So Enchanting

So Enchanting Years ago lovely young Francesca Walcott ruled the fringes of London society as a mysteriously gifted medium Until the uncompromising Lord Greyson Sheffield accused her of being a fraud shattering h

  • Title: So Enchanting
  • Author: Connie Brockway
  • ISBN: 9780451416292
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Years ago, lovely young Francesca Walcott ruled the fringes of London society as a mysteriously gifted medium Until the uncompromising Lord Greyson Sheffield accused her of being a fraud, shattering her world and sending her into exile in the Scottish Highlands.Now Greyson has received word of a young witch in Scotland, and he travels to Little Firkin to investigate, onlyYears ago, lovely young Francesca Walcott ruled the fringes of London society as a mysteriously gifted medium Until the uncompromising Lord Greyson Sheffield accused her of being a fraud, shattering her world and sending her into exile in the Scottish Highlands.Now Greyson has received word of a young witch in Scotland, and he travels to Little Firkin to investigate, only to find that the girl in question has a companion who is none other than Fanny Walcott, now a ravishing woman Audacious Fanny is than his match in every way, and as the sparks of challenge set fire to a passion neither can control, Grey is prepared to risk everything for the one woman he can never forget.Fighting an unseen enemy, thrown together by danger and desire, the cynic and the enchantress discover their own brand of magicd a love too powerful, too consuming, too beguiling for either to resist.

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    1 thought on “So Enchanting”

    1. This book was simultaneously charming and frustrating. I found myself skimming a lot of it, and when my suspicions were confirmed about the "mystery" arc in it (BOTH suspicions, btw), I was thoroughly annoyed. I loved the premise - the heroine with a supernatural or paranormal "gift" against the hero whose sole aim is to find and reveal frauds and con-artists claiming to have supernatural and paranormal gifts. There really was a great plot set-up here. Unfortunately, though, it just kind of fell [...]

    2. Hmm Not as good as As You Desire, My Seduction or My Pleasure, but good nonetheless. I liked the book till the last 50 pages, where it kind of sputtered a little. I wish Fanny and Gray had actually had to talk out their problems instead of him just deciding "what the heck" and staying with her But 4* because I loved their banter, and Amelie and Hayden were so funny!

    3. Connie Brockway is one of my all time favorite historical romance authors. When I heard she was taking a break from historicals to try her hand at contemporaries, I was saddened. I assumed she would leave the historical world behind like may of her other author counterparts have done before. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard she was publishing a new historical romance this year. So Enchanting is exactly what the titles states. This is one enchanting read.It is 1892 and England has a new cr [...]

    4. Connie Brockway's long awaited & newest historical. I had this on my wish list from the moment I knew it was due to be released. Overall, I thought it was an excellent book, but graded it somewhat less than perfect at 4 stars. The heroine is an animal empath and the widow of a con artist & fake medium, and the hero is a man driven & determined to expose supernatural charlatans. She and her husband run afoul of him in the opening chapter, and even though he is profoundly attracted to [...]

    5. It was my misfortune to read the Kindle version of this book. It contained so many egregious typographical howlers that I was tempted to ask for a refund -- until I consoled myself that the fault probably lay with the original publisher, not the retailer. I feel sorry for Ms Brockway, that such a fine book should be such an eyesore. It would be untrue to say I enjoyed reading it. It was painful. My four-star rating reflects my reaction to the content.The Victorian seance was a masterful opening [...]

    6. "Witty" banter between H/H was probably the highlight, but everything else was a dud.The "magic" plot in this book was much more dull than it sounds like. Fanny has a connection with animals, Grey hates charlatans, conflict ensues.Fanny has a charge/adopted daughter Amelie who falls for Grey's nephew. Their romance is young, melodramatic, boring, and annoying. Both the adults comment and bond over this. Then why does Brockway subject us to So. Many. Damn. Pages. devoted to them? I'd much rather [...]

    7. Started well, ended well, but there was a lot of drag in between, particularly the most tedious two young lovers I've seen since Georgette Heyer was writing. There's even some Heyeresque commenting on how very tedious they are: "The only interruptions to this inanity were the breathless silences during which, Grey imagined, they pair stood gazing raptly into each other's eyes. Rather like poleaxed beef. God, but young people in love were boring." Too true, and the lampshade doesn't help enough.O [...]

    8. I liked (like always Brockway). It was the tragic heroine, who, after a big error, scandal found the strength and built a new life. A tragic hero, glacier, distrustful. It was intrigue, lack of confidence and fascination. Wow, once again Brockway could describe fascination, desire and obsession with the other person as to be withheld breath. Chemistry between the characters, their struggle with feeling, hurting each other and all so human, natural. The contrast was love young pupils - a bright, [...]

