Licensed for Trouble

Licensed for Trouble PJ Sugar receives shocking news that she s inherited the Kellogg family mansion Though she has no idea why the timing is perfect PJ has clearly worn out her welcome at her sister s house Unfortunatel

  • Title: Licensed for Trouble
  • Author: Susan May Warren
  • ISBN: 9781414313146
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • PJ Sugar receives shocking news that she s inherited the Kellogg family mansion Though she has no idea why, the timing is perfect PJ has clearly worn out her welcome at her sister s house Unfortunately, the mansion is in shambles, and PJ is short on cash Rescue comes in the form of Max Smith, a mysterious handyman willing to trade his services for PJ s investigative skiPJ Sugar receives shocking news that she s inherited the Kellogg family mansion Though she has no idea why, the timing is perfect PJ has clearly worn out her welcome at her sister s house Unfortunately, the mansion is in shambles, and PJ is short on cash Rescue comes in the form of Max Smith, a mysterious handyman willing to trade his services for PJ s investigative skills But PJ already has a full docket with cramming for her PI license and nurturing a growing romance with her boss, Jeremy Kane Can she take on Max s case without dropping the ball

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      369 Susan May Warren
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    1. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 on GRThis is the last book in the PJ Sugar mystery series and it was a great ending. The love triangle is dealt with maturity and finality - I do think PJ made the right choice for her future and Boone had such integrity in letting PJ know he wants to move on and with who so she isn't blindsided by seeing him with his new love. Jeremy was okay, I'm just not into former SEALS/DELTA FORCE/RANGER types and his back story is so typical of those former military hero characte [...]

    2. Having faced down the demons from her past that kept her running from her hometown of Kellogg for ten years, PJ Sugar is ready to embrace her new life as a private investigator-in-training. However, the final step – believing in and accepting herself – may be the hardest task she’s attempted yet. PJ longs to explore the chance of a future with her enigmatic boss, Jeremy Kane, but she has a more difficult time than she expected closing the door on her feelings for her old flame, Boone, and [...]

    3. Wow! Let me just say that I believe Susan May Warren is my new favorite Christian writer! "Licensed for Trouble," the third in the series, is the first book I have read of this author. I read a lot, many top best sellers, and seldom see a book that has it all, like this one did. Suspense, mystery, romance, danger, adventure and laugh-out-loud humor, all infused with a God depth that takes it well past the realm of simple entertainment. PJ Sugar is a very well developed character who we get to kn [...]

    4. First reviewed here: overweight-bookshelf.When I first saw the video of Susan May Warren jumping out of plane all in the name of research for a book, I instinctively knew that PJ made her do it. I quickly jumped to this conclusion because there are many things that PJ makes me want to do, in spite of her being a fictional character. I admire her boldness, spunk, sense of humour, and outspoken nature. I even tried on a few of her signature phrases for size, but after that earned me a few quizzica [...]

    5. There are just some stories that grab a reader’s heart, fill their head with a fantastic story and characters, while taking them on a roller coaster into the life of that character.When I enter the world of PJ Sugar, I am no longer within mine, I become a part of the story and see the world through her eyes. I wish I had her spunk and determination!LICENSED FOR TROUBLE is the perfect conclusion to a great series, and I am sorry to see it end. It perfectly sums up PJ’s character and leaves me [...]

    6. I really enjoyed book 1 and 2 of this PJ Sugar's series, but book 3 is quite a let down for me. I was frustrated at the repetitive issues Jeremy (his past) & PJ (her i-am-trouble-no-i-am-not-trouble-whines) were facing. They just kept on and on and on, I got bored of it and skimmed through the last 40% of the book.2 mysteries were ongoing in this book, many many names were introduced that I had a hard time remembering them. Lyle Fisher, Barton, the other PJ, Flora. Glad to be done with this [...]

    7. I’m so thankful to have received a review copy of Licensed for Trouble, which is the final installment of this fun, amusing series. In this last book, PJ is still working towards becoming a Private Investigator. The reader learns if PJ will finally pick between Boone, her high school sweet heart, or Jeremy, her boss in the private eye agency, as her boyfriend, or if she dumps them both. I didn’t think PJ would ever make up her mind - Susan May Warren kept us guessing throughout all three boo [...]

