Sunshine There had not been any trouble out at the lake in years Sunshine just needed a spot where she could be alone with her thoughts for a minute But then the vampires found her Now chained and imprisoned

  • Title: Sunshine
  • Author: Robin McKinley
  • ISBN: 9780142411100
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback
  • There had not been any trouble out at the lake in years Sunshine just needed a spot where she could be alone with her thoughts for a minute But then the vampires found her Now, chained and imprisoned in a once beautiful decaying mansion, alone but for the vampire, Constantine, shackled next to her, Sunshine realizes that she must call on her own hidden strength ifThere had not been any trouble out at the lake in years Sunshine just needed a spot where she could be alone with her thoughts for a minute But then the vampires found her Now, chained and imprisoned in a once beautiful decaying mansion, alone but for the vampire, Constantine, shackled next to her, Sunshine realizes that she must call on her own hidden strength if she is to survive But Constantine is not what she expected of a vampire, and soon Sunshine discovers that it is he who needs her, than either of them know Originally published as an adult novel, but now in YA for the first time, Sunshine is an alluring and captivating vampire story one that will ensnare fans of paranormals everywhere.

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    1. Okay, so I seriously pondered over whether to give this book three stars or four. In the end, I DID enjoy it so I felt generous and gave it four, but it's not without its faults.Once, when I was a little kid, my parents bought me my favourite ice cream. There's actually only one kind of ice cream that I actually like and that's mint choc chip. Only they bought this MASSIVE bowl of it with a banana in it and extra chocolate sauce. I can only guess that they'd finally decided to slowly kill me via [...]

    2. Here is a useful tip, should you ever find yourself face-to-face with a vampire: they are living corpses that eat people. They are not sun-sparkling, abstinent forever-teens. Staying inside all day and being forced to personally kill all of your food doesn't bode well for your mental health (not to mention the fact that you have been alive so long, you've had to re-buy all your Beatles albums in like five different formats).Robin McKinley gets this the way Stephanie Meyer or even, sometimes, Buf [...]

    3. This was a very welcome surprise coming out of my dire expectations. :)I mean, a vampire romance. Seriously? Another?Well stop scratching your head and stop moving on to another title. This happens to be one of the *good* ones. There are lots of elements that you've seen before, I'm sure, but it's all in how its written. McKinley has been writing all kinds of fantasy for over thirty years. She knows how to accomplish a lot in relatively no time at all.Gorgeous world-building and a populace that [...]

    4. This is my first Robin McKinley book and I'm sorry to say that it'll probably be my last. I know she has a large fan-base and I know that she is critically acclaimed but I just couldn't get into her writing. Even if Neil Gaiman says it's 'Pretty much perfect.'The whole novel is written like one giant info-dump with barely any dialogue or interaction between characters. It's made up mostly of the character's internal reflections and while she's certainly quirky, I didn't find Sunshine endearing. [...]

    5. I've seen Robin McKinley accused of having only one plot: variations on "Beauty and the Beast." This kind of reductionism, of course, can be extended to just about any story. Some of us over a certain age even used to have test questions on this in Tenth Grade Literature: What is the plot of this book? A) Man vs. Man, B) Man vs. Nature, C) Man vs.Universe. Perhaps this one can be further reduced to Woman Gains Choice, and we first encounter it in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, written in the [...]

    6. $1.99 Kindle sale, Nov. 9, 2017. I knew nothing about this book when I bought it - this was back in the day when I was auto-buying everything Robin McKinley wrote, a time that has now, sadly, ended for me as her stuff's gotten progressively weirder over the years. But this one is only semi-weird, and definitely worth reading if you're interested in vampires and urban fantasy, except without the smokin' hot sexy vampire. Okay, there is a rather sexy scene, and the vampire is a very cool character [...]

    7. since joel is being a slowpoke, i am going to write this review before i forget everything i was/am thinking about it and it gets lost in too-many-books-pastah, so i had no idea this book was about vampires.but, karen, you have voted for both elizabeth and mariel's review of this book, surely you read reviews before you vote!! surely you don't just "insta-vote" and RUIN for the rest of us???yeah, yeah, yeah be fair, i did read elizabeth's review but it was ages ago, when i had no intention of e [...]

    8. I didn't know much about this book going in - vampires and cinnamon rolls - that was about it. Therefore, I, of course, was quite surprised to learn Sunshine was a hardcore urban fantasy novel. Quite a departure for Robin McKinley known for her fairy tale retellings. This book was nothing like she ever wrote before, that's for sure. I didn't know she had it in her to write something so tech-heavy, at times sexy and in such a perky "voice."Now, I love to complain about new urban fantasy that lack [...]

