Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To: Divine Answers to Life's Most Difficult Problems

Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To Divine Answers to Life s Most Difficult Problems Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To Divine Answers to Life s Most Difficult Problems

  • Title: Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To: Divine Answers to Life's Most Difficult Problems
  • Author: Anthony DeStefano
  • ISBN: 9780385509909
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To Divine Answers to Life s Most Difficult Problems

    • Best Read [Anthony DeStefano] ¹ Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To: Divine Answers to Life's Most Difficult Problems || [Travel Book] PDF ☆
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    1 thought on “Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To: Divine Answers to Life's Most Difficult Problems”

    1. Several years ago when a good friend’s 16 year old son committed suicide and she was finally talking about and looking for something to read on grief, I thought about this book. I remembered Marian Hammaren’s powerful testimony about how DeStefano’s book helped her recover from the terrible tragedy of losing her only daughter during the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting. After that I bought the book meaning to read it but never got around to the book.Mary's pain and wanting to help her was my i [...]

    2. Mr. DeStefano has written a short, but encouraging book on prayer. As the title promises, he lists and discusses ten prayers he affirms that God will always answer:* God, show me that You exist* God, make me an instrument* God, outdo me in generosity* God, get me through this suffering* God, forgive me* God, give me peace* God, give me courage* God, give me wisdom* God, bring good out of this bad situation* God, lead me to my destinyGod desperately wants to communicate with us. "In fact, the his [...]

    3. I was surprised by how small this book is when I checked it out of the library. But it's a real gem. It's going on my wishlist, because I'm sure I'll want to refer back to it again and again. It's quite inspirational. The ten prayers are very simple, but the insight in the chapters is amazing. I skipped over chapter 9 (Will I Ever Be Happy Again? God, Bring Good Out of This Bad Situation), because I don't think it's relevant to me right now.SPOILER WARNINGThe ten prayers are:1. God, show me tha [...]

    4. I'm not really a very sentimental or emotional person, so I can't give an accurate review on how it would feel to read. If I was to guess, I would guess that most people would really love this. I think it has a lot of emotional appeal.But more importantly (to my prejudice mind) it also happens to be a great book for theology. In a world where so many prayers go unanswered, a book about 10 that will always be answered is very welcome, and very thought provoking. And because it's theology is solid [...]

    5. It's amazing to note that in our lives we may offer up many prayers to God and the majority will go unanswered (due to our intentions and many other divine factors that we are not aware of). It's great to know that there are 10 prayers that God will always say Yes to because they are always in line with his will and these are it. This is a great read, not only does the author show you the 10 prayers but he gives a in depth analysis on why they work from both a theological and every day thinking [...]

    6. This is a powerful, concise book of ten prayers that if you pray them, they will ALWAYS come true. I read it for my Sunday School class, a chapter a week, and it was just very comforting. Not overly scriptural or preachy, and the author tries to appeal to people who are spiritual, not only Christians. A great introductory book to someone exploring their faith or wondering whether prayer is really effective (or even if God exists at all and can answer your prayers). Very readable.

    7. DeStefano's books should be read by every American Catholic. I was blessed to have read this within a book club and the conversation, Catholic conversation, that stemmed from this book was awesome and authentic. My prayer life shifted in a positive direction while reading this book. I admit though that I need to print out the 10 prayers and have them posted as a reminder to continue to pray these authentic prayers of love.

    8. PeacefulNo more doubts. There is a God. I was and still am amazed by this book and the simple but powerful prayers.

    9. Last chapter the bestVery good read! Wonderful prayer at the end. Took me longer to read than usual but now I am ready to go back to certain chapters to review!

    10. This is an outstanding book that one can have close at hand to read time and time again. It deals with what makes some people successful and others not. A Message to Garcia is one of the greatest best-selling inspirational essays written in 1899 by Elbert Hubbard. It has been made into two motion pictures.There are some people who come hell or high water will get it done. Then they 19re others who have excuses of why it cannot be done. You have to have courage, tenacity and the will to win. The [...]

    11. I wanted to do more with this book than I did. I wanted to read the Scriptures that he referenced. But, I read this book during a long,long wait in the doc's office, and I was struck with DeStefano's examples. They weren't examples I could really relate to, in thought or knowing of these examples.I tried to think of life situations in which the 10 different prayers would apply, and I think the overall theme are on target. And I do agree the prayer God answers immediately is "God, make me an inst [...]

    12. This was good. It is different from the spiritual books I usually read. I tend to read the mystics whose message you need to ponder deeply. This book is simple and not laden down with over-your-head theological concepts. Each chapter relates to a different life circumstance and the author lays out a prayer that relates. What makes this book unique is that the prayers come from a perspective that the general and/or overwhelmed mind tends to overlook.

    13. Wonderful book on prayer. Good for a wide spectrum of people from those that are searching or don't know to those who want to learn how to strengthen their current prayer life. There were two spots in the book that I had questions / concerns about the authors writings although they aren't big enough to cause major concern. Great book with a simple approach to prayers that God will always answer in the affirmative.

    14. I'm not sure why I picked up this audio book, at the library, but it was so helpful to me. (I listen to audio books during my daily commute.) Sometimes you hear exactly what you need to hear during certain times of your life and this book spoke to me. Divine intervention? I think so.Mr. DeStefano is a wise and insightful man.

    15. The best kind of book: simple but profound; tells you something old and makes it new again.God1. Show me that you exist2. Make me an instrument3. Outdo me in generosity4. Get me through this suffering5. Forgive me6. Give me peace7. Give me courage8. Give me wisdom9. Bring good out of this bad situation (Rom 8:28)10. Lead me to my destiny

    16. Not bad; I read it in fits and starts, and actually enjoyed it best that way. Some bits I definitely thought unsubstantiated, but I also found it profound in places. Enough to even blog about at one point! It's the sort of book I will probably pick up and read bits again from time to time.

    17. This book is thoroughly researched, cohesive, and very readable. DeStefano is Catholic but grounds his message in tons of scripture and cites a variety of other influential Christian thinkers. He writes with authority.

    18. This book offers a new way to look at prayer. Perhaps it's not that our prayers are not getting answered, but that we're saying the wrong prayers. By the way, ask me how the first prayer got answered

    19. This book is just what it sounds like. Although I disagree with the author about some key theological points, I don't disagree with the premise. This is no Prayer of Jabez, and DeStefano emphasizes repeatedly that God's not a vending machine. :) I was encouraged and gleaned a few helpful insights.

    20. Excellent! I originally assumed this would be a superficial fluff piece. Light, in places, it is; but lacking in depth? Not at all! He has a gift for making complex theological principles recognizable in everyday life.

    21. The power of these prayers becomes evident upon praying them. I used this book for my Sunday School class. Everyone who wants to live the abundant life God wants us to should learn and pray these prayers daily.

    22. I found this book affirming how I speak with God. It's not preachy, gives meaningful examples and quotes scripture only to emphasize Why certain prayers are answered. It's not a narrative but more of a conversation. A good book to start 2015 with.

    23. This is a compelling read about a subject in which most people are interested, or at least curious. The question of "WHY?" when prayers aren't answered was the author's quest, and this book was the result.

    24. Practical and InspirationalI thought this book would be light and easy reading. Although it was easy, the concepts were deep, profound and timeless. If you are looking for a book that will show you how to live life well, read this book.

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