    8. I am reviewing this book for LitFUSE PublishingBook Description:PJ Sugar receives shocking news that she's inherited the Kellogg family mansion. Though she has no idea why, the timing is perfect-PJ has clearly worn out her welcome at her sister's house. Unfortunately, the mansion is in shambles, and PJ is short on cash. Rescue comes in the form of Max Smith, a mysterious handyman willing to trade his services for PJ's investigative skills. But PJ already has a full docket with cramming for her P [...]

    9. Susan has a very engaging writing style that quickly draws the reader into the pages of her books. There is suspense and tension sprinkled with just the right amount of humor to let you relax and yet still keep you engrossed. The characters are well-contrived and likable. The plot is fairly basic but has enough twists and turns that you don't get from point A to point B without first following a very circuitous path. Throughout the pages of the book, PJ, who was adopted by her family, often ques [...]

    10. Title: LICENSED FOR TROUBLEAuthor: Susan May WarrenPublisher: Tyndale FictionAugust 2010ISBN: 978-1-4143-1314-8Genre: Inspirational/contemporaryPJ Sugar is still out to prove herself as a PI, and still trying to figure out where she fits in the world. Since her sister, Connie, kicked her out of the house, PJ has been sleeping on the couch at Jeremy’s office, but he is suggesting that it might be time for her to find someplace else to sleep. But then a lawyer shows up, sharing that PJ is the so [...]

    11. My review of all three of this series was posted in one post on my blog. I'll put the link up as soon as that goes live, but for now here's my review of this novel.My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.My Overall Thoughts/Impressions: YES! I was so glad that she chose Jeremy at the end of the previous novel. I just have to get this out of the way first. It's not that I didn't like Boone. I just didn't feel like he was right for PJ. He didn't see who she really was or who she could become. Jeremy did. Jere [...]

    12. Even though I had not read the 2 previous books in the P.J. Sugar series I had no trouble understanding the story. PJ is a young gal who desperately wants to be a private investigator but it seems that she always manages to get into trouble. She becomes the beneficiary of an old mansion from the Kellogg family. She does not understand why she should be the one to get the house. As she goes through the house the first time she falls into a hole in the floor that goes to the basement. A basement f [...]

    13. Licensed for Trouble by Susan May Warren is the third book in the PJ Sugar series. PJ is still sleeping on the couch in the private detective agency where she works with Jeremy Kane while she tries to earn her PI license and battles her growing feelings for Jeremy. She learns that the town's matriarch has died and left PJ the family estate in her will. The house needs tons of work, so PJ hires Max Smith who agrees to fix up the house if PJ can discover his identity. Warren has packed so much sto [...]

    14. This book has it all--humor, mystery, action, suspense, emotion, and yes, lots of romance! Although I haven't read the first two books in this series, I was still able to thoroughly enjoy this third installment. Mystery stories can be quite engaging, but this one was also very entertaining with its true-to-life moments of hilarity and honest struggles. I loved it!The characters are authentic, and PJ is one fun heroine! Oh, and the love triangle? Wow! This book is full of romantic tension and swe [...]

    15. PJ Sugar has been described as the "wholesome" version of the best-selling Stephanie Plum series, by Janet Evanovich. This is the second or third book, and it's very funny, wholesome, and has a decent mystery to boot. PJ Sugar is a wannabe private investigator who is working with Jeremy Kane, who may or may not become her boyfriend by book's end. She is still pining for policeman Boone Buckam at the beginning of the book, and Warren does a good job setting up and establishing this sometimes unco [...]

    16. See my profile for my star rating system.I told you in my review of Double Trouble that I could relate to main character PJ’s struggle to see herself as God sees her. In Licensed for Trouble I continued to relate deeply to PJ’s struggle to separate old perceptions from truth and the journey to grasp that God calls her Princess and Heiress. The story captivated and entertained me with the crazy antics we have come to expect from PJ and skillful storytelling from Warren. Yet, beyond the enjoym [...]