    9. I've liked Robin McKinley in a low-level way for the past ten years or so. I really liked Beauty, The Hero and the Crown and The Blue Sword, and when I've seen a new McKinley book I've generally tried to pick it up and read it, for old time's sake. I thought I was fairly familiar with her style and tone.Which is why I was completely unprepared for Sunshine. Who knew McKinley had a dark, experimental, inventive, alternate-universe/vampire novel in her? Who knew she had an engaging, modern, flawed [...]

    10. Thinking is bad for you. The heroine of this novel, Rae Blaise or Sunshine, as she is better known, finds this out the hard way after she drives out to the lake to have a think and avoid arguing with her mum. Because while there, she is kidnapped by a group of vampires, dressed in blood red silk and chained in a room with another vampire, Constantine. But clearly, Sunshine is a bright girl (I am still unsure exactly how old she is supposed to be, early twenties, I'd guess) and learns her lesson [...]

    11. I have mixed feelings about this book. It took me multiple attempts to finish it, but I'm glad I did. Someone compared this to Buffy and Angel as far as the romance aspects. Do not believe that. This book has some romantic aspects, but it's more of a coming of age story (although Sunshine is an adult when it starts). She's coming into her powers that she never really understood. The writing is very intricate and quite stream of consciousness. If you made it through The Sound and the Fury, this b [...]

    12. Hmm. Where to start? This book was quite unique and strange. I love me a good vampire tale and this certainly was one- vampires are at the centre of the actions of the story. And yete point of the book seemed to be more about the world building. This was a fascinating world with many magics and part blood demons, ward makers and charm weavers, a special Others police force But while it was fascinating in places, the book seemed to be almost a long information dump. If this was the first in a ser [...]

    13. Extremely enjoyable, I liked this book much more than Twilight. It was a while ago I read it, but I kept the hardback around, which says a lot since I am forced to be ruthless with what I keep after I read due to space.

    14. Adult vampire urban fantasy. Sunshine lives in an alternate post-apocalyptic world in which Others - vampires, weres, demons and angels - are accepted and everywhere. We don't see any angels, mind you. This one's all about the horror. Sunshine herself lives an ordinary life working in her step dad's cafe, until she does something stupid and gets herself captured by the 'darkest' of the Others: vampires. Seriously messed up psychopathic supervillains. Sunshine finds out a few things about herself [...]

    15. I wish that Robin Mckinley's Sunshine never had to end. I almost didn't read it. I'd visit the fantasy shelf in the book shops and go "ooh um do I want to read this or not?" (Funny how the films and books I debate on are often the ones that I've loved the most.) Now, I visit the McKinley shelves, beaming at my favorites. "I wish I could read you for the first time again!" I read the and amazon reviews. Some are favorable, others are not. I couldn't tell anyone if they'd like it or not. It's the [...]

    16. I look forward to this season every year because it means I get to reread SUNSHINE. This is one of my few solid seasonal reads. I revisit it every year for so many reasons. Because it originally came out in October. Because it absolutely encapsulates autumn for me. And Halloween, of course, what with all the vampires and the midnight outings and the smell of fallen leaves and cinnamon rolls in the air. And because it's just one of the biggest Angie books there is. I remember being almost apoplec [...]

    17. 2.5 starsWhat I can only assume is a superb April Fools joke by the book gods, my first themed book for April Singles turned out to be an actual Non-series book (if you aren't as obsessed with my life as I am, usually during this theme I laugh, groan, and joke how all the books I pick for this turn out to be actually in a series). What is wrong with this you ask? There is no way on earth this should be a contained to one freaking book story. Don't believe me? Imagine if you will, if Darkfever by [...]

    18. Truth be told, I’m sick to death of vampire stories. There’s so rarely anything original or new in the genre, and I’m really just not a fan of the Sexy, Mysterious, Dangerous Creature of the Night thing anymore. However, I do love Robin McKinley, she’s the only reason I picked this book up, and I’m glad I did. Turns out this book isn’t “about vampires” in the way you might think; Sunshine’s world is either ours in an unspecified future, or an alternate versions of ours in which [...]

    19. If you see the read date, you would be surprised, but hey, i don't take months to read a book. I'll start from where i left it, which is where i remember. Sunshine/Rae is back home. Yippee(note the sarcasm). That's what it felt like with her. The main problem with Sunshine were her internal thoughts. She had a lot, too many. And OK.→ Head=thoughts=chaos, and it doesn't make al attractive book. But here there was only Chaos, everywhere. She would be thinking about one thing, the next, she would [...]

