Getting Warmer

Getting Warmer Natalie Quackenbush is approaching thirty drowning in debt and living with her parents It s the kind of small talk she d rather avoid So she and her friends have found a way to entertain themselves o

  • Title: Getting Warmer
  • Author: Carol Snow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Natalie Quackenbush is approaching thirty, drowning in debt and living with her parents It s the kind of small talk she d rather avoid So she and her friends have found a way to entertain themselves on the Scottsdale, Arizona, singles scene lying Which isn t a problem until Natalie finally meets a guy she likes.

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    1. I loved this book. Getting Warmer is about a woman named Natalie Quakenbush, a high school English teacher who invents stories to tell in the bar scene for entertainment. That's all well and good until she meets Jonathan, a guy she actually likes, but has already spun her tales and now has to come clean. For the record, I am a high school Social Studies teacher, so a lot of what I read resonated with me - feeling like you aren't making a difference, parent involvement, connections with kids who [...]

    2. Have you ever bought a book and forgot why you wanted to read it?This is a book review about that sort of thing. Guilty, completely guilty.Years ago, before I was a Barnes and Noble member, I had One More Book Syndrome. Holla if you hear me on this one. Barnes and Noble has free shipping on orders over twenty five dollars. They’d also run specials like Buy Three Books, Get One Free. Fantastic! I love a good deal. This was all trickery I’m sure, because once you got to the checkout page with [...]

    3. Meet Natalie Quackenbush. She's a twenty-something frumpily-dressed high school English teacher, and she lives with her parents. Her students think she's boring, and she's questioning whether she should look into pursuing another career path. Her life is so mundane and trivial, that when going out with her friends, they have a fun little game of playing tricks on men trying to pick them up -- giving fake names, making up incredible stories about themselves. All with a drink in hand, of course.Be [...]

    4. High school teacher Natalie Quackenbush’s life is not going exactly as she’d planned. She followed her parents out to Arizona following a bad breakup, and although the plan was for her to stay with them only as long as it took her to get on her feet again, she’s been there for so long her parents don’t bother asking when she’s leaving anymore. Her students refuse to do any work, and the highlight of her days is going to happy hour with her best friend to make up crazy stories to tell t [...]

    5. Reviewed by Lissa Staley Posted December 11, 2006Women's Fiction | Romance Contemporary Since moving in with her parents in Arizona last year and taking a job teaching high school English, Natalie has gone to great lengths to make her life more interesting. When she and her friend Jill hit the happy hour singles scene after work, it's like they become different people. Whenever they decide to ditch the boring guys who bought their drinks, the "truth" comes out, and they drive the men away by div [...]

    6. 4★Natalie Quakenbush is a quirky character. Even her last name is odd and is even picked on by her students behind her back (though she still knows about it). It's a cute chick lit romance. It was just a little predictable. What I liked about this was that it centered more around the main character, Natalie. She's 29 and fearing turning 30 (wasn't so long ago I had those days, and my youngest sister just passed that. Made fun saying that she's now 3 decades old).The description of Natalie's te [...]

    7. You won't want to put this book down! I was laughing so hard by page 10 that tears were streaming down my face and the fun didn't stop until the last page. Snow's book is hilarious. I received this book for Christmas and once I started reading I couldn't stop. There is a little bit of Natalie Quackenbush in all of us. Natalie is struggling to grow-up and find herself. Along the way she tells lies (usually for fun) and not meant to hurt anyone but in the end she only hurts herself. The lessons sh [...]

    8. Another quick, funny summer read. Imagine if Lucy and Ethel worked at a highschool in Scottsdale. Imagine they ebellish the story of their lives when hanging out in the Scottsdale singles scene (especially when happy hour's over). Natalie and her friend Jill think it's pretty funny to pretend to be someone else when fending off guys at hotel bars. So, what happens when one day, Natalie finds a winner? How will she ever confess that she doesn't teach at a prison? She's got a lot of explaining to [...]

