The White Boar

The White Boar Richard III last of the Plantagenet Kings could condemn the author of that crude doggerel to a traitor s death but he could not stem the inevitable tide of history Richard s emblem the white boar

  • Title: The White Boar
  • Author: Marian Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780340109823
  • Page: 230
  • Format: None
  • Richard III, last of the Plantagenet Kings, could condemn the author of that crude doggerel to a traitor s death but he could not stem the inevitable tide of history Richard s emblem, the white boar, commanded the loyalty of able men like Lords Catesby the Cat and Ratliff the Rat , and Francis Lovell our Dog It could not withstand the onslaught of the Tudor rose.TheRichard III, last of the Plantagenet Kings, could condemn the author of that crude doggerel to a traitor s death but he could not stem the inevitable tide of history Richard s emblem, the white boar, commanded the loyalty of able men like Lords Catesby the Cat and Ratliff the Rat , and Francis Lovell our Dog It could not withstand the onslaught of the Tudor rose.The White Boar is a dramatic historical novel that vividly recreates the life and times of England s controversial King Richard III Shakespeare portrayed him as evil incarnate, a hunchback who gained the throne by murdering his two nephews Conversely, many historians argue that he was an innocent scapegoat and might have been one of history s great monarchs had his reign not been so tragically short In this novel one issue concerning Richard s life is never in doubt that he held the unfaltering devotion of two extraordinary men, Phillip and Francis Lovell And it is through their eyes that the reader of this remarkable book sees the last Plantagenet the man and the King.Marian Palmer presents a striking chronicle of England in the last half of the fifteenth century the pomp and pageantry of the royal court the treason and the intrigue which were the death of the Plantagenet dynasty and the bitter struggle between the Yorkists and the Lancastrians that was the War of the Roses.The author does not offer a solution to the riddle of Richard III rather she presents him as he might have appeared in his own lifetime to the two men who were, above all else, his friends The character which emerges is as unforgettable as Shakespeare s misshapen monster.

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    1 thought on “The White Boar”

    1. The pacing isn’t very good, and huge portions of time are stepped over in the storytelling, making the flow in a smooth timeline somewhat bumpy, and the transition between events jarring. Sometimes, Palmer jumps from one event to the next event happening years later in the same chapter without any sort of break or speed-breaker, in a "then, next day" fashion, and unless you're very knowledgeable about the timeframe the events from the Wars of the Roses develop in, you're liable to be a bit con [...]

    2. This is a fictional narrative of Richard III through the eyes of two of his most trusted allies, Francis Lovell and his cousin Phillip. A fine read, rich with historical details and eloquent storytelling, although some parts read slow for me, and the wording is a bit archaic for my liking.

    3. "The Cat, the Rat, and Lovell our DogRuleth all England under an Hog"(a nice little political ditty written by Tudor? Woodville? enemies of Richard III)I wish someone had written a nice little political ditty about:Edward IV and his band of whoring friends/stepsons/Woodville relations.And his charming? wife Elizabeth Woodville and her leeching, numerous family - but ok - she would have had the person killed (Really I'm trying to think of a political ditty - and if I do I'll post it- I don't have [...]

    4. This was the first book I ever read about Richard III, and it was life-changing as it kindled my interest in the guy and I have been reading about him ever since. Many authors owe a small proportion of the royalties to Marian Palmer!It's still a good read, although there are fictional characters in there (quite convincing ones) some historical errors and some bits that are just slightly 'odd'. It remains close to my heart despite its weaknesses, which for me are offset my the general quality of [...]

    5. The story is told by the Lovell cousins Philip (pretty sure he’s fictional) and Francis. Francis is given is wardship to Warwick and goes to Middleham. There he meets Philip after long time and for the first time sees Richard, Duke of Gloucester. There’s lot more going on but I don’t even try to tell it. is your friend.I did enjoy this but it was bit dry on points and some of the phraisings does show the book’s age. But I liked how the characters were described, especially Richard. He w [...]

    6. Just arrived from Finland through BM.This is the story of Richard III, the last Plantagenet, as viewed by the cousins Francis and Phillip Lovell. As historical background we learn about the famous Wars of the Roses held in the last half of the fifteenth century in England.Marian Palmer has an unique style of writing, quite different of some well known historical fiction authors.For those who are interested on novels set during the War of the Roses, there is an interesting website on this subject [...]

    7. As already said by other readers, in this book Richard is depicted neither as a saint nor as a devil, but a man with both hopes and regrets. After having read many books about his life, obviously all with everything but a happy ending, it was good having one ending with a ray of hope, at least for one of the characters. One of the main protagonists is Philip Lovell, a fictional cousin of Francis Lovell. He's a loyal friend to Richard III, and probably the best idea of the author was to have him [...]

    8. "The cat, the rat, and Lovell the dog" - just reread this book which I read for the first time 40+ years ago. Been awhile since I had read it but immediately remembered why I enjoyed this book so much. "The White Boar" tells the story of Richard III from his teen years until his death through the lives of the Lovell cousins - Francis and Philip. Francis is a real person and Philip is a fictional character created for the story. Both cousins become good friends and intimates of Richard III. The s [...]

    9. This is a rather good read! It's one of 'my' periods so I know the story inside and out, so to speak, which makes it easy for me to get irritated or bored if the writer is either historically sloppy or not very good at.writing. Despite being a bit dated AND (cardinal sin in the Lexicon of Deborah) writing 'forsoothly', however, I remained effortlessly engaged and interested.

    10. Published in 1968, Marian Palmer gives her spin on the oft-told tale of Richard III but she tells it from the point of view of cousins Francis and Phillip Lovell (I believe Phillip is a fictional character). Phillip serves in Edward IV’s household, and a younger Francis is given in wardship to Warwick where he meets Edward’s younger brother Richard and as an adult faithfully served the future Richard III. This is one of those books where you either know the history and don’t need me rehash [...]

    11. Condition: Used - Acceptable. Sold by: entertainmentcentre £0.01PART ONE A Crimson Sky at Dawn January 1465. The women had left wax torches burning, and hung the chamber walls with tapestries of unicorns made tame, because the bride was a maid.I took a break from this to finish off A Distant Mirror The Calamitous 14th Century, which included much background information to help me with this read.My copy is Hodder Paperback edition 1970 - price new then was eight bob! I'll take a cover photo tomo [...]

    12. This is a great read for any fans of English history in general and of Richard III in particular. His story is told through the eyes of his closest friends. It reads very quickly and is a book I have enjoyed re-reading more than once. Richard and his closest friends are portrayed in a very realistic light, and I don't think you have to be very knowledgeable about the Wars of the Roses to understand and enjoy this book. Anyone who is interested in learning more about Richard should take the time [...]

    13. I had high hopes for this book since the perspective was supposed to be that of a man who knew Richard well. However, the story was less about Richard himself than the times. While I was aware of Francis Lovell and his role in the service of Richard, I had not been aware of the cousin, so I suppose he was fictional. I had truly hoped for more insight into the man - Richard - as experienced by another man - but not so.

    14. loved this book, so romantic and sad; haunted my thoughts over the years: what did happen to those princes in the tower?

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