More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark All those who enjoyed shuddering their way through Alvin Schwartz s first volume of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark will find a satisfyingly spooky sequel in this new collection of the macabre the

  • Title: More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
  • Author: Alvin Schwartz Stephen Gammell
  • ISBN: 9780397320820
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover
  • All those who enjoyed shuddering their way through Alvin Schwartz s first volume of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark will find a satisfyingly spooky sequel in this new collection of the macabre, the funny, and the fantastic.Is it possible to die and not know it What if a person is buried too soon What happens to a thief foolish enough to rob a corpse, or to a murdereAll those who enjoyed shuddering their way through Alvin Schwartz s first volume of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark will find a satisfyingly spooky sequel in this new collection of the macabre, the funny, and the fantastic.Is it possible to die and not know it What if a person is buried too soon What happens to a thief foolish enough to rob a corpse, or to a murderer whose victim returns from the grave Read about these terrifying predicaments as well as what happens when practical jokes produce gruesome consequences and initiations go awry.Stephen Gammell s splendidly creepy drawings perfectly capture the mood of than two dozen scary stories and even a scary song all just right for reading alone or for telling aloud in the dark.If You Dare

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    1 thought on “More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”

    1. This book is featured on Halloween Reads for Children @ readrantrockandroll/2017/Here's another scary story collection that’s perfect for this time of year. Some of these are downright horrifying, but so much fun.A few of our favorites are: Something was Wrong, The Cat’s Paw, Ba-Rooom!, which includes the simple sheet music we enjoy playing on the piano, Wonderful Sausage, and One Sunday Morning.One of my favorite sections in the book contains the sources which explain the tales, adaptations [...]

    2. The Scary Stories series by Alvin Schwartz was a favorite of my oldest son when he was younger. We read the stories out loud to each other, and even his friends. We talked about what made a story scary, how to tell a great ghost story and the basics of acting and public speaking. My son is now almost 30 years old and he still remembers these books. Before he left to serve in the Navy, he brought me used copies that matched the ones he owned as a kid. As part of my personal challenge this year to [...]

    3. 4.5 starsSCARY STORIES PART TWO!After reading the first book “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark,” I just had to read up on the sequel, “More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark,” which is also written by Alvin Schwartz along with illustrations by Stephen Gammell. “More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” is a continuation of the first book and we are introduced to more spine-tingling tales from this fantastic series as you will definitely be sitting on the edge of your seats after you r [...]

    4. I found a copy online.This was fun - a collection of creepy urban legends from the US. It was largely spoilt for me because I knew, or could guess, the punchline from most.To get the most out of these stories, they have to be told around a campfire in the night. If the story teller is skilled, he/ she can frighten the hell out of people.

    5. Una antología de cuentos de terror, que no me estremecieron para nada. Se que es un texto enfocado a un publico infantil, sin embargo la ejecución de las tramas se desenvuelven muy rápido y eso propicia a que no sientas el miedo o el temor a los fantasmas, brujas y cadáveres que hay en las tramas. Las ilustraciones que acompañan al texto están increíbles y el sustento de leyenda y contextos culturales que acompañan a los cuentos son aceptables. Además de que el vocabulario es bastante s [...]

    6. When I was a child, I used to love reading Alvin Schwartz's scary story books! There was nothing more fun than going to the library during the summer and getting my fix of creepy stories and macabre artwork by Stephen Gammell. I recently picked up a copy of this book as a testament to my childhood nostalgia to see if the stories held up to the test of time. I'm glad to say that they did! While written for children, the stories definitely gave me a few chills as an adult. The artwork is still jus [...]

    7. This book (and the other books in the "Scary Stories" series) had a huge influence on me as a child. May future generations of children also be influenced by the "Scary Stories" books!!

    8. I still love these books. They're still pretty spooky, because the stories are archetypal. Some things are always scary. For the target audience, this will likely be their first exposure to most of these archetypes. And nostalgia helps those of us who read these years ago. The stories are nice and short, perfect for telling around a campfire or at a sleepover.The original art by Stephen Gammell is horrible and I love it. I always did. It was a pleasure to be horrified by it. The newest edition h [...]

    9. I used to LOVE these books when I was a kid. They seem kind of silly when I reread them as an adult but as a child I remember being terrified by some of the stories and illustrations in here.

    10. now most sequels lack something that the first had but that is not the case with this wonderful 2nd installment in scary stories to tell in the dark. it has a set of old timey scary stories as well as new and interesting things to look up :)just reread this series again last monday and i still adore this series.

    11. I rated this book a 4 out of 5 as a whole. This book is the second book by this scary story collector. The book is a collection of “scary” stories. I really enjoy these types of stories, the ones that make you want to read more into the story. This collection had quite a few of those, though there were a few story’s that made me wonder why they were included. All in all a fun and quick read.