    17. Licensed for Trouble Book 3 - PJ SUGAR by Susam May Warren PJ has lost her welcome at her sisters house and is sleeping on the sofa at work, working towards her PI license. She is informed she has inherited the Kellog mansion, the catch is she has to live there. The place is in disrepair until Max, a man with amnesia knocks on her door to make a deal. Max offers to fix up the mansion in exchange of PJ finding out who he is. While trying to find out who Max is, many things happen, a car blows up [...]

    18. I won this through giveaways program.I hadn't read any of the other PJ Sugar books, but enough background was given that I didn't feel like I was missing any information.The mystery was quite enjoyable. PJ isn't perfect, far from it. She reminds me a bit of a cleaner version of Stephanie Plum. A few things did bother me a bit, the way PJ always refered to herself as "nothing but trouble" (it was worked into the story quite well though, other characters found it a bit irritating too). Also, when [...]

    19. The 2nd book was the best in the series because it was so hilarious and fun. This book is interesting and it sucks you in, but it lacks the whimsical humor of the first two books. Also PJ hasn't really grown as a character. She's still facing the same issues and insecurities and still bumbling her way into solving crime, the men always have to come to her rescue, and they never seem to tire of her propensity for putting herself in unnecessary danger. I would have liked to see more character deve [...]

    20. Like the others in this seriesI loved this book! PJ Sugar's stories are such a delight to read. I find myself laughing out loud, tearing up and trying to solve the mystery all in one book! I was so happy with the romance in this book and that the love triangle between PJ, Boone and Jeremy has been straightened out. Plus, the mystery of the story was in depth and full of unexpect twists and turns. Loved it! Was it just me or did the ending seem to be a bit open for another book? Oh please, please [...]

    21. This was a fun book to read and very busy. I loved that there were several mysteries wrapped into one storyline. PJ Sugar, a wannabe PI stumbles onto a mysteryMax Smith, an amnesiac needs her to find him. As she struggles with the case, she also struggles with a past love vs her new love, her boss. This is the third book of a trilogy which I did not know, but was a good read standing alone. Loved PJ's personality and her knack for not only finding trouble, but trouble finding her.

    22. Good series overall. I'm just not a fan of love triangles and that got old towards the end for me. I also really have a pet peeve for Christian romances that have the man kissing the heroine a lot without committing to a relationship or even dating! But he's kissing her and getting jealous. Any man of the world can act like that and any romance can be read like that. I kinda expect more from a Christian romance.

    23. This was my absolute FAVORITE of all the PJ Sugar novels. The romance, the suspense, the mystery - it's all perfect! Whereas in some of the first two books, the beginning had a tendency to be slow in some areas, this book was fast paced and had me lured in from the get-go! I couldn't put it down if it wanted to (but I didn't want to)!

    24. I didn't realize when I checked this out that it was the third in the series. I enjoyed the mystery, the PI bits, and the romance quite a bit. It does seem to be one of those "inspirational" titles that can only make that claim because they stick in some random religious bits and don't have any sex. In other words, no faith required to read or enjoy. I've got the first two check out to read now.

    25. Mystery and romance. Two heroes after the heart of one heroine. More than one villan after her. An "inspirational" that was actually pretty good! This is the third in the series, I didn't read thet first two, just picked this one up and read. I was pretty impressed and will probably read more of her books.

    26. It seemed like the same issues as in the first two books. I was ready for her to move on, I guess. I just skimmed the second half. But I enjoyed these books. If I hadn't read them back to back, I may have enjoyed this one more.

    27. I really enjoyed this third book in the series. PJ is trying to find her new identity, while solving cases, trying for her PI license and finding love. Just a little bit of Christian themes, not preachy. Very clean.

    28. Oh how I love reading PJ and Jeremy's story! I am going to miss them. This is the third and final book in the PJ Sugar series, and I am so sad. The character development was great. Trying to solve the crimes before the end had me guessing. Loved the book. Really loved the series.

    29. I was torn in the first book between Boone and Jeremy. It took this third one to prepare me for the final choice. Would read these again. Fun story.

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