Awful Ogre's Awful Day

Awful Ogre s Awful Day I m an awful awful ogre Absolutely awful ogre I m so awful Awful OgreIs my awful ogre name Awful Ogre is huge hungry horrible and totally lovable Larger than life Awful Ogre packs into one day en

  • Title: Awful Ogre's Awful Day
  • Author: Jack Prelutsky Paul O. Zelinsky
  • ISBN: 9780060774592
  • Page: 109
  • Format: Paperback
  • I m an awful, awful ogre,Absolutely awful ogre.I m so awful, Awful OgreIs my awful ogre name Awful Ogre is huge, hungry, horrible and totally lovable Larger than life, Awful Ogre packs into one day enough excitement, imagination, emotion, and sheer ebullience to last most of us a lifetime In his awful, irresistible way, he steals the heart of every reader.Ages 6

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      109 Jack Prelutsky Paul O. Zelinsky
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    1. My other favorite childhood poet, Jack Prelutsky! He has a lot of fun, often themed, poetry books. This wasn't one of my childhood, but I grabbed this as it came out and have had copies in my room my entire career. It's funny, silly, and sometimes gross. Young children enjoy the gross out moments and laugh at some of the poems. This is usually a popular one off of the shelves at various times!

    2. It was absolutely entertaining. The illustrations were wonderful and eye catching and each poem was hilariously interesting.

    3. Appropriate 3-5, My rattlesnake awakens me, I swat its scaly head. My buzzard pecks my belly Till I fling it from my bed. My rats attack me as I rise But scatter when I roar. boot my sweet tarantula Across the stony floor. I tickle my piranha, Who rewards me with a bite, Then disengage the leeches That besiege me overnight. I flick aside the lizard Clinging grimly to my chin, And now I feel I'm ready For my morning to begin.Thus starts the first quirky poem of many about the charming ogre's awfu [...]

    4. I thought this book was great. It consists of different poems about an ogre's summer. My favorite is "Ogre Attends a Concert." The poems use a lot of colorful words that student's probably wouldn't see often. It is also a very funny book because it shows ogres in a comical way. The pictures are great and very detailed. I would definitely use this book in my classroom. After reading the book to the class, I would have the students write their own ogre poem. We would discuss that all of the poems [...]

    5. Ogre's day is just packed with awful things. It begins with a rattlesnake awakening, and ends with a cactus-cuddle. In between, our Ogre dines on Scream of Wheat, sips some gargoyle bile, enjoys a glorious thunderstorm, plays music and dances a bit, sends a love letter, and watches the telly . . . all in inimitable Ogre style. A perfect read for the "stranger" children (and adults) in your life.

    6. This is a fun book of rhymes that any child, especially those that enjoy creepy crawlies or gross things, would enjoy. You can't just read a page and turn to the next. There is so much to explore in the illustrations as they fit the rhymes perfectly.

    7. Super cute poetry book about Ogres and how they eat breakfast, groom themselves, dances, and much more. Good book for preschool through 5th grade.

    8. Type of book: Picture bookLiterary genre: Poetry, fantasy, Awards the book has received: Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children's Book Award Nominee (2003)Summary: This picture book is a compilation of poems which give the reader a glance into an awful ogre’s life. The poems include the ogre’s meals, his morning routine, some of his favorite hobbies, and even his dreams. Critique of the book substantiated with at least one reason:Although this book may have some very challenging vocabulary, the co [...]

    9. This is a book of poems by children's Poet Laureate Jack Prelutsky. It is recommended for children preschool to 4th grade. Written about an ogre's summer. Each page is a poem about something the order does during the summer like eat weasels or paint rats. I think the words would be above what a preschool or kindergarten would understand but the pictures and the gross things the ogre does would appeal to little boys. This author has written over 30 books so if I were to find a student who enjoyed [...]

    10. thought this book was an absolutely excellent childrens book. It is filled with adorable poems, so it would be great for a poetry lesson. The illustrations are very adorable and caught my attention while I was reading this book. The character named "Awful Ogre" tells about how he spends his day in poetic form. Every time you turn the page, you find a new section such as "Awful Ogre Takes His Supper" and "Awful Ogre's Bone Collection." I found it surprising that this book was filled with a lot of [...]

    11. Of course the poems- the rhyme, the rhythm, the humor - are great: it's Jack Prelutsky! My oldest is not a huge poetry lover, but he's always game for Prelutsky - The New Kid on the Block is one of my all-time favorites, and now it's one of his, too. Awful Ogre is definitely related to Shrek (the William Steig original, not the Dreamworks softie.) He's mean and rude and gross - absolutely perfect for little boys! Next up, Awful Ogre Running Wild!

