The Tilting House

The Tilting House Brothers Josh and Aaron Peshik are about to discover that their new home with the tilting floors hides many mysteries When the boys and their neighbor Lola discover the hidden diary of F T Tilton the

  • Title: The Tilting House
  • Author: Tom Llewellyn Sarah Watts
  • ISBN: 9781582462882
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Brothers Josh and Aaron Peshik are about to discover that their new home with the tilting floors hides many mysteries When the boys and their neighbor Lola discover the hidden diary of F.T Tilton, the brilliant but deranged inventor who built the house, they learn a dark secret that may mean disaster for the Peshik family Can the kids solve the riddles of the tilting hoBrothers Josh and Aaron Peshik are about to discover that their new home with the tilting floors hides many mysteries When the boys and their neighbor Lola discover the hidden diary of F.T Tilton, the brilliant but deranged inventor who built the house, they learn a dark secret that may mean disaster for the Peshik family Can the kids solve the riddles of the tilting house before time runs out Mad science, mischief, and mishaps combine in the suspenseful and imaginative tale of The Tilting House.

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    1. Welche Geheimnisse birgt der Trau-dich-ganz-nach-oben-Raum? Seit Jakob und Charlie in das Haus mit den schrägen Böden und der Nachbarstochter Lola eingezogen sind, ist ihr Leben voller merkwürdiger Ereignisse. Die Sache mit dem Wachstumspulver geht gerade noch mal gut aus. Dann wird das Haus unsichtbar, Geier tauchen auf und Jacob stößt auf einen wertvollen Schatz – in dem „schrägen“ Haus ist immer etwas los.Eine total schräge und total sympatische Kinder-Grusel-Geschichte. Auch mit [...]

    2. Das Kinderbuch, das ich euch heute vorstellen möchte, birgt eine wirklich schräge (Wortwitz), spannend erzählte Geschichte hinter einem Cover, das mich buchstäblich aus den Socken gehauen hat. Ich liebe dieses Cover, ganz ehrlich! Ich könnte es stundenlang betrachten, weil es die Grundidee des Buches so farbenprächtig und innovativ wiedergibt. Hach, einfach toll. Doch nun möchte ich euch erst einmal berichten, worum es in »Das Haus, in dem es schräge Böden, sprechende Tiere und Wachstu [...]

    3. This was one interesting book! (I really wanted to read it since it is set in Tacoma, which is only about 30 minutes from where I live.)Josh and Aaron Peshik's family move into a house that is very odd. For example, the floors are all slanted or "tilting". They don't know why. And there are strange words and scientific notes and equations that are written on the walls. Plus there is a talking rat and his family. Despite all these odd things, Josh and Aaron really want to stay in this house. Othe [...]

    4. Even though this was a children's book, I quite liked the idea of it, what with the tilting house, the talking rats, the "vultures", the growth powder and all the other secrets of it. The way it was written manages to hold the interest of child and adult alike, and there's enough action going on to keep you wondering what's going to happen next. The ending tied up all the lose ends and revealed all well, most of the mysteries and gave the readers a happy ending. All in all, it was a good read an [...]

    5. This is the kind of rollicking mystery that I long for more and more. Each chapter stands up on its own. The overall plot is both fast-paced and fully satisfying. And I kind of love the characters by the end of the book, especially the grandfather. If I think back to when I was a kid, this is a book I would have wished my parents had bought me, instead of the stuff they hoped I would like. No big messages, just a great adventure story that I, as the reader, wished I was a part of.

    6. Google Survey Reward | This was great, and I wish I'd read it sooner. | I can no longer remember where I first heard about The Tilting House, but I thought it sounded enjoyable and put it on my wishlist. Where it sat, for a couple of years. Every once in awhile I would have a gift card available and consider getting it, but would get something else instead. It turns out to be a sweet little book, funny and fun and interesting, with kids who are up for whatever adventure comes along and parents w [...]

    7. I like Francis T Tillton because he is a crazy person that figures out how to make his house invisible how to talk to a animal, a rat named Mr. Daga and more that is why i like Tilton.

    8. TiltedI really enjoyed this book. And it held my interest throughout. I found myself wishing the best for the Peshiks. Thank you!

    9. ***MAJOR SPOILER ALERT***An all the way up room, an invisible house, a talking rat named Mr.Daga, and growing powder!? I really liked this book considering I couldn't stop reading it. The genre of this story is fantasy because there is magic and talking animals involved. In this book there were alot of adventures that had me confused but intrigued in a cool way. In the story 2 brothers named Aaron and Josh along with their family move into a new home called "Tilton House" which was a rugged plac [...]

