Communication Failure

Communication Failure In this sequel to Mechanical Failure Captain Rogers despite his best attempts to do otherwise has become the acting admiral of the st Meridan fleet His first task worrying A lot The rival Thelic

  • Title: Communication Failure
  • Author: Joe Zieja
  • ISBN: 9781481486910
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this sequel to Mechanical Failure, Captain Rogers, despite his best attempts to do otherwise, has become the acting admiral of the 331st Meridan fleet His first task worrying A lot.The rival Thelicosan fleet, under the influence of bad intelligence, a forbidden romance, and a communication officer with an eardrum injury, is about to break a two hundred year old nonagIn this sequel to Mechanical Failure, Captain Rogers, despite his best attempts to do otherwise, has become the acting admiral of the 331st Meridan fleet His first task worrying A lot.The rival Thelicosan fleet, under the influence of bad intelligence, a forbidden romance, and a communication officer with an eardrum injury, is about to break a two hundred year old nonaggression pact They have offered a vague, easily misinterpreted message We re invading Rogers isn t sure, but he thinks that s probably bad.War is hell, especially when you ve forgotten how to fight one.

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    1. 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2017/11/27/As much as I love reading military sci-fi and space opera, sometimes I just need a break from the routineness of weighty political dramas and grim space battles. Enter Joe Zieja’s Epic Failure series. Communication Failure is the second book, following the adventures of former smuggler Captain Rogers who despite his best efforts to get kicked out of the military has found himself promoted to acting admiral of the 331st Meridan fleet. U [...]

    2. A little slow to get going, but picks up nicely as the climax approaches. Not “Pratchett in space,” as a blurb has it, but properly riotous in spots.And, lots of choice lines, as before. Here be some:Admiral Klein certainly hadn’t been honest. He’d spent his entire career hiding the fact that he was a moron.Thelicosans were known for picking up stranded enemy pilots and using them as thought experiments for advanced mathematical concepts, which drove most of them insane and turned the re [...]

    3. This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader.--- So, Captain Rogers has escaped with his life after saving the 331st Meridian Fleet from a takeover from almost all the droids on board, now he's been made acting admiral and is faced with a potentially bigger threat: the Thelicosan fleet -- the very fleet that Rogers' ships are to keep on their side of the border -- has informed him that they are about to invade. Given the size of the fleets facing off, this is an invasion that will not go [...]

    4. Audible screwed up and let me download this book a month early, and I am so glad it did! Communication Failure was just as laugh out loud funny as Mechanical Failure, but with a slightly more mature Rogers this time (especially by the end). There are still some groan-worthy jokes, and I wasn't a huge fan of Quinn's POV, but Deet gets his own POV in this one, and Rogers not only gets punched in the face a lot (yay Viking!), he also gets kicked in the face. And let's be honest, if anyone deserves [...]

    5. Review originally posted at Erlebnisse: erlebnisseweb.wordpress/2017/11/2Warning: watch out for [EXPLETIVE] spoilers (even if they’re minor).After devouring Mechanical Failure by Joe Zieja last year, this was the book that I’ve been waiting to come out, i.e my most anticipated read of 2017. It felt like it took an eternity to actually come out and even though I get that publishing is a slow business, I was impatient.I wanted to know what happened next. I wanted to see how Captain Rogers was [...]

    6. I picked this one up because Mechanical Failure was a) a good start with a nicely balanced cliffhanger b) because I like the authors audiobook performance and c) because I fancied something a little light for the new year.It delivers in a lot of the same ways the first book did, funny, well written, interesting if not always 100% original, and fast paced enough so that it never really stagnates or gets too boring/repetitive with the humour.Having read (well, listened) to these first two books in [...]

    7. This didn't feel as good as the previous book (I wasn't that into the relationships going on) but it was still fun to read.We left Rogers staring at a notice from the Thelicosan saying "we're invading". It then transpires that this was a clerical error - Grand Marshal Alandra Keffoule had said "we're inviting you to a discussion aboard a neutral trade-ship", but her communications crew had misheard her.So now we're launched into a lot of hijinks, as both commanders attempt to de-escalate without [...]

    8. With the threat of killer robots averted, Captain Rogers is now the reluctant and nowhere near qualified acting admiral of a Meridan space fleet. When a Thelicosan fleet arrives and announces they are invading, he's caught unprepared. Fortunately, so are the math-loving Thelicosans. But someone is eager for war, and someone is eager for love, and Rogers is eager for a drink and a way to avoid all this responsibility. It gets almost too silly at times, but there is an enjoyable story here with en [...]

    9. I love humor. Book 2 of Epic Failure holds up to the first, which is hard for sequels to do. It mixes mathematics, philosophy, psychology, and military strategy, with clever humor, stand-up comedy, and slapstick. There is no lack of problems for Captain Rogers and the Meridan Fleet. Recovering from the Viking's displays of murderous rage/affection is only one of them. Meet new characters, and discover a plot to take over the galaxy. Also, get ready to laugh.

    10. This book had me at "Terry Pratchett in space" on the cover. On cracking it open, I also got a pleasant Douglas Adams vibe, if Douglas Adams ever got a taste for writing military sf. This book was laugh out loud funny, and despite being second in a trilogy was easy for someone just jumping in to pick up.

    11. The book takes a while to get going. I hoped that the author would resolve some of the kinks in his writing style with his second effort but, unfortunately, did not. He leans a bit too much on slapstick. However, there are genuine laugh-out-loud moments and the characters are quirky enough to keep me reading.

    12. I really wanted to like this book a lot more than I did. I loved the first one - it was loaded with humor that mostly originated from all of the characters incompetence. This one seems to skip over character development and replaces it with punching and kicking. It felt very short, too. I’ll still be picking up the next one and this one was a decent weekend read.

    13. More satirical military SF! No, it still isn't going to pass the Bechdel Test any better than the first one, but that's not the point. The point is the madness. Think Monty Python doing a military skit, but not British.

    14. This is even better than the last, and just as funny! If you haven’t read this book or the last one let me tell you, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Absolutely hilarious and a great story where almost anything could happen.

    15. It's been a bit since the first book, so I was a little lost at first. One of the things I was lost about for awhile was why I gave the first book a 4 star rating. Well, after Communication Failure really got going, I realized why. This book and series are just full of genuine, laugh out loud moments.Communication Failure starts out where Mechanical Failure left off. Our less than intrepid protagonist is stuck dealing with a military stand-off that could respark the greatest war ever fought. To [...]

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