    12. Gross and yucky poetry that will have kids laughing, Awful Ogre's Awful Day gives the disgusting details of Ogre's day: eating his gargoyle bile breakfast, tending his carnivorous roses, to bidding goodnight to savage raptors and nasty maggots. Along the way, Prelutsky's book introduces some excellent vocabulary words and clever rhyme, not to mention plenty of funny drawings for kids to enjoy. Sure to make your day more Awful!

    13. The rhythm and ridiculousness makes this poem fun to read and engaging for children. For lack of a better word, some of the text and illustrations are a little gross, however, the absurd notions of what makes an ogre happy diminish the effect of such “grossness.” I think it is a very silly and effective way to teach children that what you might consider awful, someone else might consider wonderful.

    14. I always hear that if you write children's books, don't make them rhyme unless you are Dr. Seuss. Thankfully Jack Prelutsky ignored that advice and wrote a very entertaining rhyming book with the ogre doing lot's of gross things that me and my kids loved. The detailed pictures make it fun to go back and see what you missed the first few times you read it.

    15. I know I have issues with books revelling in ugliness (the 'original' Shrek for example). But as much as I couldn't appreciate Paul O. Zelinsky's beautiful illustrations with their ugly elements, the poems are truly wonderful. I can imagine how kids would have a favorite poem that they can't get enough of. The 'naughtiness' and 'otherness' of the Awful Ogre's life is adorable.

    16. Awful Ogre has a truly awe-inspiringly awful day eating a gross breakfast, hanging out in his terrible garden, and thinking various horrible thoughts--all in rhyme. Wasn't quite as lol-funny as some of Prelutsky's other titles, but fun anyway. I bet kids love it. My favorite part was Awful Ogre's frightening nightmare of a lovely pastoral landscape.

    17. Very original poems, very funny ideas with a lot of irony. Not sure an ogre is the best role model, but that is probably just what kids are looking for. They actually have some racial (and species) diversity, although the love poem had some beauty stereotyping which I could have done without. The ideas are sometimes advanced, and by that I mean maybe age 7(?) rather than age 4.

    18. I think that this book was a fun way to teach kids about poetry, but that is where it was limited with me. I will say that the illustrations in this book were amazing. That will be the draw in for the kids. I will say that I found the poems to be a bit more funnier and inviting than the first book by this duo.

    19. This is a book that I envision older readers picking up. I also think boys might like it more than girls would. The ogres in this book are quite strange looking which I think boys would find amusing. The rhyme is fun to read and I liked the variety of the topics that the poems covered. I don't think this would be a book I would purchase for my classroom, though.

    20. Gross and funny poems fill this book by master Jack Prelutsky. Each poem, through related to each other and organized in a chronological fashion to reflect the activities of Ogre's day, stand alone in their story, hilarity and skillful construction. Great potential for use as additions to a variety of storytimes.

    21. Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky. I thought that this was just a hilarious, perfect-for-boys book. It was so gross and funny. I think it would be best for a little bit older than the picture book crowd so that they could understand more of the humor, but I'm sure all ages of boys would like it since the illustrations are so great as well.

    22. Tags: ogres, exaggeration, opposites, day in the life, children, picture book, poetry, humor, non-fictionPoems about the ogre take the reader through all the parts of Awful Ogre's awful day.811.54Prelutsky, Jack, illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky. "Awful Ogre's Awful Day." New York: Greenwillow Books, 2001.

    23. Author: Jack PrelutskyIllustrator: Paul ZelinskyPublisher: HarperTrophyGenre: Poetry BookSummary: A collection of poems about the activities (waking up, eating, hygiene) during an Ogre’s awful day.Response: In my opinion, the illustrations in the book were the most attractive aspect. Theme/Concept/Connection: Poems, rhymes

    24. This collection of poems describes a day in the life of an ogre. The text and illustrations may appeal to some young readers, but the vocabulary can be difficult. This collection would be better for older elementary students who can appreciate the vocabulary and detail of the work.

    25. I expected to love this, but, meh. The illustrations are silly - my 7 year old liked the boxes of "Ogre-O's" and "Ratz" on the table. This ogre just didn't have the fun of Shrek though, he was more truly awful and not as funny to us.

    26. Cody never gets tired of this book, I can't imagine how many times I've read it to him. It's written in poem form; very clever and funny. But it's the pictures that make it so much fun, plenty of gross ogre type things to keep his boy mind riveted.

    27. Ultimate Reading Challenge 2017. A book with pictures.Illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky. One day in the life of an ogre. What wonderful sing song poetry, especially for young boys! I love the poetry of Jack Prelutsky.

    28. Follow Awful Ogre throughout his day, from when he wakes up in the morning to creepy crawly critters, to when he wrestles with his friend, from dining out at a fancy restaurant to dreaming about scary things, such as rainbows and butterflies.

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