    10. Opening line: "The wooden sign on the porch read TILTON HOUSE."Josh Peshik's family has to move and when the realtor shows Josh's parents the Tilton House, which was built to tilt exactly three degrees, his father falls in love with the scribbling all over the walls and the potential discoveries that could be made. Josh and his brother are far less convinced and soon they find out that the house is full of mysteries from the past, as well as a few talking rats and crazy neighbors.I don't remembe [...]

    11. Josh and his little brother Aaron are far from thrilled with the new house their parents just bought. It's old, it's got some odd neighbors, and the interior is completely bizarre. It's clearly a place with secrets: strange, scientific writing and drawings cover the wallpaper, and all the floors mysteriously tilt towards the center of the property. Stranger things happen to Josh, Aaron, and their new neighbor Lola, as they try to make the best of the summer while stumbling upon more secrets of t [...]

    12. Review originally posted on Children's AtheneumAaron and Josh have moved into a new house, one in which every floor in the house is tilted three degreeson purpose. The walls are covered in scientific drawings. Then things start to get strange. Talking rats with a coin collection, a dimmer switch that makes the entire house invisible, two undertakers with a list that is getting people killed, and a body buried in the basement.I am on a bit of a catch-up reading phase, meaning I am finally getting [...]

    13. Originally posted on my blog: libraryladyhylary ! Check it out for more reviews!Josh Peshik's parents don't make a lot of money, so when they have the opportunity to purchase an old but spacious mansion they take it. The trouble is, the mansion is tilted. The floors, the furniture, the walls, all slope three degrees inward. Even more strange are the equations, formulas and ideas scribbled all over the walls throughout the house. The Peshiks are determined to make the best of their new house, how [...]

    14. acob zieht mit seinen Eltern in das 'Haus Tilton' ein dass die Immobilienmaklerin ihnen zu einem äußerst günstigen Preis verkauft. Zuerst fragen Sie sich warum das Haus so billig ist, kaufen es aber dann da die Familie viel zu groß für die kleine Wohnung ist und nicht genug Geld für ein anderes Haus hat. Nach dem sie eingezogen sind, Mama, Papa, Jacob, Opa und sein kleiner Bruder Charlie endecken sie das Geheimnis des Hauses und des ehemaligen Bewohner. Böden die um 6° geneigt sind, Wän [...]

    15. Das gerade gekaufte Haus der Hensleys in der nördlichen Stechpalmenstraße Nr. 1418 ist alt und unschlagbar billig, wenn auch die Gegend mehr als sonderbar wirkt. Ein paar Eimer Farbe für die hölzerne Fassade sollten das Problem lösen können. Die Eltern Hensley, Jacob, sein Bruder Charlie und Opa mit dem handgefertigten Holzbein, können sich sowieso kein teureres Haus leisten. Im Innern des Holzhauses sind Wände und Böden vollständig mit Schrift, Formeln und Diagrammen bedeckt. Alle Fu [...]

    16. A very quick and fun read for kids of all ages (even very old ones like me). The story centers on Josh and his younger brother Aaron as they move into the strangest house on the block, which is saying a lot since the other houses feature a grumpy hoarder, a crazy man who never stops talking and often has a hearse cruising around.Josh and his family have some work to do both the settle into their new house; the floors are all tilted inward three degrees and the walls are covered in bizarre and cr [...]

    17. This rather unique book reads almost more like a collection of short stores, all centered around the Tilting House of the title & the family who moves there, seen through the eyes of older son Josh Peshkin. The Peshkins are excited to finally be able to afford a house after years of living in various apartments, but what a house it proves to be: inhabited by only one previous person, a remarkably long-lived & very mysterious reclusive scientist, the house is full of strangeness & sec [...]

    18. My goal this year is to read books from my wishlist. That list consists of books I have come across either as citations in my research or as recommendations on blogs or from friends. That said, I'm still a sucker for a pretty cover and I'm especially vulnerable to the new books on display at my library. The Tilting House by Tom Llewllyn falls into that category.The Peshik family has moved into a Victorian style home in Old Tacoma, Washington. The house though has a few problems, like floors that [...]

    19. The floors are all built with a 3 degree tilt and there is strange writing all over the walls, but it's all they can afford: The Tilting House. Both of those things could go in such interesting directions, but they don't in this book. The family doesn't actually decipher all the mad scientist writing on the walls and bring to light some incredibly cool discoveries, they just keep talking about it, but it doesn't go anywhere (well, their house does become invisible once, but there really should b [...]

