer, entitled “The Poison Truth [...]

    15. A little bit of a generous 3 stars, if only because this wasn't bad, but I'm not particularly drawn to read more. A big part of this was that I didn't love the work of either of the artists on these issues. Although John Constantine is still characterized as an asshole, he's sympathetic, which moves his character closer to the Harry Dresden type than the original John Constantine. So, if you're looking for a really gritty Constantine with social and political commentary, this isn't it. If you're [...]

    16. "Occult detective" John Constantine has always been one of the "cooler" characters in the DC universe: a mouthy punk in a trench coat, chainsmoking Silk Cuts as he lacerates friend and foe alike with deadpan barbs, sneaky cunning and a willingness to use and/ or sacrifice anything and anyone he needs in order to survive. Deeply cynical about pretty much everything, yet deep down fundamentally driven by a heartfelt desire to do some good in his life.The series has benefitted from some really gr [...]

    17. John Constantine's first ongoing series as part of the New 52 wast great. His second was much, much better but was cut short by Rebirth, making way for the newly title 'The Hellblazer' by British writer Simon Oliver with art by Moritat.The Rebirth issue begins by helping to explain away why John was trapped outside of England for his past two series, allowing him to get back to his old turf and begin making waves. Oliver brings in Mercury, a side character from one of the earliest arcs of the Ve [...]

    18. Well, DC certainly has made a mess of their continuity. Because in this volume we seem to pretty much have the classic Constantine back. But it's simultaneously admitting that the New York volumes happened. Whatever, I'm happy that we appear to have a Constantine with 300 issues of history again.Meanwhile, the story really feels like it could have been in the classic Hellblazer comic. Most delightfully that's due to the return of Mercury and a bunch of character work that feels like a follow-up [...]

    19. *sigh*. DC. DC. DC. You need to stop trying with Constantine - you were doing fine with "Constantine The Hellblazer" as a relaunch but John in this book is just trying to hard to convince you he's a hard but charming wanker but you can't even follow through on that. The book is annoying overall really. The Swamp Thing story line was interesting and it's probably not a good sign when I"m more into that than Constantine's story.

    20. I bloody love how British this is. Plus. the fantasy element is cool, I love the introduction of Djinn (Can't wait to see where that goes!) and the secondary characters are so damn compelling. Mercury is bae. Perfect setting, perfect little shit Constantine, perfect amount of action. I like the art too! There's nothing I don't like about this.

    21. Well, this just in; Rebirth does it again! Another stinker :/Pfff seriously I'm about to give up completely It's like DC isn't even trying anymoreNo story, lousy conversations,

    22. **** I got a digital copy of this from DC through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. ****This is only the 2nd solo volume of a John Constantine series that I've ever read. Most of my knowledge of the character comes from the series Justice League Dark and an occasional Swamp Thing tie-in. Writer Simon Oliver seems to have gotten the character of John Constantine right, to my limited knowledge, but he doesn't seem quite as unscrupulous as in previous books. Prior to the New 52 reboot in [...]

    23. I thought that Constantine being brought into the New 52 was a good move for DC to sort of re-introduce him to new readers, what with the series Constantine on the CW and his own presence in the comic book series, Justice League Dark.But to throw that title away and revert back to Hellblazer, as a way of maybe echoing their success with the same title and character during his run in the DC imprint, Vertigo comics, was perhaps a harkening to the title's past successes in the hopes that it lures b [...]

    24. Very disappointing. This is so below minimal standards in both writing and art from what was once one of the best series and characters in not just the DC Vertigo lineup, but in all DC. I can't help but wish Constantine, Swamp Thing and others in the magical realm of DC were published by Image or Dark Horse. They are the only publishers that consistently produce top stories and art that put DC and Marvel to shame. Ugh.

    25. *2 and a half stars*Not necessarily bad, but not a good read either. It felt very cartoon-like, and for Constantine that's not a good thing, in my opinion. The hellblazer should feel edgy, or dark. This felt like neither. Also, if Swamp thing is going to be in the entire story, why not just call this JL Dark. Okay book, just not great.I received an advanced copy of this from NetGalley and the publisher

    26. The Hellblazer vol. 1 The Poison Truth collects The Hellblazer Rebirth and the first six issues of Hellblazer Rebirth. The opening story has John Constantine returning to London, a city that's deadly to him because of a curse. With some last minute assistance from Mercury, a psychic, John is able to defeat the demon and lift his curse. There's a dicey bit where the curse affects all the people in London, but John is able to reverse it. Now, permanently in London, John is living with his friend, [...]

    27. DC Universe Rebooti nime all püütakse taaselustada kogu DC vanasid tegelasi. Constantine'le on see juba kolmas tagasitulek. Peale originaalsarja lõppu #300 numbri juures püüti äärmiselt ebaõnnestunult "moodsaks"ja "noortepäraseks" muudetud Constantine'i tagasi tuua, aga lugejad nägid selle pasalasu õnneks läbi ja mõlemad katsed hääbusid paarikümne osa juures. Ühes tagasitulekus, ei oska öelda kummas, oli Constantine näiteks muudetud biseksuaalseks. Originaalne, 80ndatel Swamp [...]

    28. Constantine has been floundering for years. The decision to reboot Hellblazer while it was still popular ended up being a mistake during the New 52 era. Rebirth gave DC the chance to change things and while it's not quite there, the new Hellblazer is a step in the right direction. The Rebirth special throws us back into London where John has found away to lift his curse. Probably. The next 6 issues (yes it's a slightly bigger tpb) tells two stories. Swamp Thing has asked Constantine for a favour [...]

    29. John Constantine is back, and so is his old friend Swamp Thing.We start the volume with Constantine finagling his way back to England after being cursed by a demon to stay well clear of it--using the tried and true Constantine methods of playing chicken with disaster. He ropes in an old friend for assistance--a psychic named Mercury. She's naturally angry with him (who isn't when he appears), but ends up along for the ride when further mystery comes knocking.Swampy gets hold of John because his [...]

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