Healing for Damaged Emotions

Healing for Damaged Emotions Whether through our own fallen temperament willful disobedience or as victims of the hurtful actions of others many of us struggle with crippling emotions among them perfectionism depression and

  • Title: Healing for Damaged Emotions
  • Author: David A. Seamands
  • ISBN: 9780882072289
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Paperback
  • Whether through our own fallen temperament, willful disobedience, or as victims of the hurtful actions of others, many of us struggle with crippling emotions, among them perfectionism, depression, and low self worth The pain of such emotions is often present with us even though the incidents and relationships that caused the hurt may be long past Healing for Damaged EmotWhether through our own fallen temperament, willful disobedience, or as victims of the hurtful actions of others, many of us struggle with crippling emotions, among them perfectionism, depression, and low self worth The pain of such emotions is often present with us even though the incidents and relationships that caused the hurt may be long past Healing for Damaged Emotions, first published in 1981 and since translated into over 15 languages, has helped over a million readers worldwide deal honestly and successfully with their inner hurts Through the realistic, scriptural approach that Dr David Seamands brings to this deeply personal subject, you too can find healing and then become an agent of healing for other strugglers.

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    1 thought on “Healing for Damaged Emotions”

    1. This book changed my life. It helped repair relationships, boost self image and esteem, gave me a better insight of the Lord and what he wants of me, and I could go on and on. It took me a 5 months to finish it because it was working intensely for me. It is important to to it with the workbook. It will change your life:). I never understood that God actually does love me until now. I've given it to family and friends.

    2. As someone who struggles with depression, I found this book to be really helpful. It has lots of good insights and helps us understand what depression really is. I found it particularly freeing for those of us who can sometimes feel that it's not "right" for a Christian to be depressed.

    3. This book is one of my favorite religious books. Last year, when I was having a depressive disorder last semester, I read this book and helped out from it. The story is about how we can heal for damaged emotions. There are different cases about the people who have low self-esteem for themselves. I am the one of those people feel I do not have any confidence about me includes, my appearance or my personality and so on. Having a low confident, the reason is base on his or her backgrounds. I am the [...]

    4. As a person with a very long history of trauma and wrestling with it in and out of the psychiatrist's office for decades, I spotted this book on Ebay and felt it might be helpful.It is a very good book and no doubt it can help many people, but it is more or less along the lines of many books about forgiveness of past evils, wrongs, injustices, abuse order to move foreward and have a happy quality present and future.Letting go of something wrong is not easy for me, because once wrong, always wron [...]

    5. Many years ago this book changed my life!!!I was already a believer for a long time,yet struggling with and because of my past.The Lord used this book to help see Him andmy life better, and lead me to forgive andmove on I'm forever thankful!

    6. This book applies the gospel to various types of damaged emotions and struggles such as perfectionism and depression. He doesn't give pat answers like "pray more," but instead offers practical, helpful steps for growing in understanding of God's grace and in forgiveness of others. He also offers a hopeful message of God "recycling" our hangups into wholeness that is for the good of those around us as well.

    7. I am so thankful I randomly stumbled across this book. The Lord made it so that I would find it, get it, forget it, then rediscover it when I most needed it. I really appreciate that the author brings a refreshing human face to Christianity. More than mere creeds and statements of truth and fact up for debate, the gospel addresses real life. The gospel should be presented accessibly because its message is inherently accessible. The gospel concerns real life, real people, real pain, real pasts, r [...]

    8. The author has an uncanny knack for misusing Scripture. Almost as a rule. Besides that, it's a good book. Especially considered as a pioneering work.He addresses three primary topics: self-image, perfectionism, and depression. Regarding self-image, he handles it well generally. The weakness being that he lumps self-image in with self-esteem and in the process loses some traction.His handling of perfectionism is excellent. The strong point of the book.His handling of depression is ok for it's tim [...]

    9. I thought this book was excellent, and one of the best books to explain what it means to be a Christian and to be depressed. I felt like this author had a balanced view and wasn't accusing people who have dealt with depression of being guilty of sin. He included information on the physical aspect, as well as the emotional, spiritual, and psychological. I also felt he understood how traumatic events in childhood affect how quickly a person can heal or what they struggle with. I felt that his view [...]

    10. Older book but still very relavent.This book helps the Chrisitan realize that there are still human emotions; depression, anger, guilt, etc, that one still lives and deals with as a Chrisitan. These emotions do not make a person less of a Christian. There is hope and growth thru Jesus Christ and not always instant healing.

    11. This book started off ok but I lost interest when it started talking about Jesus feeling like dying. I don't think the Son of God felt so "down" ot "depressed" that he felt like dying. I feel that is reading way too much into the scripture. He felt the weight of the sins of the world, yes, but like dying?!!? That's just plain crazy!

    12. This book is simple and too the point. I really enjoyed it and now have it on all my devices to refer back to.

    13. Took me forever to get through this small book. Not because its hard to read. Just hard to swallow all the emotions it brought up. Great help in resolving abuse issues.

    14. An awesome book that helped me understand the cause my depression and perfectionism and begin the process of healing in Christ.