    12. When I was little, my mother bought me this series of books. I read all of them within a short period of time. I loved the books. I used to loan them out to my classmates when I was in the third grade. I would also read these stories to my little brother. They scared him, but I loved them. I recently re-read these three books. My favorite story from this book is called "The Bed By The Window." This story is about a few men who are in a nursing home. The three men are unable to lift themselves ou [...]

    13. I loved scary stories as a kid. I also was a dork, and loved to write. I entered some kind of "kid author/illustrator" contest in 4th or 5th grade, and I won! I remember that the highlight of winning included meeting awesome author Gary Paulsen and illustrator Stephen Gammell. Stephen Gammell, in my memory, was super amazing, and even created a creepy watercolor painting during the seminar. I also happened to love Alvin Schwartz's bookIn a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories , who also wrote [...]

    14. Horror stories are always and will always be part of anyone ones child hood. This book written by Mr.Alvin Schwartz has been part of my childhood. I remember first reading this book, when I was in elementary school. But it wasn't just the writing that spooked me, but the illustrations. And I know I wasn't just the only kid who grew up and still remembers this book and the other two books in the series. More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, along with the other two, are a great read for old, yo [...]

    15. As in the first volume, the storytelling skills of Alvin Schwartz and the eerie drawings of the more than capable Stephen Gammell come together in the telling of these incredibly scary folk tales. For some reason, "Wonderful Sausage" has always caught my fascination, though the story itself is chillingly brutal. "Oh, Susannah" has always been one of the scariest stories of any in the Alvin Schwartz collections that I have read, and more than once I found myself truly getting cold with goosebumps [...]

    16. All the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books are wonderful. The stories are really scary while at the same time being written for kids, the drawings are really scary, and these books are some of my best memories of being a kid.

    17. Me lo leí en una tarde. Me ha gustado más que la primera parte. He disfrutado de este libro más de lo que esperaba.

    18. As a kid I remembered reading the first book of this series and of course all of the stories scarred me at night. I never read the second book out of the series though, which is this book, and I personally enjoyed it a lot. The style of the book was the same old one to four page scary story and some of them were actually pretty good; even reading them now. Whether it be a sausage maker grinding people up into sausage, or demonic people falling from the sky to haunt a ship, each story had its own [...]

    19. Alvin Schwartz is a great storyteller who has teamed up with a very talented, and possibly demented, illustrator named Stephen Gammell. I found this book, More Scary Stories, (appropriately so) in the attic and instantly remembered a handful of tales that thrilled me as a child. These stories, along with their grotesque illustrations, are dark and chilling. They are perfect for when that Halloween mood hits, and you're feeling mysterious and terrifying. They are gems of haunting stories and song [...]

    20. More Scary stories to tell in the darkThe book “ More scary stories to tell in the dark” is a good book. I recomend this book to anyone who wants to have a scary or spookynight, or just to anyone who likes creepy/scary stories. Out of the many creepy stories my favorite was “the bride’’ I liked that storie because it was very fun to try and figure out what would happen next. The storie is about a woman getting traped in a trunk on her wedding day and being traped untill a maid finds he [...]

    21. "More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" is a continuation to the book "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark," and this book's contents are obvious by its name. The stories tell about a multitude of things, from ghosts to strange voices to people going crazy. There are plenty of stories in here to read. I didn't find these stories scary, but they would be great to read around a campfire, or to kids in the dark, as children would be scared by these and may find them enjoyable. I would recommend this [...]

    22. I thought the book was okay. It was a book of short stories that were supposed to be scary. In my opinion I thought they were not scary. The book was a little messed up at times and the stories were kind of strange but other than that it was okay. It was a very easy book that anyone could read in a short amount of time. I would recommend this book to older children because some of the context is not suitable for younger children.

    23. My sister and I loved these when we were little - the stories were generic urban myths but it was the disturbing and eerie illustrations that made this anthology series so memorable, the stark black and white with hints of bright red and blue to evoke the chilling atmosphere.

    24. 2.5Pues que puedo decir, son historias sencillas que no dan nada de miedo, un libro que podría funcionar más a lo infantil, algunas historias me parecieron tan aburridas y absurdas que no me ocasionaron nada, algunas otras me dieron risa y algunas si, me gustaron, un libro sencillo para leer una historia de vez en cuando tal vez, corto y rápido de leer.Si les gusta lo de terror, definitivamente no lo lean.

    25. I used to love this series as a kid! The stories are definitely less terrifying than I remember, but the art work is still the creepiest! A fun set of tales for smaller kids who appreciate the occasional dose of fear!

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