    20. The Tilting HouseBy Tom LlewellynMysterious, intriguing and fun, “The Tilting House” by Tom Llewellyn is a marvelous book for middle school readers. The Peshik family embarks on a journey of odd occurrences and magical science as they move into the dark, tilting house…a home many have avoided yet the only house the Peshik’s can afford. Soon the family discovers talking rats, magical growth powder and scientific equations that cover every inch of the interior walls. As the children contin [...]

    21. Title: The Tilting HouseAuthor: Tom LLewellynYear: 2010ISBN: 9781582462882Type: bookGenre: Fiction, FantasyLength/Pages & Reading Level: 160 pages; 9 and up.Publisher/Studio name: Tricycle PressPlot Summary: Josh and Aaron Peshik move to their new home with tilting floors and equations scribbled on the walls. Together with their neighbor Lola the embark on an adventure to uncover the mystery of the Tilting house using a diary of F.T. Tilton, the inventor of the house. They encounter talking [...]

    22. "The Tilting House" - written by Tom Llewellyn and published in 2010 by Tricycle Press, an imprint of Random House Children's Books. I'm sorry to say that I was disappointed by this middle-grade novel. Sarah Watts' cover art is so inviting and the familiar storyline of a family moving into a spooky house had me anticipating a fun story. Unfortunately the characters were incompletely fleshed out and the plotting was uneven. I especially objected to a supposedly caring mother blithely going for a [...]

    23. I ended up grabbing this book at the library based on cover alone. It was a really quick read. It was almost like each chapter was a short story, some chapters linked up some could have stood on their own.The story is told from the point of view, Josh who is one of two brothers who move into the Tilton House with their parents and grandpa. The house's floors are all tilting 3 degrees. The house has many other mysteries that are uncovered throughout the book. A few of the chapters and mysteries b [...]

    24. The Peshik family does not have a lot of money, so when they see this huge house advertised for a very low amount, they buy the Tilton House. Now you are asking what is the catch? Well there is a big catch, the whole house was built on a tilt of 3 degrees. That is not all there are all kids of weird things about the house and the community. The talking rats in the basement, the guy across the street that continues to talk to himself and take things while you are not watching, and you can't forge [...]

    25. Josh Peshik and his family buy the Tilton house, a house that has remained empty for years. How could his parents refuse? It is a huge house and it is right in thier budget. But there is a reason it is so cheap. All of the floors are tilted. And there are mysterious scribblings and diagrams all over the walls. Throw in some talking rats and a possible dead body buried in the crawl space and you have a great fantasy/mystery on your hands. Or so I thought. This book has been circulating pretty reg [...]

    26. The chapters of this book are almost short stories as Josh and Aaron Peshik find different adventures within their strange new house. Some (like the one about the undertakers) are so interesting that I wanted more on them, but overall I like this style because it's like the reader is exploring the house with the boys. The book is somewhat difficult to classify, because it reads like fantasy, but the explanations usually come from the original house owner's scientific scribblings (even though the [...]

    27. What a wonderful book, The Tilting House by Tom Llewellyn. A bit strange, a hint of darkness, perfect for young (and older) readers who don’t fear adventure lurking in their own homes -- For more, hit my tumblr (and subscribe to my newsletter, why dontcha?)

    28. Great story5th grade boys will LOVE it. Hope he turns the premise into a series of books."Talking ratsGrowth potionsBuried treasureBrothers Josh and Aaron Peshik are about to discover that their new home with the tilting floors hides many mysteries. When the boys and their neighbor Lola discover the hidden diary of F.T. Tilton, the brilliant but deranged inventor who built the house, they learn a dark secret that may mean disaster for the Peshik family. Can the kids solve the riddles of the tilt [...]

    29. Kind of quirky first novel by Tom Llewellyn with talking rats, tilting house, growing powder, and rumored bodies in the crawlspace. This is a mystery and fantasy and a little horror all in one. The tone and material probably better suited to older 4th and 5th graders. I enjoyed the book and it held my interest. Suggest it to the students who are drawn to unusual writing and maybe ones who like to solve mysteries.

    30. 5-Star rating.One surprise after another greet Josh, his brother Aaron and their parents when they move into a house whose floors tilt towards the middle of each room, and whose walls are covered in scribbled writing. The Tilting House is a fun and imaginative family adventure with a surprise ending, as well as a sci-fi/fantasy adventure that is a charming combination of Beverly Cleary, Sara Pennypacker, Madeleine L'Engle, and C.S.Lewis.

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