Harlow: An Intimate Biography

Harlow An Intimate Biography Shows why no star has ever blazed with such a light or left such an afterglow

  • Title: Harlow: An Intimate Biography
  • Author: Irving Shulman
  • ISBN: 9780595143825
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback
  • Shows why no star has ever blazed with such a light or left such an afterglow.

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    1 thought on “Harlow: An Intimate Biography”

    1. As time slouches forward more and more of what was once popular - movies, music and novels, and everything - passes over into the land of the frankly incomprehensible. Is Charlie Chaplin still funny? A dwindling band of cinephiles say so, slightly more say Buster Keaton is, slightly more say the Marx Brothers still are but what non-geek under the age of 40 will voluntarily watch a black and white movie from before the age of colour? Jean Harlow was once, briefly, a screen goddess, but she seems [...]

    2. To everyone who is actually reading this book and enjoying it: STOP. All the information in this book (every last bit of it) has been 100% disproved and discredited since its publication. No, seriously. ALL of it is false. Even really basic information that the author should have known if he had bothered to do any research about Jean. He simply wrote a piece of fiction very loosely based on Jean's life. It's a disgusting book that tarnished Jean's reputation for decades. She was one of the lovel [...]

    3. Don't read this book, they say Jean is exactly like the people she played in the movies that she did, and nothing could be further from the truth. I suggest reading "Bombshell: The Life and Death of Jean Harlow" - this guy actually did research :)

    4. Salacious junk that has since been thoroughly discredited. There are much better written, more truthful bios of Jean Harlow seek out one of those instead.

    5. This little paperback that I started reading at someone's cottage turned into a real eye opener and an amazing account of Jean Harlow's life with assistance from her agent. This little paperback made me a die hard fan of this amazing woman with such a tragic life. Thanks to this, I can appreciate her TCM movies so much more. A must read for Harlow fan's or of old Hollywood.

    6. Jean Harlow was one of the classic movie goddesses who lit up the screen for me. I first noticed her in the Laurel and Hardy short, DOUBLE WHOOPEE, and the I recall seeing some revealing photos in Kenneth Anger's, HOLLYWOOD BABYLON. When I found a used paperback copy of this in a bookstore, I was immediately drawn to it. Just what was her story?Well, BOMBSHELL had more of the factual details, but this one seems to have gotten the emotional details right. From all that I've read, the personality [...]

    7. I was surprised to learn the true story of Jean Harlow's short and tragic life . I had seen the 1970's movie with Carol Baker portraiting Harlow, but there were no specific details like in this book. While Jean Harlow was regarded in her day as the platinum blonde bombshell sex symbol, she was in reality nothing of the kind. Harlow was unfortunate enough to become the victim of several people in her personal life she was close to. These intimate relationships ultimately led to her untimely demis [...]

    8. So far I am very impressed, Shulman's writing style is very good. I feel as if I am reading a great fiction novel instead of a boring play by play of Harlow's life. She seems to me to have been a "little girl lost". Can't wait to finish this book. The ending did not disappoint, I cried as I read of Harlow's tragic death and understand why so many grieved at her passing.

    9. This book contained much information I didn't know, but there was something discomfiting about the author's writing style and treatment of the subject. (Perhaps it was his obsession with her nipples.) Shulman's writing seemed somehow both detached and voyeuristic. I'm looking forward to reading another book about Jean Harlow to see if I can pinpoint what bothered me about this one.

    10. Jean Harlow: An Intimate Biography by Irving Shulman - This was more the intimate fantasy of the author and now I'm interested in reading a more truthful biography of the star next!

    11. A detailed biography of the 1930's Hollywood actress Jean Harlow. It is dated, 1964, and provides inside information regarding the Hollywood movie industry.

    12. This version of the Harlow story was a bit more salacious than I would have liked, but I stuck with it anyhow. I'm sure that the David Stenn biography of Miss Harlow will be a much better read.

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