Dahlia Looks can be deceiving When Charlotte gets a delicate doll from her aunt Edme she is not too happy She tells the doll that she and Bruno her bear like digging in dirt and climbing trees No tea part

  • Title: Dahlia
  • Author: Barbara McClintock
  • ISBN: 9780374316785
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Looks can be deceiving When Charlotte gets a delicate doll from her aunt Edme, she is not too happy She tells the doll that she and Bruno, her bear, like digging in dirt and climbing trees No tea parties, no being pushed around in frilly prams You ll just have to get used to the way we do things Much to Charlotte and Bruno s surprise, Dahlia seems to like getting dirLooks can be deceiving When Charlotte gets a delicate doll from her aunt Edme, she is not too happy She tells the doll that she and Bruno, her bear, like digging in dirt and climbing trees No tea parties, no being pushed around in frilly prams You ll just have to get used to the way we do things Much to Charlotte and Bruno s surprise, Dahlia seems to like getting dirty while making mud cakes and racing wagons But at the end of the day, Charlotte s aunt arrives for a visit and wants to see how Dahlia s doing and Charlotte is in for another surprise Charming, detailed illustrations accompany this sweet story about making room for a new friend.

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    1 thought on “Dahlia”

    1. I love this book! And tomorrow I would love to wake up and spend the day with Charlotte and Bruno and Dahlia. What a sweet story, and the pictures are very pretty. I really appreciate Charlotte's character; she loves nature and playing outdoors, climbing trees and fishing but she also knows how to take care of her dolls. I was much the same as a girl. I can't say enough about this darling story except READ IT and fall in love yourself.

    2. A very sweet story about a young girl who gets a delicate doll from her aunt. At first the girl doesn't want the doll (she's a bit of a tom boy) but after a while the doll is able to join in on the girl's adventures and becomes a happier doll for it. It's a very sweet story and the illustrations are lovely. A great book for remembering that we each make our toys into something unique, and that the fun and imagination is in what the child brings to the toy, not the other way around.

    3. This is one of my all time, favorite-ever picture books. I adore Barbara McClintock. Her illustrations exude a detailed elegance that bring to mind Victorian parlors, frilled cuffs, and high tea. But in this book she pairs that elegance with the fresh, rough air of the outdoors. These two opposing forces combine in her head-strong protagonist, Charlotte. The premise of the story is this: Charlotte is a born naturalist. A two page spread of her bedroom reveals collections of abaondoned birds nest [...]

    4. This is a wonderful story about a fun-loving little girl named Charlotte (who loves to climb trees and is not afraid of getting dirty) who is given a fancy doll and proceeds to love her and play with her. The eventual meeting with the aunt who gave the doll to Charlotte offers a very pleasant surprise. I loved that it depicts the little girl as being adventurous and free-spirited, but also loving and nurturing. I like that she can be rough and tumble and keep up with the boys and still knows how [...]

    5. Oh, I’m so glad I’ve found Barbara McClintock. This is another winner from her.Unlike Charlotte, the girl in the book, I did like dolls when I was a girl, but I liked dolls who make appearances in books even better.This is a fabulous book where a doll becomes a central character.The story is funny and sweet and engaging. Charlotte and Bruno and Dahlia, and Aunt Edme, are memorable characters. McClintock remembers exactly what it feels like for a child to play with stuffed animals, dolls, and [...]

    6. A truly magical little book about a young girl who loves to run around and play outside and the doll she is given by her aunt. Charlotte has never wanted a doll and doesn't want to be forced into tea parties and dress up games. She'd much rather play outside, race with the boys and make mud cakes. But quickly she finds that her doll is the perfect playmate. The illustrations are beautiful and detailed. Though it is a fairly recent publication, it has a timelessness that makes it feel like an old [...]

    7. Great book about a tomboy girl that gets a china doll from an elderly aunt. The doll, by the end of the day of playing, doesn't look perfect anymore, but it does look loved.

    8. Summary: It was a beautiful blue morning, Charlotte and Bruno, her bear, were making mud cakes in the yard. Her mother called and there was a package for Charlotte, inside was a doll. Charlotte did not want a doll and it did not really fit in with the other items in her room. "We like digging in dirt and climbing trees," Charlotte said to her doll. They made mud cakes, made boats from sticks and leaves, went fishing, dug in the flower bed and sat in a wagon and went for a ride. At the top of the [...]

    9. A cute book but the best part is Charlotte's bedroom: Her collections and her little life is awesome.Charlotte is a tomboy (or has that term officially become offensive?), who loves to explore and play and climb and race. When she receives a prissy little doll, she looks at it with disgust, but plays with it anyway. Throughout the day, the doll, Dahlia, gets more and more dirty and mussed up. After a bad fall, she doctors Dahlia but can't fix the dirty clothes and tangled hair. But when she shar [...]