    9. This is a very good book! It is about a teacher (Natalie Quackenbush) who lives with her parents and is bored with her life. She tries to add some spice to her life by going out with her best friend. When they are out, they make up stories about their lives to add even more excitement (and to rid themselves of men they are not interested in). However, Natalie tells her lies to a man she starts to really fall for and she does not know how to tell him the truth about her life. This book is cute an [...]

    10. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. Natalie and her friends often go to the bar after work and when they meet new people they give them false names and make up stories about their lives. One day Natalie meets a guy and makes up some whoppers which he believes but comes to regret them later on when she finds herself falling for him. How will he feel when he finds out that she isn't a teacher at the local prison and directing a play with the inmates playing the roles? [...]

    11. Bought this with some leftover points on a book gift certificate - it was cheap and I didn't have many points left, so there ya have it. This book is not something I would be thrilled to get or read otherwise, unfortunately. Pretty lame chick lit, really, with very little substance. A young teacher lives at home, has bad luck with men, does stupid stuff, eventually gets the guy. Fluff at it's finest. Not bad, but not so great either.

    12. This was a pretty good book I liked how it took place in Scottsdale Arizona and surrounding cities. I went to Arizona this past year so I knew all the places they were talking about and what they were like. There were also some pretty comical parts in this book and it had some good laughs. Like how she lied to the guy she was dating that her mom was crazy and tried to kill the FedEx man with a butter knife. Pretty good book 4/5

    13. This is the second book I've read by Carol Snow, and it was also my least favorite. There's nothing wrong with this book, but it uses the same formula as many other romantic comedies/"chick lit" books: girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy, something happens that breaks them up, girl tries to win boy back.It was a good, fun book, but nothing amazing. A good beach read.

    14. This is the first book that I've read by Carol Snow and I wasn't impressed. The storyline was ok and reunion between boy and girl was weak. I did chuckle a few times, but overall I was pretty bored reading this book. I'm willing to read another book by this author to see if its any better. This was an ok light predictable beach chick lit read.

    15. I loved this book! I really liked Natalie & reading about her school, especially the "Adventures" class & how she helped Robert, the learning disabled student find what he was good at & become successful, & how Jonathan helped her.

    16. Cute but not nearly as good as "Here Today, Gone to Maui", which had a much more compelling plot and characters. This one was more of a typical "click lit" novel and the protagonist was less endearing.

    17. The writing is an easy read but the storyline is kind of lame. When I read the back of the book I thought, "this could be a fun book to read", but once I started reading it I was disappointed. However I did manage to read it in just a few days, so it wasn't too bad.

    18. This was a quickie and stereotypical chick lit light read, but I enjoyed it. The ending seemed a little rushed and forced, I wouldn't have minded just a tad more to build that out a little. But I'll probably check out more from this author based on this.

    19. Natalie Quackenbush is a high school English teacher who doesn't like her job and decides to spice up her life by telling lies to people she meets in bars. But when she lies to a man she ends up falling in love with, has she ruined everything? Enjoyable.

    20. Really fun read bout a thirtysomething school teacher in Scottsdale. For those of us who live in the Valley, you'll find the local references amusing.A fun read-great for lying on the beach or for a long flight.

    21. The book was pretty good. I started reading it in the morning, took a few breaks, and finished it in the early evening. I really enjoyed some of the characters, but others felt fake/flat to me. It wasn't my favorite book, but I might reread it again sometime in a few years.

    22. I really liked this book. I thought it took some interesting turns and it definitely kept me interested. It certainly not a deep or complicated book -- which is what I needed to bring me down from stressful times.

    23. I didn't think I was going to like this but a friend had given me a copyI was hooked! And couldn't wait to read the next one I had by her

    24. I picked this book up at the library just on a whim, and loved it. It brought back some funny (and bad) memories of dating. I can't wait to read other books by this author.

    25. This was an okay book. The woman is a little quirky and it's a funny read. It's something I would recommend for someone who wants light reading.

    26. Definitely made me laugh out loud (my number one requirement for lazy-day reading). Charactor is warm and lovable. I will read Carol's other book now after this one. ;-)

    27. I loved this book!! Super cute romance just what i needed after a more serious book. def a quick read. thanks erin for makin me buy this from b&n!

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