    15. A Book for EveryoneWe've all been hurt by the actions of others. Some of those wounds are more traumatic than others. This is a book to help you shed light on your current behaviors and thought patterns that are directly related to damaged emotions you may not have dealt with. This short read is worth your time, but I'd recommend reading a chapter at a time allowing yourself to process each one before moving on to the next.

    16. Much needed HelpSeamand's book offers much needed practical help for anyone wishing to understand the root cause of our infirmities as people, and understand how to find healing - true healing, which is based in the cross of Christ. I found the chapter on healing from depression particularly helpful, and his explanation of Romans 8:23-30, is pure gold.

    17. Compassionate but without losing evidences found in natural life and psychology. I will recommend for anyone suffering from perfectionism. 👍🏻

    18. Damaged emotions come in many forms and those emotions can reflect our relationships with others, how we view ourselves, and how we view God. The strength of this study is of the emotions and how to identify our damaged emotions and the harm that they may be causing. This book does validate those emotions however, it also shows the truth of those emotions and also shows a greater truth in whom God is. The 10 chapters reflect the different damaged emotions we may acquire thru guilt, debt collecti [...]

    19. I am reading another book that quotes David Seamands, so I decided to read this book. Seamands is right on target with everything he says. However, he misapplies a couple of things which I did not like. The first was when he said that according to the old creeds, Christ died, was buried, went to hell, and on the third day He rose again. Seamands says this means that Christ experienced and understands the hell we go through living in this fallen world. Yes, Christ is qualified in every way to be [...]

    20. Highly recommend this book especially for those from a performance based background, and those who struggle to accept (emotionally) a God that loves and accepts us only because of Jesus Christ. Also, highly recommended for those who tend to take criticism personally, and who deal with anxiety and depression in a host of varying areas. Others who might benefit greatly from this book are the highly insecure, those that struggle with the "oldest sibling" complex, and those that feel a compulsion to [...]

    21. A really excellent book. It should be required reading for all grown-up “church kids”.Quotes:“Perfectionism is a counterfit for Christian perfection, holiness, sanctification, or the Spirit filled-life.”“…there are no such thing as bad feelings and good feelings. Feelings are just feelings. They are consequences of a whole range of things that come out of your personality. No emotions are in themselves sinful.”“Not even two greats like Paul and Barnabas could work together. Very [...]

    22. In less than 200 pages, Seamands displays not just the problems of our daily emotional health, but the cure to many of our unseen illnesses. The author comes with the theory that healing is a process and this book is to help begin that life-long journey of inner healing with the help of the Holy Spirit. Certainly there are some doctrinal errors that would urge me to recommend this not to any Christian. For example, the false concept of the unconditional love of God is something he bases most of [...]

    23. I found David Seamand's description of and remedy for perfectionism helpful. I see now that a perfectionist's task, though it is impossible, is to "right the wrongs" in the world. His descriptions help me to recognize the motives for my behavior. More important, this section helped me recognize that the thoughts of inadequacy that I face are not from God, but--among other sources--myself. Taken together, these understandings are helping me to allay guilt and relax in the face of anxiety when I f [...]

    24. Very helpfulI would highly recommend this book. It has helped me all along the way, while reading it. My plan is to go back and re-read it. I can relate so much some of the personal stories. Having been a pastors wife who went through a divorce due to physical abuse and infidelity as well, it's been a long journey for me and this book has brought so many complete ideas of hope for me. I think I at some point maybe able to help someone else because of the teaching in this book. Thanks for sharing [...]

    25. Sound and practical advice about healing damaged emotions and attitudes from an evangelical perspective. Seamands confronts false emotions through a strong dose of biblical truth and prayer. In this book he talks about healing shame, low self-esteem, perfectionism, and depression. Certainly not the be-all and end all of inner healing but I can see people really being helped by his approach. He doesn't get bogged down in locating the 'root memory' but helps people experience the fullness of the g [...]

    26. Dr. Seamands was able to tap the complicated state of depression and to be honest I felt like the book was a slap to my face. I remember myself in that same situation before. But by His grace, I am not there anymore. He emphasized here that Christians are not an exception to feel depression. Just because we are Christians, we are not already candidate to this mental disorder. We still are. Clearly, something is wrong in the way these Christian people approach the problem. Dr. Seamands tackled ab [...]

    27. This was a pretty awesome little book. I loved the way he handles the issue of perfectionism in the church as it's one of the harder issues to tackle. I will be adding this to my repertoire of inner healing books and looking for other stuff he has written. I always knew him to be one of the pioneers of the inner healing movement, but never really had a chance to read anything by him until now. This is a definite recommend.

    28. An amazing spiritual and psychological book. The author believes that all our psychological state of disease and health are created in our early childhood and they have a great influence on us however the number of year that pass by. It talks about guilt and grace, forgiveness, inferiority, perfectionism, depression, and many other things and the way to reveal these diseases and how to overcome with them.Read in 2009

    29. During the four years I spent in a Christian cult as a teenager, the focus was on healing everything that was wrong with me. Many of the books I read then were useless, some became darlings and helped me get through challenges that had bothered me for years. This book falls in the middle. It's not brilliant, but it is useful and you may get something out of it if you want to break free from your past and end up free to love.

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