    10. Dahlia is the doll that Charlotte receives from her Aunt, but at first Charlotte doesn't know if she will like her. The doll is too dressed up and fancy for the adventures that Charlotte likes to go on. After an afternoon of making mud pies, racing their wagon and climbing a tree, they decide they will be the best of friends. Little Dahlia falls off a high branch and Charlotte has to nurse her back to health. But when her aunt comes for dinner that night what will she think of the doll all cover [...]

    11. More vintage-y Victoriana from Barbara McClintock, this time in the form of a little tomboy (Charlotte) who is given a doll (Dahlia) that she initial thinks she hates. Friendships can be formed from the strangest pairings, and Charlotte and Dahlia become besties by the end. McClintock's story is sweet and fun, and her gentle descriptions of the doll's changing attitude and face, from cold to warm, is quite lovely. Aunt Edme could have been the stock mean old maid aunt, but instead McClintock cre [...]

    12. Our family loves this delightful story of a little tomboy of a girl named Charlotte who receives a frilly doll from her aunt. At first, the tomboyish, nature-loving little girl doesn't know what to do with her, but she drags Dahlia along on her day's adventures anyway. By the end of the day, Dahlia is not so frilly anymore, but she has a strangely happy smile on her face. Best of all is the aunt's reaction when she discovers the state of the doll. Such a good story, with wonderful illustrations! [...]

    13. When Charlotte got a fancy, frilly doll as a present, I don't think dismayed is the right word. It's clear from her room (filled with bird nests and dragonflies) that she's not a doll kind of girl. Still, she makes the best of it, she and her bear and they realize, eventually, that there's no reason you can't play with a fancy doll in the same way you'd play with any other toy.The revelation at the end that the doll was bought specifically so she could be played with in mud puddles and tossed ou [...]

    14. Beautiful colored line-art illustrations tell the story of Dahlia, a doll for a girl who likes to rough and tumble and make mud pies. Dahlia gets very dirty playing with her girl, Charlotte, but luckily, that's just fine by Aunt Edme, who chose Dahlia as a gift for Charlotte. She's happy that Charlotte is happy, and she is.

    15. I have spent the last few years searching regularly online for this book I read whilst in elementary school. I didn't remember the author or the title just the pictures and the story. You can imagine my delight when I find it on by random chance! I'm so happy and perhaps I can find it at a library to read it again.

    16. A sweet story with lovely illustrations about a girl who isn't sure a new frilly doll will fit in with her outdoor adventures. Turns out girls can wear lace and silk and also like getting dirty and climbing trees and racing wagons. Also, a nice reminder to parents that toys are meant to be loved and played with and not sit on a shelf.

    17. Barbara McClintock's book is darling. It's a Victorian setting with Charlotte and Bruno and Dahlia as the adorable characters. I'd just like to spend the day with all three of them and have fun and even get a little dirty!

    18. A lovely story of an outdoorsy little girl who received a prim, frilly, lacy doll. The girl totes the doll around on all of her (somewhat dirty) adventures and the doll becomes less prim and more happy. A nice twist at the end regarding the prim, frilly aunt who has given the girl the doll.Beautiful illustrations.

    19. I liked this book because it shows kids to give things a try and not judge things/people at first sight. I would read this to my class any day and have a discussion about making the most of what they have!

    20. A really wonderful story for little girls, and the line illustrations are AMAZING. McClintock goes crazy with the details, and it pays off for the reader. I'll be checking out all her books to share with my nieces.

    21. We gave this funny book to Hazel for her birthday and it charmed us all on the first reading. If you've got a little tom boy, you'll eat this book up. And if that tom boy somehow loves dolls, even better.

    22. this is a cute little book about a tomboy girl who receives a "perfect" looking doll & isn't into dolls at all. It was perfect for us because we also have a little tomboy girl and she just received a doll for her birthday. cute story.

    23. I love all of McClintock's illustrated books, but this is my favorite of her stories. Excellent for teacher/moms of girls who want to reenforce that girls can be wonderfully feminine, smart and adventurous all at the same time.

    24. So glad Jenn and Clara Sechler introduced me to Barbara McClintock. This is a book for everyone who's ever played with a dollor in the mudor both. As a side note, Charlotte's room is the best room ever.

    25. A story about a little girl who likes to play outside in the mud & water. She teaches her well-loved dolls to enjoy it too. :)

    26. Wonderful illustrations, charming setting, and a really great story. I love that the heroine is a tomboy in a dress with a doll named Dahlia.

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