    20. I read this some years ago, I remember liking it. A re-read should be good, I can refresh my memory enough to do a full review.

    21. I have the worst touch pad in the world on my computer, which just erased an entire review. So here's the short version:The plot: unfocused, slow. It has a few exciting hot spots, spaced widely apart. The end is anti-climatic and doesn't feel worth all the build up. I wasn't thrilled with all the time she spent world-building, which didn't seem to make sense for a standalone novel in which most of that information would never be used or heard from again.The characters: Sunshine herself was well- [...]

    22. Lots of people seem to want RM to write a sequel to this. After one reread, what I truly demand is the cookbook. Perhaps wisely the author avoids too many details about the cooking/baking, which is maybe wise, readers with different baking skills might find it obvious or ludicrous or something, but the references are all so tempting. I really want to know the secret for Bitter Chocolate death! And I am half-seriously thinking of compiling a list of everything Rae bakes during this book just for [...]

    23. First of all, let me say I love Robin McKinley's work, and was so excited to see a new title I just grabbed it and started right in. I was pulled into this new world, having a hard time putting the book down, when WHAM! Two pages of erotic description, using language I would never have expected from an author of McKinley's caliber. I felt betrayed, as if I had found a beloved, trusted family friend showing pornographic videos to my children. The language and passage under consideration did nothi [...]

    24. When I picked up Sunshine for the first time and realized that Robin McKinley had written a vampire novel, I was almost horrified: it seemed a far cry from Damar and retold fairy tales, and vampire novels are certainly not usually my thing. But McKinley is easily one of my top ten favorite writers, so I sat down with it one night and got so sucked into it (pardon the pun) that I stayed up most of the night finishing it (which is a bigger deal than it used to be, with a toddler who gets up when h [...]

    25. I was put off by the narrative at the start of the book that explained what had happened before. I'm never a big fan of those. Fortunately that was a concise section and I was able to get into the story about Sunshine. I loved the next 1/3 of the book. It actually felt cosy learning about Sunshine's life in the bakery. To some this may seem mundane, but to me it was nice after a hectic day to read about how to make cinnamon rolls. The section with her trapped with the vampire Constantine, both c [...]

    26. Bullet Review:This was a good read, but wow, curveballs! Firstly, the writing style/protagonist's voice takes some getting used to. Rae/Sunshine is a bit of a verbose chick. Secondly, the book opens with the impression you are reading urban fantasy of the Sookie Stackhouse variety - and then it takes a MASSIVELY dark turn. Good but dark.My rating really wavers between 3 and 4 stars.Full Review:Geez Louise. just poked me today, asking how many stars I would give this book, and I realized, I ough [...]

    27. For my sanity, I need to stop reading any books that are marketed towards fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Because spoiler alert: none of these books are ever like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sunshine is about a normal girl--seriously cannot express how numbingly normal this girl is--who, guess what!, is nicknamed Sunshine (gag) and finds herself tangled up in a supernatural battle after being kidnapped by vampires. Sunshine wakes up every morning at 4am to bake cinnamon rolls for the family bake [...]

    28. I didn't really like this book, yet i didn't not like it either.It took me a week to read this book which is a rare thing for me as I average a book every day or 2. I just wasn't captivated by it. Not just that it was so Slow some ground coverage went on for pages!Sunshine bored me to bits seems like she just goes on and on *yawn*. I found myself having to re-read a ton of pages cause she would being doing one thing and then start rambling on about something so different and i'd be so lost becau [...]

    29. 2.5.I had high expectations for this book and sadly it just didn’t pan out. I mean this story had the usual suspects that I like: vampires, weres and demons. Oh……and a bit of magic. In the beginning of the story, Sunshine gets taken by a group of vampires and they take her to an abandoned house where they chain her to a wall. It’s then that she realizes she’s not alone. Not too far from her sits another………… vampire. At that point I thought okay, this is really going to get inte [...]

    30. First time reading Robin McKinley. I have heard good things about her, but she struck me as a bit of a fanta-twee author. Anyway, Sunshine was on sale at Audible, and I like a good vampire story, so decided to check it out.First, if I'd known about the romantic undercurrents, I'd have run screaming. Another vampire romance? Oh, hell no.So this is another book that got to pleasantly surprise me because I didn't know enough to reject it outright."Sunshine" (the main character's nickname, and guess [...]

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