    9. Lubię romanse historyczne i wcale się z tym nie kryję, bo każdy ma prawo lubić coś innego. „Urzeczenie” już kiedyś i wiem, że w jakiś sposób musiało mi się podobać, bo kojarzyłam postaci i fakty po spojrzeniu na okładkę. Postanowiłam ją sobie przypomnieć. Francesca Brown była żoną mężczyzny, który uważał, że jest w stanie kontaktować się ze zmarłymi osobami. Podczas jednego z takich seansów, jako parę oszustów demaskuje ich lord Greyson. Mąż kobiety uciek [...]

    10. I’m a relatively new Connie Brockway fan. In the last couple of years I’ve read her McClairen’s Isle and The Rose Hunter trilogies and enjoyed all those books immensely. Now, I’ve not yet read her contemporaries, so this new book isn’t the “coming home” for me like it is for many of you. No never mind for me, though, because I had one heck of a good time being enchanted by just about everything in this book.The best part of this book for me is the main characters. Greyson and Fanny [...]

    11. This was pretty average-y. It had a lot of potential, if she would have incorporated more magic/surrealism it would've taken from average-y to amazing. But I think that's more personal preference than a critique. Maybe if she would've touched upon the weirdness going on with the secondary character? It would have added more character to her, than just an annoying self-centered, and judgmental. Maybe have a parallel? Though, in some way there was a parallel, which counts for something.It was a li [...]

    12. So Enchanting is a 2009 Penguin Group publication. Six years ago, Francesca Walcott, along with her husband were exposed as fraudulent spiritualist. Shortly thereafter, Fanny becomes a widow and re-invents her life. She is offered the job of governess to Amelie, a girl that has had a few experiences with the paranormal. Fanny starts life over with a new indentity and raises Amelie after her father dies and her guardian finds himself too busy to find the time to be a part of her life. An unusual [...]

    13. I think I have mixed feelings about this book. Based on the reviews on this book, it doesn't seem like this book is an example of Brockway's best. I for one was not all that amused by the Hayden/Amelie romance. I thought those two were annoying as all hell. I thought the "villain" at the end a bit ridiculous, although it did fit with the humor that tinged the book. I wished the plot moved a lot faster with more fun scenes with Grey and Fanny.Despite some of the book's flaws, and despite the inc [...]

    14. The premise was interesting and the setting was refreshing, but the "romance" of the main characters was unbelievable. They viciously bickered and hated each other through most of the book and then suddenly were in love? SorryI didn't buy it. I agree with other reviewers that there was too much POV jumping which made it a bit of a jarring read. A point I disagree with reviewers on is that many complained about the silliness of the romance between Amelie and Hayden, but the on thing they had goin [...]

    15. 3.5 starsGray is a hardened magical skeptic who, six years ago, exposed Fanny's husband as a fraud. Fanny doesn't want to believe in magic, either, but it won't quit believing in her. The interplay between these two made for a fun story. I read it quickly, and enjoyed the ride. Additionally, I didn't manage to predict how the mystery would play out, and it did so in a very satisfying way. (I don't often have those "Ohhhh" moments in romance novels with mystery subplots.)I was hoping that magic w [...]

    16. Evelyn Whyte has never forgotten the night she first met Justin Powell—or the shocking indiscretion that left the raffish military hero eternally in her debt. Now, desperate to save her aunt’s foundering nuptial-planning enterprise, she’s ready for Powell to repay the favor. All she needs is Justin’s scenic ancestral home, where she’s determined to show the world that even a woman innocent in the ways of love can turn a simple wedding into the social event of the season.Justin is happy [...]

    17. I was slightly enchanted.The young woman marries to get out of her household because she is accused of being a witch and of fear that she may never find anyone else.She is late hired as a nanny to care of a mans child who shares the same affliction as she.She is accepted in their new community but soon is reminded of her past as the man who destroyed her first marriage comes to her town.He is still taken with her as she is with him,eventually they give in to their desires for each other as they [...]

    18. The hero debunks magical frauds for a living and the woman was such a fraud with her deceased husband before starting a new life in Scotland as a governess. Turns out, however, she is a witch with her emotions connecting to animals. Her charge has received death threats and her guardian has sent over two men to investigate. Turns off the hero is one of these men. The male is brutally honest to the point of rudeness and has absolutely no tolerance for silly emotions or stupid girls. The heroine i [...]

    19. Francesca Walcott doesn’t believe her psychic gift is enchanting. Instead, it alienated her from her highborn family and was the cause of her early marriage to a fake medium who abandoned her after he was exposed by Lord Greyson Sheffield. Six years after the death of her husband, Greyson finds her in a Scottish village, the companion of a young woman whose life is being threatened. Mayhem, mix ups, and near-accidents ensue. So does the attraction between Fanny and Greyson, and a romance betwe [...]

    20. I read the combo short story/collaborative thing Brockway did with Eloisa James and Julia Quinn and while I didn't care for it (more to do with the short story thing than anything else), I did feel like Brockway's writing was kind of indistinguishable from James and Quinn, who I could already not tell apart. Now, that might sound like it's an insult, but it's really not because I like James and Quinn a lot. So, I randomly picked a Brockway and went with it.I didn't care for this one. The antagon [...]

    21. Made it to page 100 and still had practically no interest in the story - it made no sense at all, even as a tall story, the few "historical" details were completely off, and I had no connection with the characters. It almost seemed like the book was written as an extended joke on the reader.I haven't managed to finish a single one of Connie Brockway's full-length books that I've tried to read. (In addition to the 3 I've listed on GR, I also tried to read Bridal Favors, one from the McLairen's Is [...]

    22. If a good romance is based on why the two main characters are the worst person for the other to fall in love with, then this is a great romance.Fannie Wallcott has the eerie ability to influence animals when she experiences strong emotions. Greyson Sheffield's father was bankrupted by charlatans, and he now investigates so called mediums. Neither can trust the other.It is a convoluted but easy to follow plot, and Fannie and Greyson are great, strong characters, absolutely horrified to find thems [...]

    23. I have to say this book was pretty dull. I wanted to put it down halfway through but I kept reading because I wanted to know what Francesca's powers were. Her powers were more of a hindrance than anything. The plot was a stamp collector wanted to kill Amelie (a girl Francesca was in charge of) Why? you might ask to get money to buy a stamp. OMG! that's it!! unfortunately yes and it takes you close to the end of the book to find that out. I really hate to give books a low score but there is just [...]

    24. Connie Brockway has written a couple of my all-time favorite historical romances, so I have been patiently waiting out her recent contemporaries hoping she'd do another historical. Unfortunately, this one isn't all that great. Mostly because we're never given a real reason for Grey's willingness at the end to accept Fanny as she is. He does because he loves her, yeah, sure, but "loving her" requires an entirely new world view on his part, and I'm not convinced we really see how that happens. (If [...]

    25. It was just hard to believe that this is the same writer who wrote one of the most wonderful and unforgettable book, Dear Enemy. Why? First, this book So Enchanting is just plain dragging. But I kept on going anyway. Francesca and Grey were very promising characters believe me but I guess they didn't progress that well as the story goes. Second, this is haphazardly done. The attraction between two characters how they finally resolved their differences etc was very awkwardly done I think Connie B [...]

    26. I'm not giving this any stars because I didn't finish it. At the halfway mark into the book, I realized it wasn't going to appeal to me and skimmed the rest.Too many side characters and not enough character development of Fanny and Grey. I never engaged with the "mystery" plot and found no reason to continueI have read other Connie Brockway books that I've enjoyed but I think I'll pay more attention to reviews before deciding which one to read next.

    27. 3.5 stars. I picked this book up because it was on the list of Best of 2009 at the library. I should have known by the cover what kind of book it was, but I didn't. It's "trashy classy" romance. Not the best I've ever read, but definitely not the worst. I will probably read something else by Brockway (apparently she is known for her historical fiction). If you read this, be prepared for a steamy love scene that you might feel a lot more comfortable skipping.

    28. When I read the back of this book, I thought it would be some serious mystery and wasnt really looking forward to it. Boy was I wronglol This book had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. I havent read any of Ms Brockways other books, but if this is an example of her work, I will be reading much more of her books! Grey and Fanny were excellent leads and Hayden and Amelie werent far behind. Loved it and looking forward to more of her work!

    29. Classic Brockway, combining two of her favorite themes, a heroine who has problematic magical abilities, and a shady past. She does a really good job creating fundemental conflicts between her hero and heroine, a heroine who hates and avoids, and can not control or avoid her magical ability. And a hero who not only does not believe, but also has been deeply injured by those who do believe. The sexual tension is yummmy, the love story sweet. I heart Brockway.

    30. So disappointing to have to give less than 3 stars to a must read author but this story wasn't up to standard. Apparently it is a nod to the paranormal sub genre but mostly it is just people who don't respect each other or even try to get to know each other. The only character somewhat interesting is the villian & he isn't well defined either. Not so enchanting.

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